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  1. Just stumbled onto this thread. I wish all safe holidays. I live in the Cincinnati area of Ohio. It is freaking out of control here. I can not help but wonder if this is a new mutated strain that is so very contagious. When this started we saw lots of people in our ED who thought they had COVID but they did not. We had some cases and it was somewhat overwhelming, At the beginning we saw so many that were admitted die. Fast forward to today - people are lined up trying to get into the ED and it seems like almost all of them have COVID. Many of them are asymptomatic they have come in for another reason and we find it as a side note. March to October we had 2 RN's contract the virus from community contact. In the past week we have had 4 RN's come up positive and 2 of them can not be traced to community contact. (Personally I am under surveillance as I worked closely with one of the RNs who was symptomatic at work but had no fever so he was allowed to work). Our hot zones are overflowing with these patients and in an effort to keep our ratios manageable, administration has brought in emergency travel nurses. These nurses have worked all over the country including NY at the height of their spike and they are saying that in our area it definitely feels like it is almost as bad as NY was. The only bright spot in all of this craziness is that we are definitely seeing less deaths in these patients. I am not saying they are not sick because they are but we are doing everything in our power to keep people of the ventilators whereas in the beginning we were aggressively venting patients. I pray cruising starts again because I need a vacation in 2021 so bad. Every event I have had this year has had to be cancelled because I need to work. Please be safe and washy washy!
  2. 12 days - OH I so hope you get to go. So many restrictions. I have my fingers crossed for you. I would so take any amount of days right now even if they were all sea days. SIgh.
  3. Actually booked on this one this weekend could not believe the pricing for what we booked. Timing was amazing for me as employer just informed me I would have to quarantine for two weeks after a B2B I had scheduled on the Summit in January which is fine with me but they would not grant me the additional time for quarantine as I would need a total of 28 days away from work. The suite pricing was so crazy I actually tried to convince a few cruise friends to go in on an iconic suite with us 😛
  4. Let's be clear why things were shut down - it was to slow the spread and flatten the curve so that hospitals would not be overwhelmed. In that process many hospitals are now empty and on the verge of closing. I would think closing a hospital is bad for people's health. Also if cruise lines wait for a vaccine/cure they will likely go belly up. There is currently no vaccine for the 4 most common coronaviruses( they cause colds), SARS or MERS or even norovirus for that matter. I am not holding my breath for either a vaccine or cure.
  5. I am intrigued at the price they are trying to command for these suites? On our 2022 hawaii cruise they are 1500pp more than the CS? Other than 75 more sq feet there is nothing else offered. This difference makes zero sense to me?
  6. Over priced indeed. On our sailing from Hawaii in 2022 it is $1500 pp more than a CS and there are no additional perks? So what that it is 76 sq feet larger - not interested at $3000. Good lord. I assume that the bathroom will be accessible through what looks like a walk in closet which is where the 2nd bedroom with the bunks was. No convenient at all.
  7. I just looked at those deck plans. Those plans look exactly like Equinox looked before her revolution. Those are signature suites and a reflection suite. I booked a signature suite on Equinox before the renovation and that is exactly where our room was located. As all know due to having to move the renovations to Cadiz the signature/reflection suite were not added to Equinox. On another note we are booked on Eclipse in May 2022 from Hawaii and those Family Verandas are in fact slated to be sunset suites. Available for $1500 pp more than the Celebrity suite. I get the room is bigger but with no additional benefits it does not seem $1500 pp bigger.
  8. When we were on Edge at end of February the answer to that was yes. 😄
  9. We plan on the meet & greet. I am younger than you but not by much I believe. Although somewhere in my head I am still a child ❤️
  10. We will be hanging with all of you! Perhaps we should all get together. And whether or not you dance one should partake in the silent disco - it is a hoot! No one cares if you dance - my DH just steps from foot to foot and no one cares! (that is in some ways Merengue but he could make it look better). LOL See all of you in 60DAYS!!!!!
  11. DH and I have been avid DCL cruisers for many cruises (only took our 5 kids once - we are so mean). We sailed Horizon 16 years ago for our honeymoon and have never quite forgotten it (especially loved our afternoon canapes (to the point we came back from ports early to partake). In Feb we went on Edge in a shift from DCL ( even though our last DCL cruise was concierge class I could not get over the crowds, it was overwhelming to me). We LOVED X. We are now booked in Sept to Bermuda on Summit and next August on the Equinox. Right now we are pretty happy with X.
  12. That's funny. My DH is 20 years older than I and when I was in my 20's and he would grown when he woke up I did not get it. His response was "Just wait until you are 35 or so, then you will get it" LMAO. BTW he was right
  13. Has the Luminae menu changed? Also does it rotate.over 14 days?
  14. Did you try the medical facility? On Edge I managed to fry the tops of my feet in Key West and needed Aloe badly. For $10 the medical facility provided me with aloe and lidocaine. Very needed 😄 Next time will not forget the sunscreen to my feet lol. Totally my fault.
  15. As someone who had booked a Signature Suite I can add that we were upgraded to a Royal Suite on our cruise. I was looking forward to the Signature but I am not going to complain about a RS (LOL). DH concerned we will never want anything less. I have asked several people who had booked the Reflection suite how X handled that and have only been told that it was handled appropriately and there was no disappointment in the change. I am sure they were moved to a PH, price reduced and guessing perhaps a future booking discount or some serious OBC?
  16. We enjoyed this on the Edge. If the show does not change though I am pretty sure it is a one and done novelty. Enjoy!
  17. Actually there is a whole thread on CC specifically about the footstools. Perhaps the conversation could drift there .
  18. Thanks for that info - truly appreciated! Summit in 75 days and Equinox in 432. Looking forward to both. 😄
  19. I have never been on Equinox but I am curious - isn't the pool on 12 and then there is deck 14 with seating? Deck 16 seems somewhat far away from the pool. Is that your goal for seating? Like I said truly curious.
  20. We were loyal to DCL before Edge(and we only took our kids once on all of our cruises with them). I agree with you about the entertainment however we are tickled with the service on X. We never knew who our captain or CD was on DCL but we were very aware on Edge and that was AWESOME! While entertainment is not the same experience we think X may be the place for us. We have two more cruises booked with X. I can not wait 77 days til Summit to Bermuda!
  21. Gawd I hope that they are not as hard as rocks. I am a side sleeper and while on Edge I wanted to die! My shoulders were killing me. It was not until our last night that someone we dined next to told us that they had been on board for 3 weeks in 3 different cabins and had experienced different mattresses in each room. How is that possible?
  22. $9 upcharge for the classic though? Right? I thought classic covered up to $9 drinks so the upcharge is then $9 plus grats of 1.80.
  23. Apparently, bedside tables are arriving. Sounds like she is still a work in progress.
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