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  1. If you are looking for an economical option in the Ritz Carleton and Fairmont Royal York area, you might want to look at the Strathcona hotel. It is across the street from the Ritz Carelon where the shuttle from Billy Bishop airport (porter) drops people off and just up the street from Union station where both the trains and the Up express from Pearson airport arrive. You can walk to the theatres, waterfront and many other attractions. You are also on the subway network so you can easily reach most destinations. The deluxe rooms are fairly decent, the standard room not as much. Union station i
  2. Thank you for all your useful information John Bull. Our cruise disembarks on June 4 in the middle of the celebrations, so I've been worried about the traffic from Southampton to the airport and trying to figure out if Gatwick or Heathrow would be easier. Since we have no idea what kind of flights they will have by then, I'd planned to book an airport hotel just in case and then cancel it if we can get home that day. I know it is a big celebration, but I think huge crowds might be a little daunting after all this social isolation. Pre-cruise, we'd planned to go straight to Southampton May 20-2
  3. I didn't realize that david. We transferred ours to a 2022 cruise but I can't help wondering if it might be better to cash them in instead if we can. I'm worried about my husband's travel anxiety after spending so much time avoiding people and crowds.
  4. Hmm. I should have checked here before I bothered my travel agent. I was concerned because we had rebooked and I've never been able to access the cruise we rebooked, so I was worried I'd paid travel insurance on a cruise I only thought I'd booked. However, I was able to let her know that her auto reply was still wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.
  5. If it is any help, we were in 5067 and the beds were on the left wall as you look at the balcony, with the person sleeping on the left hand side closest to the washroom. That agrees with the floor plan on shipmate. 6035 has the same configuration on the shipmate floor plan, so it most likely would have the same bed configuration if it is correct for that deck. Is there any chance you could just switch sides for that trip if you want to be on the balcony side?
  6. Cunard was a little late cancelling our October 2020 cruise after the ban last time, so I'm sure it will come. We ended up cancelling before they did because they had extended the cruise ship ban and our payment was due. They put our FCD back into the pool and we were able to use it to rebook another cruise for May 2022 which seemed far enough away that it would be safe, but now I'm not so sure.
  7. It's one of those tricky things that you only seem to learn after you move here. But it does help to tell the two Atlantic Canadian ports apart. And I've just realized that you would have been one of the places in Saint John that I've be curious about, but could never visit. And that's the big white vendors tent. Can you remember at all what it was like. Type of vendors and where there seemed to be much engagement from the cruise ship passengers. Or would it have been so long ago that everything is a blur.
  8. I will give it to you since you added the province as long as you correct the spelling. It is indeed Saint John, NB. The New Brunswick port is always spelled out, as opposed to St. John's, NF. Glad you enjoyed your visit when you got here. We had the cruise up the eastern seaboard booked for Oct 2020, but obviously we didn't get to do it. Saint John is close to us, but we can't visit it right now because we aren't supposed to leave our healthcare zones if we can help it. But when the world gets fixed and the cruise ships come back there will be a new place to visit because the
  9. It would certainly let you social distance on the dance floor, wouldn't it.
  10. If this is allowed, it would give us another port. It's a picture of a port with a book with a picture of a ship in a port in it and the picture of the book with the picture of the ship in the port in it.
  11. Yes I think that's Icy Strait Point as well. What sealed to deal for me was seeing that platform with the four legs showing alongside the ship between the trees toward the right of the photo. Along with the forest so close to the shoreline, that's a rather unique feature I found in photos of the Icy Strait Point pier. and bluemarblesaid I think that's Icy Strait Point as well. What sealed to deal for me was seeing that platform with the four legs showing alongside the ship between the trees toward the right of the photo. Along with the forest so c
  12. Here's one of my favourite port pictures because it was just magical and peaceful in the place where I took it. I posted a picture from the other direction as well but the camera doesn't capture the wonderful light there.
  13. She did spend some time in Australia. Could it be a port from there? I don't have a lot of cruise port experience so it's hard for me to play. But this picture doesn't seem as commercialized as the only Caribbean ports that I've been to. I have another port photo that I'm waiting to put up when this one has been solved.
  14. Is it Sitka? My photos are all from a different angle and I can't enlarge yours to look for certain details. If it is, I loved wandering around that port.
  15. I found a copy of Halifax Warden of the North and I'm wondering if the reason it is hard to find the Cunard office location is because they didn't have a continuous operation in Halifax. According to Raddall, Samuel Cunard returned to the city in 1839, and the Unicorn arrived in 1840. In 1849, Halifax became the starting point of the pony express when Europa dropped it's first mail packet there. There was also a Cunard wharf around that time. But , by either 1867 or 1874 (not quite clear), Cunard was considered too big to call in Halifax there was more or less a hiatus until the first world wa
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