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  1. Ok... can you provide more details
  2. just trying to confirm the easiest way to get to here. We are a party of 7 - not sure if a taxi or private rental is best or available. Ive heard there is public beach access close by. Any feedback on this vs a day pass to a local hotel. We are just trying to find a way to kill a few hours. We are traveling with my son and his family including 2 kids ages 1.5 and 3.5. So we would like to have them burn off some steam. Any other help with this port is greatly appreciated
  3. what is the cost to get to the market place from the cruise port? I'm assuming cabs are readily available somewhere
  4. We are traveling with my son and my grandkids on a 5 day cruise in Oct. We are looking for something to do in Freeport. I was there years ago and just remember needing a tour if you wanted to get tot he beach or do anything beside walk around the small shopping center. We are really on a tight budget as we are covering most of the bill for this trip. Any suggestions for a budget friendly day where we can enjoy and the kids can enjoy too?
  5. Thanks so much for this review. We are traveling as a family in Oct. including the grand kids about your childerns age. This really helped me to know what to think about and expect. I like the idea of going to Atlantis. I have never been I need to see if we can fit that into our small limited budget as we are paying for this cruise for all of us.
  6. We sailed NCL for the first time on March. Now my memory of the beverage stations is not overly vivid but I do recall them having plain water which I drank just like I do on CCL. They also had some flavored waters that I found to be very weak. I found one milk station in the buffet but it was open very limited hours and type. They did have juice and cartons of milk in the AM. I never found hot chocolate like CCL which I drink a lot of. That's about it. So yes they do have other things on the buffets drink stations.
  7. With the UBP whats the big deal?? Let me tell you the big deal for me.... and my most recent cruise was on NCL ( our first time trying that line) 1. yes I can get my favorite brand soda (Pepsi) but I cant get a full can. I prefer can over fountain which is the way it comes at many bars. If I do find a bar that has cans I get a warm can normally flat poured over ice just like CCL. YUCK! 2. I must go to a bar to track down a glass. I prefer to have one in my room when I'm getting ready in the AM or sitting on my balcony etc. 3. if I book my cruise last minute I do not qualify to get any of the promo's - so its not like everyone can get the UBP always. And when you do get it you still pay tax. Think it was like $90 for the 2 of us to have the UBP - gladly paid it as my bar bill would of been more but its far from free.
  8. So glad I found this review! Its Amazing!!!! Your pictures and so beautiful and I love your writing style. I cant wait to read the next installments and hopefully go back to read your previous reviews. Thanks for all your hard work!!
  9. Congrats on the big move Brianna!!! I too need to move out of the land locked state of MN. Too far from cruise ships... lol I'm sorry I'm late to this party. I have been waiting for this review since I found out you booked! When I saw you on JH FB page I knew this would be another amazing review. You always have the best time! One day I hope to cruise with you so we can "lean" together ;) The pictures amazing as always. Thanks for all your hard work and effort! I cant wait to see what comes next.......
  10. Thanks for your review. Glad you had a better time than your list trip. Sorry you feel like you wont be back on Carnival. They are my favorite, even not having much to compare it too. We did try NCL this last March and left feeling --meh. It deserves another try as there where many issues on our ship on many sailings. We felt the food was same across the board. We would have a great meal and then a not so great meal on both lines. Drinks I prefer CCL even though I had free drinks on NCL. I just never found one I loved. Entertainment is hard to give a favor to either. NCL has some great shows but Ive seen some good one on CCL too. We where bored stiff at night though. After the main show there was not much else going on unless you wanted to go to the disco. No comedy shows (or other evening entertainment) - even with bad acts I'd rather have something to do. Its always good to try something new. Sometimes it works out sometimes it proves you have been making the right choice all along. I have 2 more CCL cruises booked but will be pricing NCL for another shot in the future.
  11. Hi all. We are cruising in Oct with the whole family :) I'm super excited but nervous as this will he the first vacation our grandkids have had. The boys will be 21 months and 2.5 years old. The oldest can do camp activities including late night parties if I'm not mistaken. The little one is not old enough for camp but can do night owls (babysitting) I believe. I'm not sure we will use this option but would like to know about it to be prepared. I think it would be fun to have one adults only evening. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experience with this program. Thanks in advance.
  12. They come up frequently. Just need to check often. Even if my cruise was 18 months away I'd still even buy one 100 one here and there to save plus spread the wealth but that's just me. My Oct cruise is paid in full. Gathering 100 ones for the S&S bill. My Jan cruise is getting paid little by little but plan to do it all via gift cards. I just apply them to my cruise via the Web when I get them.
  13. Boo..that stinks. It costs more to buy onboard too
  14. Can I pre order booze, drink packages, or other fun shop things using my gift cards? I know I have used them to pay the balance of my cruise, used them on board for S&S bill and even think I may of when booking an excursion. Though I have not for Funshop items. I did a mock booking of the Cheers package and I did not see a place to enter Gift card info. Did I miss it? Or can I call and order to use a gift card? Thanks in advance
  15. I personally would never remove them. I may not tip above and beyond if I don't feel it's earned. I personally like to have as much paid before hand vs the shock factor after. All my choice and it's my money so not sure what business of anyone else's is how I spend it. And when I day shock factor I don't mean grats are a shock, they are factored into my budget. Though when you get that S &S bill grats, gift shop, bar, kids in arcade, etc sometimes it's a shock, even when expected and calculated.
  16. Wow from asking if we can pay online to being told how and why I should pre-pay them or not to removing them. Geez..... Thanks to those that confirmed I can not pay on line.
  17. Thanks... I must of been thinking of our NCL cruise.
  18. Still available. they must be getting more in or everyone must have enough.
  19. I cant seem to find how to prepay your grats online. I swear you could do it via your booking on carnival.com. But maybe I'm wrong?? I know I could on my NCL cruise so maybe thats where I am wrong.
  20. Where the $100's even available today? I grabbed 2 of the 500. This will finish paying off my Oct bookings. Then pick up some more for onboard expenses. Then work on getting them for my Jan cruise
  21. Finally went through.... think my issue was wanting to ship it to my husband's shop. I'm never home to sign. Last time I was due to surgerical leave. Guess I will just have to try to head it off at the UPS store. Is there any amount you don't need to sign for?? I'm not over familiar with this new process. When I used to get them it was always an e card.
  22. Called Visa and we are all good there. Still won't let me order. .FML
  23. I'm trying but says my card is invalid. Wonder if they sold out and my order won't go through. Tried 2 cards
  24. I agree.. ES could never exist if you couldn't make changes. "new sailings Only" would mean we could never get a reduced price. I normally don't worry about reduced deposits as well. This time we wanted to get booked right away and didn't have the $$ for the full deposit. We have 2 other cruises I wanted to pay off first, our seasonal campground fee, we just got home from a cruise we need to finish paying the odds and end etc. It was just not in the budget today. Yet our friends are going and wanted to get specific rooms while available. I'm glad we got it fixed.
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