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  1. 2 cruises now booked... hoping to catch some. Is there a trick to when they go live?
  2. We are sailing in Oct as well. I think we booked in Dec. This was our xmas gift to the kids. FTTF was available at booking for us then.
  3. We just booked Magic for late Jan 2017. There is nothing listed yet for excursions nor is FTTF open. I'm wondering when we will start seeing them pop up? I'm more interested in FTTF than anything else. This is the first booking where nothing has been released when I booked. thanks in advance
  4. Just read somewhere that Jade has crazy low pricing for the next 2 cruises. Wish I could have a redo of last week... our week on Jade had many highs and lows.
  5. We just got off today as well. Tendering was a nightmare. Got in line 45 min early - tender 14. Off the ship about 11a in Belize... missed our excursion. Roatan 45 min early again tender 9 still took a long time to get off. Don't recall actual time as we really did not have a time we needed to be off. Nothing was a smooth process when it came to getting off the ship tender or not.
  6. Heading to the airport now. Get to see Jade for myself tomorrow. Thanks so much Kim for answering my questions along the way. I'm excited for my first NCL. Hope you love the Breeze next week. It's a great ship we had the best time on her.
  7. Oh Kim, sorry you had such a crappy day. No one wants to deal with that..EVER! But such is life and the show goes on. I'm finally getting to packing for our trip. We fly out tomorrow and still not packed :eek: this is so unlike me. I was wondering.. is the hairdryer any good or should I bring my own? also what do you think of the body wash and shampoo? I always pack conditioner as I need it!! Thanks
  8. Heal quickly H! Hope your mom and dad have extra orange sherbet and cheese for you to help your healing process!!
  9. Thanks everyone.... how well does the hairdryer work? I have thicker hair so need a decent powered one. Otherwise bringing my travel really is not a huge deal.
  10. cant wait to read more.... hope your havin a great time
  11. Yay another H review! I'm excited to see how you like NCL. We are too cheating on Carnival in the near future. I'm also taking notes along the way as our grandkids will be sailing with us in Oct (back to Carnival )- the oldest is turning 3 soon.
  12. Great thread... can't wait to try new drinks. What is this toasted almond I hear about so much? Cherry Limeade sounds good too - what's in that?
  13. Thanks so much. I do love a good snorkel adventure. I just hate to miss time at LFK but may be worth it.
  14. Thanks.. we will prob end up booking. Def sounds better than the inside of the airport.
  15. She has it started incase you haven't seen it. It's amazing as always.
  16. I have a hoodie from the Sunshine gift shop 2 years ago. Love it wear it all the time.
  17. Thanks... this helps a bunch. I'm sad to learn there is no self service laundry. Now I really have to think about what I pack. :/
  18. Cracking up over that shirt!! That's awesome I never saw it but glad someone pointed it out. I needed that laugh. Enjoying this review very much. Maybe even a little more than the ones before as I am finally sailing NCL and trying to learn as much as I can. You really need to earn a referral perk. I may of never looked at NCL if it wasn't for you. Looks like many others are in the same "boat". We do have the drink and dining package which I'm excited to try. We are not huge drinkers but I like a few a day and I couldn't afford what you had to pay. Your dinner looked good. I've been scouring the menus I can find deciding where to go and what to try. We are huge Carbonera fans after trying it on CCL. Please try it there if you can. We only ate in the dining room twice last year. We had the aft dining room and the shudder was so bad I could not stand it so we found other options to eat. I'm excited to keep reading and learning!!
  19. Woo hoo here it is.. hopefully this is the ticket for me to finally get excited for this cruise. I've never not been excited but I was overwhelmed with everything and first reviews where not great. Now they seem to be getting better and I'm thrilled.
  20. Just wondering what people wear to dinner. We do have a dining package if that matters. I'm trying not to overpack as we must pay for baggage on our flights. I'm assuming they have self service laundry on the ship. Can anyone tell me where they are located and costs. Thanks in advance
  21. Thanks so much for this review. We did end up booking Coral Breeze. Any suggestions or tips about the tender process? I'm assuming it's going better now as I have not been reading as many horror stories lately. Couple questions about your tour. Did you have lunch? what kind of things where on the menu and cost? After snorkeling was there a place to clean up and change? I can deal with it but I always prefer to rinse off and change once out of the ocean if we are going land based things. Did you get much time back on the island?
  22. We are booking LFK for our trip in 2 weeks. We are newbies so are excited to see what it's all about. We love to snorkel so are thinking about adding the extra guided snorkel package. Can anyone tell me a little more about this part of the tour?
  23. by golly your right... I just did a mock booking and no drop fees! I love this change!! hope it stays or maybe it was just due to my corporate discount?? Any clue on what a taxi ride is from Deer Park to Bayport? or better yet do they shuttle?
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