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  1. We registered last week for a May and July '22 cruise direct with P&O. Had to go for a midship balcony on both as you can only specify grade with P&O. Normally we go for 'mid aft' but could have been risky as we could have been allocated 'mid fwd'. Not much difference on price though. Got our invoices through this morning with cabin numbers - happy with both.
  2. We are at 18th in the world on number of tests per head of population. Most of the countries ahead of us are very small e.g. Faroe Islands and none have a population above 10 million to our 67 million. So we are doing well on testing, maybe Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal et al need to catch up.
  3. Too true! Here at Silverstone we got some rain but , as always, the main thunder storms seemed to miss us, rumbling in the background. Must be something to do with the local topography as it happens so often.
  4. As posted on another thread we wanted to transfer from this years Christmas/New Year on Aurora to next year on Arcadia. We booked through an agent and P&O said we have to make any changes through the agent. We were worried about the threat of even more increase in prices if P&O cancelled, say, to the end of the year yesterday, so we booked Christmas 2021 direct with P&O early yesterday. Our agent for the 2020 Christmas cruise wants payment by 31st August and are not accepting phone calls - need to contact 'a very limited staff working from home' by email and taking
  5. Still waiting for the refund of deposit for our cancelled June cruise which we cancelled in March. As posted before part of it was my fault but an email reply from P&O last month stated they had no record of my cancellation - please fill in the refund request again! As an aside we are still booked on the Aurora Christmas cruise this year. We were due to meet up with two couples who were to be our witnesses for our renewal of vows. They have both cancelled and booked the Arcadia equilivent for 2021. Tried to cancel today and move the deposit to the Arcadia cruise. Or
  6. As expected it was a strange weekend here in Silverstone. No crowds, roads and footpath closed. In theory we, as locals, should have been able to still use some of the footpaths that skirt the circuit but didn't push our luck and went on walks in nearby Hazelborough wood and Bucknell wood instead. Did skirt a part of the circuit today. Quite a few caravans around without cars. Not sure if they were marshals or what. Come Friday we go through the whole thing again with the 70th anniversary GP. No supporting races this time, just the F1 cars. Can't expect to see it being quite as
  7. I suppose it was always inevitable that easing of lockdowns in Europe or elsewhere would lead to an increase in cases. For the past few days at least, the new cases in Spain have been running at 3 to 4 times those in the UK. Can't comment on whether it's very localised or a general increase in Spain. Here we seem to be getting about six to eight hundred a day and it's seems to be fairly consistent. I don't think testing is a valid factor in comparing countries. After a slow start the UK has one of the highest rates of test per head of population. e
  8. Going to be strange here in Silverstone next weekend and the following weekend when we host two grand prix. Empty camp sites and no crowds down in the village centre on the Friday and Saturday evenings. The Dadford road and some footpaths that we use are being closed to non locals to discourage people from turning up hoping to be able to see something.
  9. True, it's not going away but the figures for both deaths and new cases are pretty stable. Given that we've been coming out of lockdown, I find it encouraging that the number of new cases isn't soring. Yes there are hotspots and, of course, the more you test the more cases you will find. Even deaths have to examined carefully. Todays total of 123 will include those who have been in intensive care for weeks/months but sadly have finally lost the fight. Also some will have died some time ago but have just got added to the statistics for various reasons. As for a vaccine - if one or mor
  10. Not overly worried about travel insurance costs post the end of the transition period whatever the scaremongers say. Seems to me entirely possible, and beneficial to both parties, to extend the current rules going forward.
  11. I suspect she's off to Greece for a refit and then going to join Oriana/Piano Land in China.
  12. There were still far more passengers travelling by air during late Feb and early March than on cruise ships. How did the virus end up here in the UK? By the thousands returning by sea or millions by air? We returned on the 8th March on Oceana and, as far as I am aware, nobody was infected on board. I suspect it's just as likely that passengers or crew get infected when they go ashore rather than they infect the local population.
  13. I stick with what I've posted before and there will be a vaccine long before summer 2021. AstraZeneca wouldn't be producing billions of doses of a vaccine which they will sell at cost, if they didn't have a high degree of confidence that it would work. Of course they and I could be wrong - lets hope not.
  14. Nothing appeared today on our credit card or bank account. Whilst I want our deposit refund for our 28th June to be returned, I do hope we don't get a double refund for our May cruise. Just more hassle finding out how to repay them. If it happens, I'll just email them and await their advise, wont hang on to the excess refund if it happens. I'm sure the brilliant P&O cruises computer systems would soon get it sorted !!!
  15. As reported last week we finally got our refund for our March cruise. Had an email today from P&O apologising for the delay and that our refund will soon be forthcoming for the March cruise. Looks like we will be in that 'happy' band of punters getting refunded twice for the same booking! Just more hassle if it happens. Still waiting for our refund of deposit on our 28th June cruise though. Difficult times I know, but pretty shambolic.
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