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  1. I just filled out the price match for this fingers crossed I get it.  My question is do I need to do one for each person or one per booking?  I was also curious about if there is a place to leave bags/towels while climbing?  Is there a changing room t get out of the wet clothes at the end of the tour?  



  2. Hello,


    Planning our 1st trip to AC Jan 2019.  I'm sure we will end up doing a tour not just sitting at the pool but I want to be prepared both ways.   I've read there are bars and food service right at the pool.   Ive have never seen a menu or heard of what the price range is.  I think I also read that you S&S card can be used?  

    It anyone can shed some light on this I would be forever grateful.



  3. Id hate to loose any info you have. I often love to reference your reviews. I do like the idea of the blog like Gambee has that I can read the review with out all the comments. Don't get me wrong the comments bring a lot more info to the table at times. I'm often late to the game and by the time I get to read your review it's over or almost over and I had to sort through 16765428 posts and just pick out yours as i don't have time to read each post. If that makes sense.


    Again thanks for all you do for us. Thanks for thinking of us as well with not wanting to remove your reviews.


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  4. Im going to miss some 2.0 food options but obviously not enough for us not to book. I'm not worried about her age. We have sailed many older as well as newer and have a great time on them all! When my son comes I tend to look at newer as there is more for him but the hubs and I are fine just relaxing no need for all the bells and whistles. We did splurge for an aft balcony and plan to enjoy that as much as possible :)


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  5. My hubs and I booked a SHORT 4 day in Oct. It's a late bday for him, early bday for me/early anniversary cruise. Also our first just the 2 of us vacation no kids, no friend's in many many years. We may have a great time or hate each other by the end...lol. I'm debating booking a couples massage for us as a way to relax. I've never had a ship massage so looking for advice. What do you like or dislike? One I'm looking at is a wrap, aroma therapy, massage combo. Intrigued as it's not something Readily available back home.


    So please blow up this thread with your experience on this ship or any other with the spa. Thanks in advance


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  6. Yes all kids will be under 18. My bil is the primary for his booking however thinking of it they may of added an adult to the kids room to make it OK on paper even though they have a connecting room. I don't think he minds paying it one bit we however nervous it may not come back around.


    My situation will be 2 17 year old kids. One platinum the friend a newbie. I want to enjoy my new perks but certainly can't leave the newbie in the dust. So hoping they would not be opposed to him tagging along to board and disembark


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  7. We are currently booked Vista spring 2018. We have 4 families, 5 cabins, 12 ppl going. When we booked 2 families grabbed FTTF.


    My bil and his family are 5 ppl 2 cabins. They where able to snag the very last one. So assuming they will need another one so the kids cabin will get the same priority boarding and such. Even though it's all the same family.


    My 3 are all Platinum and we have one cabin. However my son now wants to bring a friend which means we either switch to a 4 berth cabin or get an adult cabin and a kids cabin. Will his friend be able to board with us and such or will I need FTTF for him alone? Selfishly I'm hoping he could just sneak in with us as he will be in the same cabin as a Platinum guest.



    This is will be out first Platinum cruise so excited to flash a card vs buying FTTF. As I think I now have all the same earned perks as those who but them.


    Any help or feedback will be greatly appreciated.


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  8. We are seasoned cruisers but newer to NCL. We have only sailed NCL once. We are looking to do a Cuba sailing this fall or sooner and NCL sure has more options than Carnival so may be drifting back. I am just looking to ask the experts a few things before we decided. 1. The Sky or is it the Sun is truly and all inclusive ship correct? Meaning no drink packages need to be bought. 2. Do they still have pay restaurants? We had the food package last time and really enjoyed it. 3. I was looking at possibly taking our son and it looks like they are not discounting the 3rd pax by very much. I think he sailed "free" last time we used NCL. Anything else I need to know before we decide on CCL vs NCL

  9. I think its all how you look at it. If you haven't kept up with television, Lip Synching is the latest craze. Several shows featuring lip synching with even celebrities joining in. Then your local hot spots and bars have now Karaoke and/or lip synching featured. A lot of folks enjoy these activities and get pretty creative with it. It becomes very enjoyable to participate and view. It may indeed be a way for Carnival to save money, but I do believe it is an activity that if done correctly can be very enjoyable. When Carnival introduced Dive-In Movies, I at first said who is paying money to take a cruise to watch a previously run movie. Every Carnival cruise I have been on since they introduced Dive-In movies, the lounge chairs are completely full, the popcorn line is long and even on the colder nights people will lay up with a towel or blanket and enjoy the movie. I myself try to work the movies into my schedule as well. Yes I enjoy the shows with the dancers and singers, but if you have been cruising for awhile you realize even these can become a little cheesy or overly familiar. Now bringing folks like Tim McGraw and Kerry Underwood, Jay Leno and the likes is definitely an added bonus. I have yet to be able to participate because every cruise I book with the professional stars has been sold out. Yet everyone tells me it is amazing. So in my opinion, I say variety is the spice of life and don't let a change in activity ruin what could still potentially be a lovely experience especially when you see the ridiculously low prices you get for a Carnival Cruise. I mean really, I am a world traveler with recently flying to Japan, Italy and Dubai and let me tell you a Carnival cruise is a drop in the bucket. During Spring Break in April, we flew to Florida, rented a car, booked a hotel and purchased a three day pass to Universal Studios. Let me tell you for a family of 3, without even getting in any food, our three day amusement park ticket was $215 per person. That's just to walk in the door of the park. Parking each day at the park was $20. We still haven't even had a soda, popcorn or lunch. We have to purchase on top of that 3 meals a day, hotel, rental car, etc. You get my point. For a measely few hundred dollars, Carnival is giving you transportation on the ocean to various islands and countries that you can visit without paying extra if you just choose to walk around or taxi it to the beach, hotel room, unlimited dining experiences at multiple places on board, entertainment throughout the day where guest can get involved or just watch, dive-in movies, broadway type shows and all of this is inclusive in the price. If you then want to go above and beyond the menial price of the cruise, you can pay for spa treatment, liquor, casino, Upscale dining lite the Steak Houses on board, etc., etc. I mean really, I went to Cozumel and Key West for $179 for 5 days and 4 nights. I went to Nassau and Freeport for 4 days/3nights for $249. I went to Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Grand Cayman for $569 6 days/5 nights. I went to Ensenada, Mexico for $80 on Carnival Imagination (no lies) 3 days/2 nights. I could go on and on about my 11 cruises with the most expensive one being $569 per person. I'm about to take my son on the Liberty 4 days/3 nights with a nice cabin on Lido deck for $329 per person. So I say cheer up, when people say you get what you pay for, that is not true with a cruise. You get so much more than you pay for. Please tell me where I can pay $329 on a land vacation and get everything included, hotel, unlimited food and entertainment for 3 full days. Unheard of. Just to get into Disney is $100 before you do anything else. So don't let the new lip synch showcase get you down. I am so hoping it is on the Liberty next month.

    Thanks so much for this!! I couldn't agree more. When we sail it will be our 14th cruise with Carnival. Granted we only sail once or twice a year but even with that it feels the same ole same ole. I'm excited for this new form of entertainment.


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