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  1. always wear a watch with ships time on it!
  2. Thank you i know - with 2 sneaky small kids i prefer not to have a balcony 🙂
  3. Dear Jamie Thank You for the review. - We also missed good cookies on the Bliss and loved Indian food. - Good choice on the Seaside - sailed her twice and going back in September. - Pizza there is great, but not as many dining choices - book the trio package online to for the sp restaurants. Also dont miss the spa its awesome - and weekly pass for 2 with 30 min massage for 2 is 312 vs 500 on bliss without massages! ( its also part of Auerea bookings)
  4. You can reserve go carts and laser tag from the screens near the elevators - best do it early ( when you board the ship ) as slots fill up - $10 per person
  5. on the breakway plus ships several cabins that end on 700 are very large - 370 sq feet
  6. Its funny to book on ship that not even finished yet, but we enjoyed the Bliss so i booked one of the "secret" *700 Cabins. Hope its the same as its sister ships 🙂
  7. Yes he will be able to go as a passenger. Were on Bliss last month with 6 year old and 8 year old - 6 year old is 45 inches tall. no problems just make sure all have closed toe and hill shoes
  8. So did anyone sail in those cabins? Is there a pullman?
  9. glad i found this - Booking a 700 cabin on the Encore hope its the same 🙂
  10. Jamie Here is someone who put it nicely in a post : main difference - mainly European passengers and not as many places to eat 🙂 "MSC is pretty unique.It operates on a different model than the mainstream lines You pick you cabin, and Experience. Each Experience has different inclusions, and different price points, versus mainstream lines where everyone gets the same basic services and option, with suites possibly paying more for more options. Experiences include Bella, Fantastica, Wellness, Aurea or Yacht Club. Many people who have been unhappy wirh MSC seen to not understand the Experience differences and are expecting the same thing found on other lines.. It's also more European in focus - service standards and so forth are much more European than USA.. Many people complain about "unfriendly" or "impersonal" service - because the staff aboard is not in your face every five minutes asking how things are, nor making like you're best friends after one meeting. Rather, they're efficient, friendly, and to business, but not fawning, buddy buddy, new best friend type..... Much more like dining or bars in Europe... It suits some, and not others - especially those who are expecting things to be like other lines. Demographic aboard are much more diverse than your mainstream lines also. That is a plus to many, and a drawback to some. Announcements are in several languages. Menus are in several languages. Customs among the passengers are different, and so forth.That's much of its appeal to many people - it's different, and stands out in a crowded field. But there's a fair amount who haven't done any research really, don't understand the more European focus, and just booked the lowest price, and then are upset about charges or dining options or demographics aboard or whatnot.
  11. Just got off the Bliss - was good but very different vibe from Seaside (book go carts and laser tag early) dont miss Jersey boys and Cagneys steak house
  12. No personal experience but was booking deck 8 for later sailing and my research indicates that its fine 🙂
  13. my .2 cents. I am 40, ex New Yorker and cruise with my wife and two kids 6 and 8. Cruised RCL, NCL and HAL 12 cruises 5 with kids We look for the place to relax and for kids to have fun. Msc provided both Our first sailing on Seaside was its 4th sailing (fantastica balcony) Ship still had new-ship problems; sewer smell gremlins, customer service issues. Made the best of it, had good time and saw potential Cruised this November in SJ3 cabin with hottub and it was great! best cruise out of 12. Loved the spa! Booked again for next year. - Sailed NCL Bliss a month ago - GO carts and Lasertag was nice but $$$ value was missing. Booked MSC for march 2020 on Mera So yes MSC is ready for NA just some NA is not ready for it 🙂
  14. Anyone have trouble booking Specialty Restaurants? Getting this message for November on Seaside. No problem for Meraviglia in March tried clearing cookies - did not help
  15. Been on it Seaside twice, the way they do it 1) can bring the drink from the bar just outside the restaurants. 2) On our sailings waiter asked if we wanted something from the bar.
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