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  1. Thanks for the link. We will be travelling down on the 29th which is a Tuesday so hopefully wont be affected. But appreciate you spotting this and bringing it to our attention.
  2. Some on here claim P&O/Carnival failed in their duty to passengers. I disagree. Would be interesting to know what a non Carnival cruise line would have done differently given the circumstances. Apart from the question of whether going to Monaco during the boat festival was a sensible idea, this could have happened to any cruise ship. The sheer number of passengers and crew stranded meant the result was always going to be problematic and not ideal. The idea that hundreds of hotels rooms can be found at short notice at a typical tender port is ridiculous - Last year we tendered at Rovinj in Croatia, a really nice but fairly small town, doubt they could have accommodated the numbers involved if a similar incident had happened there.
  3. Somewhat higher? We looked at Saga a couple of months ago. Could near enough do two P&O cruises for one Saga even if we paid the £40pppn for the P&O drinks package (which we don't).
  4. As I posted yesterday one assumes that the local experts were also consulted and a collective decision taken. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  5. Agreed. Just looked up weather statistics for that day - high 25 Degrees and low 18 degrees (usually around dawn). Hardly freezing conditions as reported by the Sun.
  6. I would second most of what's been posted and am careful to wash my hands etc. I don't go as far as to avoid touching handrails - I'm on holiday and want to relax and although less congested, one could pick up a bug in an hotel on land if unlucky. It is dreadful that some passengers handle food in the buffet and then replace it but equally I'm not convinced that tongs are a good idea. In some ways I would rather someone pick up a bread roll, without touching anything else and take it back to their table, than use the tongs. If their cleanliness is lacking their bugs could be transferred to the tongs risking all those who subsequently use the tongs.
  7. As a passenger I would expect the Captain to consult with the port authorities/pilots, they are the experts in local weather and sea conditions. If they deemed it safe to tender and likely to remain so, then the right decision was made at the time. The fact that things went pear shaped later was, to say the least, unfortunate.
  8. So the contingency plan is to have enough coaches and hotel rooms available to be able to bus all passengers and a percentage of the crew at short notice at all tender ports, after all how many might get stranded, 100, 1170 or virtually everyone. Also better be ready even in ports where docked. After all, unexpected stormy weather may occur and the ship might have to drop its lines for safety reasons. Seems to me there are going to be a lot of empty coaches and hotel rooms at every cruise port around the world waiting for the possible call from P&O or any other cruise line. But we must have contingency! Whilst Villefrance is pretty well sheltered by the Cap Ferrat peninsular I can only assume that conditions there were too poor as well that evening/night to tender.
  9. What contingency planning would some of you be expecting to have taken place? To have 20 or more coaches on standby and 500-600 hotel rooms, scattered all over southern Provence, booked, just in case something went wrong. By the time 1100 or so passengers had all been dropped off at these 'hotels', it would be time to start coaching them all back to Villefranche!
  10. Still can't see them (9:20). Cruise E005P still shows 'full pricing coming soon'.
  11. Would have loved to do the 35 night Caribbean cruise at these prices but, as others have said, can't fit it in. We are booked on the Arcadia 28 night Caribbean getting back on the 25th November, a week after the Oceana cruise departs - bum! Looking at booking the 14 night Canaries cruise Feb'20 as a consolation.
  12. Whilst not specifically P&O related but, due to a recent thread regarding breakdowns that had been closed, I thought it worth pointing out the following. We are on RCI Explorer of the Seas tomorrow for a 14 night Med cruise from/to Southampton. Received an email this afternoon advising that she will be late in by about 4 hours due to leaving Stavanger late and all boarding times by deck have been revised. Cannot confirm the reason but have read that divers were down in Stavanger - something to do with the props, maybe true, I'm sure we will find out. The purpose of posting this is just to point out that, if true, P&O are not the only cruise line that have ships that experience the occasional 'mechanical' and assume their maintenance schedules are much of a muchness with other cruise lines.
  13. My wife has been diagnosed with a NET (Neuroendocrine tumour) She's had surgery in December and awaiting further scans to see how successful it was. We've found InsuranceWith to be good , although with a pretty high excess for cancellation or repatriation if related to the condition. One slight problem with them if that even on an annual policy, cruise cover is restricted to 31 days, so we are now taking out single trip policies with them. I suspect prices will depend on the type of cancer and what future treatments are antisipated Hope you find suitable cover at a reasonable price.
  14. We were delayed boarding last year on a Ventura 28 night Caribbean cruise. Think we got £15 pp on board credit. Of course it was a pain but, as been pointed out, these ships sail 24/7365 days except when undergoing a refit. What's the solution? Drag them in to dry dock every time there's a problem and cancel the next cruise(s) with all the misery ,cost and frustration that would cause? Not to mention would it would cost to the overall cost of cruise holidays. This goes for any cruise line not just P@O. We are back on Oriana on Thursday (30th), Hopefully there will be no medical emergency or other glitches but am sure all cruise lines take a safety first approach first. There do seem to be certain people on these boards who just like to whinge and seek compensation at every opportunity. Perhaps a different type of holiday would suit them better?
  15. It's like any other review for a product or service - likely to range from 1 to 5 stars if enough respondents. We've had no problems but in the end you have to decide whether to risk a few quid and try it out for yourselves. It's easy to be put off by a few bad reviews but you'll never know if you don't take the plunge.
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