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  1. We will turn Platinum on our next cruise which is sadly 291 days away. Just wanting to ask a few questions. Will we still get perks from day one vs the day we actually become Platinum? Is there any benefit to still booking FTTF? I swear I've read posts where they say it's still a better deal to get it. Laundry says we get 2 bags per our cruise length. Is that per person? 3 of us will turn at once. Then anything I need to know about having them do my wash? I usually use the self serve on our cruise. Any other feedback or tips for a newly Platinum VIFP? Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app
  2. Give me the good, bad, and ugly? I'm actually looking forward to this. When do they have it? Guessing a main show? Is it one and done like the Hasbro Game show? Thanks Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app
  3. We are a group of 12 booking Vista for next March. Are there tables big enough for us or will be be split up? TIA Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app
  4. Anyone have a current copy? Thanks in advance
  5. Just wondering about the SW biz credit card. I want to get my hubby a biz card to as I feel like we are throwing money away not using one with perks. What is the ratio on dollars to points? And how many points for a Canival gift card? This may be a game changer for us too. Though he is some what limited on what he can use a credit card for.
  6. Thanks everyone. I'm trying to learn more about card churning and making them work in my favor. I have a chase Freedom I've had for years. I usually cash my years worth of points into gift cards each Christmas and it helps. I know there are better cards out there so I'm looking. We never hold a balance so I'm just looking for the perk factor. I certainly need to use my card more often than I do but I find myself using my debit. My husband also owns a small business so I need to get him on board with using a credit card so we can benefit vs his debit he currently uses. We have 3 years worth of missing perks. Lol. I've read the points guys page but sadly to me it's like reading Greek I think that's why I've never gotten into this process. I just opened a Southwest card and need to spend my 2,000 so I can get the 50,000 points. Will probably drop once I book some free flights as its an annual fee card and we don't fly that often at this point. I might try the CCL $100 is $100 and I like free money Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app
  7. We just received an offer to get extra points equaling $100 in Carnival Gift Cards for applying. I'm not sure if there are strings like you need to spend so much first or any of that yet. I'm just asking those of you with a CCL MasterCard what you think of the card. Is it easy to turn points into CCL credit? If there anything I should know or beware of before we apply and try to earn points? I'd love to be able to cruise for less by just making my typical purchases. thanks in advance
  8. WOO HOO.. I'm so excited to read this. I love all your reviews but the Carnival ones are my favorite as I can relate more. Thanks for all you do!
  9. I'd love to reach out and talk to you about this a little more if possible. My hubby also owns his own bussiness but stupidly he does not use a "perk" credit card for his accounts. Ive been on him extra hard to get one lately. I have been a Chase freedom holder for a long time but now ventured out to get a SW card for myself for the bonus points and wanting to fly free for our next avdenture to where we go.
  10. Thanks for the heads up on the Allstate. I've missed the Verizon so many times it was great to be able to snag some there.
  11. Thanks so much for this review. I know they are a lot of work to do so here is one more thank you!! I really enjoyed following along. Makes me so sad I dont have anything booked at the moment. We are thinking Vista next February *finger crossed*
  12. Thanks so much for this review. I havent been on CC as much as I once was back in the day. I stubled on and was happy to see your review. I often wonder if you made it back to cruising. Happy I'm finally caught up as its taken me a long time to get here. Cant wait for the rest!
  13. Thanks.. I like the reassuring posts. Nothing really appeals to me at all when I look at CCL ships. We have done the Imagination twice already. The Inspiration and Splendor we have not but spoiled with the newer ships we have sailed. The 4 day sailing does not appeal much either but does leave time to explore the LA area or go to SD to visit my uncle. While nothing appeals to me some places in the Caribbean feel boring too. We live in MN so we must travel no matter what. I have lots of research to do yet but enjoying these comments Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app
  14. Ive been looking at sailings from Cali but always too scared to book. I dont know why but it just doesnt appeal to me like Caribeean cruising. We sailed one time from San Deigo and I did not mind it. What helped is I ahve family in SD so they put us up and played taxi for us. I can't put my finger on why I'm nervous. Maybe its the older ships? Trying something new? LA does intimidate me some. So please share experiences good or bad with me.
  15. I was on this cruise too. Agree the food was horrible. I had trouble finding a meal I liked. I mean the pizza and deli are the same every cruise you really can't screw them up. Guys was a disappointment to me. The burgers where never fresh nor was I ever offered anything else vs burger with cheese. On all other sailings they have always had fresh burgers and asked us what style we wanted. When I asked for a ringer I felt like I was putting the guy out who served me. We never made it to the MDR or had room service. BBQ was just OK to me but beat the buffet. Had great bar tenders and enjoyed the Cheers package. The casino area was so bad with smoke. I've been on 14 other cruises and never had one this bad. New ship should of had a better air scrubber or something. We loved Mr Sanchos again too. Belize we had a fun snorkel tour with SHARKS! Roatan we zip lined which was fun. Wish I wasn't I'll that day so I could of enjoyed more about the port. Got so car sick on the way back had to rush back to the room to recover. Costa Maya was a fail for me. Never been and had no plans but thought we would wing it. Got off the ship to explore and where back in an hour if that long. It was too busy with the ships in port. I couldn't handle the crowds had nothing we needed to shop for. Tried to find our way out for a while to see if we could pick up a tour but gave up. Spent a relaxing afternoon on the ship instead. Thought service was meh.. great bar tenders but that's about it. Could hardly find a clean table on the Lido. Already mentioned my issues with Guys burger. Our steward was good to us but our friends next door never got enough towels, drinking glasses, some days never got service. We had the same steward! Over all we had fun and enjoyed! Was just a little disappointed in many things. Expected much more from a newer ship! Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app
  16. What is the best way? Are cabs still flat rate? Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app
  17. Just curious how long until they are verified and showing on your account? My cruise from last week is not recognized yet. Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app
  18. Thanks for another great review. Its taken me months to read it but finally finished. I need to check to see if there are any pother reviews I have missed. I dont check the NCL boards much add that and a new job that leaves me with little screen time I'm so out of the loop. Looks like you had a lot of fun as you always do! We are headed back to Port Canveral Friday to check out the Magic. Its one of my favorite ports to sail from again other than the flying into MCO and fighting with the disney crowds, which I hate! The day we got back into port back in OCT we had the dolphins playing outside too. I told my future DIL and she about ran my grandkids over trying to get in the door and out to the balcony to see for herself. They where a blast to watch! Looking forward to the next review!
  19. We went to Little French Key our last visit and had a great time. We where not with CCL so this will be some what of a new experience for us. Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app
  20. Thanks.. glad they have 2 running as well. I know it's quite the ride in as well. As I recall it was exactly 15 hours in the life boats. ..lol I may be a little off but surely felt that way in those hot boxes. Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app
  21. Going for the first time in 2 weeks. Still no excursions booked for this cruise but I've heard bits and peices about mahogany bay. Would love to hear more. Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app
  22. Thanks... I was dreading using life boats. That was a mess on NCL to use life boats Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app
  23. Does CCL use tenders when in Belize or do they use life boats? We leave in 2 weeks for our first time to Belize with CCL. Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app
  24. Thanks for coming back to finish this review. I hope you had a great time on your last cruise and enjoy the Vista! I so want to cruise on her. Very sad to hear your will not be reviewing anymore. I'm a huge fan. I guess I will need to find your travel blog and follow that. Maybe just maybe you will come do a mini review from time to time with just pics and thoughts? Take care!
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