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  1. Been on both lines multi times. Really have to agree with all that has been mentioned but will add that standard balconies on Celebrity are a lot larger. Breakaway balconies are so tiny you really can't sit unless you sit sideways. NCL also has more passengers on board which is really noticed in the public areas because the Haven takes up a lot of room. We usually go on NCL when our kids were on Spring Break but as of this year they are on their own. NCL is only better for Families. I have Cruise Next deposits to use up then I am back to Celebrity. Celebrity doesn't nickle and dime as much.
  2. Our refund was not divided but the total amount was returned to my Credit Card within a couple days. Then we got a FCC on our Latitudes account which we didn't expect. So not sure why so many others are having different experiences?????????? Our cruise was cancelled by NCL and not us. 3/29 Getaway. Shouldn't you be able to use your FCC on anything?
  3. Costco refunded us our cruise almost right away!
  4. Update on the Shore Excursions refund. I was finally able to call today as I am off work and had the time. You have to call the Shore Excursion dept. not NCL directly. Its a different number and almost impossible to find on their website.1 866 625 1167 if you need it. They told me no refunds will be processed before Monday the 23rd. Seems odd I got a full refund on the cruise and not shore excursions. Lady said they can't access the reservations until then. My BS meter was pegged by then but its their rules and I may be stuck.
  5. Last Saturday 3/14 in the AM received an Email from (Big Box Co. TA) stating our 3/29 Getaway cruise was cancelled ( there was a snippet of what NCL had sent out in an email that was attached detailing the offer of 125 percent of a FCC or full refund). There was a link that took me to an online form to fill out then hit submit. Very easy. Spoke to my wife yesterday and she said she forgot to tell me but our credit card showed the refund minus the shore excursions. My impression was it had posted a day prior.
  6. Booked through that Big Box Company. Had an email within 24hrs of NCL announcement. Clicked on the link and filled out a short form. Emailed that back. Had full refund a couple days ago. However, we had booked shore excursions through NCL website and paid for those several months ago. That has not shown up. I don't blame the TA company as they had nothing to do with shore excursions but NCL could at least acknowledge they are working on it.
  7. So I am also reading this that you have a year to book but you just have to actually go on the cruise up to Dec. 2022. Doesn't that sound right???? The devil is always in the details.
  8. Totally understand wanting to bring back a certain brand, maybe you like the brand or its a momento from a trip. For me, everything is half the price of what I can get here and an expensive bottle now is affordable. Not sure why others don't seem to "get it." Last time I was on a Princess ship was 18 mo ago. Got 2 bottles on by putting them in two separate checked bags. Have done that on other lines w/o any problems. Never heard of them dumping it out unless the bottle is open. Worst case scenario is they call you to the "Naughty Room." Tell them what you posted here. They will keep it and return it on the last night. True story, a few years back on the Ruby Princess we met a couple that we kinda hung out with during the week. He was a Dewars fan and bought one of those 3 or 4 litre monster bottles in St. Martin to bring back home. He literally walked right to security after boarding and told them he needed the bottle in his room to pack correctly and not be damaged. They let him take it to his room. No issues. He even got it home without breaking as he sent a picture of it above his bar. Customs might be a different story.
  9. My assumption based on reading your post is that your not into seeing any of the sights in Seattle but just want a nice hotel prior to your cruise. So, stay away from Seattle Hotels. They are very pricey during cruise season. Start at about 250 and go up from there. We use Embassy Suites in Tukwilla. Should be under 200 for the night and they have a free made to order Bfast. Its a 10-20 min free shuttle ride from SeaTac. Not out of your way as the Hotel is rather close to I 5 to go north into Seattle. They are East of I 5 instead of West like SeaTac. This way you will only have one Uber/Lyft ride to the port. Keep in mind Seattle traffic is terrible but if your ship leaves Saturday or Sunday morning there should be very little traffic going that way. If your set on staying downtown, we have stayed at the Grand Hyatt several times and would again.
  10. I have. They are great if you need to cut out sugar. Never been on a cruiseline that had more than a couple diet soda flavors. Gives you more options.
  11. I second the Jim Zim Utube video. Very unbiased review and a well put together video tour. I actually have made some travel decisions based on a couple of his reviews.
  12. Was on the Star a couple months ago. I am picky about food but still thought the MDR was good. Not excellent but good to very good. Had more issues with the Specialty Restaurants (orders wrong, slow service and food no better than the MDR). I agree NCL used to have terrible food but has greatly improved. BTW the Star just came out of some sort of Drydock and was spotless. Everything seemed new. However, I hated the layout. Old ship design, seemed small and few places on deck to look out. Best place was back of the ship. I believe it was the same level as the Buffet. Had nice cushioned chairs but could get filled up fast.
  13. I had surgery on my neck , 2 discs (repaired/reamed out) and I was in agony before the surgery. Daughter was getting married in Hawaii about a week later. Dr. was not keen on letting me go but said it was up to me. I went. Flight from Seattle was about 7 hrs.. I am so glad I went. Flight was the easiest one I have ever been on (Pain meds work well for long flights) While in Hawaii I didn't have to drive or lug suitcases around (son did that) and totally enjoyed the entire week. Best of all if there was a dull sounding touristy thing to do I just said I was a bit tired and didn't have to go. Two good points have already been made. You will be mostly in US waters (your insurance may cover if needed) and Victoria is very close to Seattle. Healing on a Cruiseship is a lot nicer than sitting around home.
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