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  1. Does celebrity still have this service where a Tux will be in our cabin before we take off? Or is this only in Florida?
  2. Yes I did hear this but, it was after the Loud announcement from the Captain we arrived and you can leave the ship at XXX time. It was time for you to get up anyway....LOL
  3. But I already had to get the $65 upcharge to move from the included Classic to Premium. Are you telling me now I have to pay for the drink and the gratuity or just the gratuity?
  4. After 40 years of Marriage I try to be a Gentleman. If I want to get early morning Bloody Mary's for the two of us, for I am an early riser where the Trophy wife likes to sleep in on vacation, may I go to the bar and order two bloody Mary's or do I have to go twice? (maybe 2 different bars?) If I have her ID would that be okay? we have an AFT cabin.
  5. Advantages: You get to count the waves You will travel a long was to the elevators (good before dinner and the show) You will see whales and Porpoises easier if someone calls out there she blows! The sunsets are fantastic and the wife gets ready for dinner. Some of the ships have a cover balcony as well as sunshine. Some Balconies are bigger than the average Balcony's. Saying good bye to cites are easier.
  6. I am sorry, forgot that important info. I am looking for which one in the Solstice class. Reflection, Eclipse...etc. I just want to know which do you like and why.
  7. Yes I was just dying from going in.....LOL I had a 55 Chev, all supped up just for the Loop. Now I have updated with my Lady Rebecca and cruise Boise with Crossfires.
  8. Now that is interesting....so the Package I got signing up (Premium Package) that i added to my trip does not have Gratuity's? Is also said all tips were part of the package.
  9. Duh, I am a Renton Grad....Champagne in the morning and one at Sunset.
  10. Thank you....YUM! Nothing like a Mimosa in the morning.
  11. I have to admit that Lady Rebecca and Myself like to "dine" late. on our last Celebrity cruise we ended up with all the officers sitting behind us, 3 nights in a row. Why? it was the time for there sit down meeting and they loved having out waiter serve them. Captain and chief staff were so nice to us, they sent perks to our room (wine, chocolates, cheeses). They were all very nice to us.
  12. Which one is the most popular? I would like to know to make reservations ahead of time. Thanks for your reply.
  13. Can you still by a case of Sparkling wine from the Celebrity Cellars? like a Bon Vonage gift?
  14. I'm sorry I bought the "Premium Drink package and did not see any thing called "and More"? Is that some where else on the booking? By the way I am a Renton HS Grad.
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