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  1. I will be sailing Liberty soon. We will be doing the other option though, HMC, GT, San juan, St Thomas. All the same we are excited. Was very fun to read this review. We have been to Grand Cayman and Ocho twice. We used Naitive way in GC did the rays reef and rum package both times. I would HIGHLY recommend this if you go again. Sting rays are the coolest thing EVER!!! In OR we used Phil Lafeyette. We loved using him. Great tour of the city got us to the falls before the crowds Helped us to avoid the market and left us to shop at another mall where Jimmy buffets place is. I have never had a bad experience there but dont look to go back in the future. We enjoyed climbing the falls both times. We only rafted once and where not offered the dives and swings. That would of been fun. It was a drizzly day though and we had a person fal off there tube and hit there head pretty hard so we where rushed along a bit. OR port must of changed since last Jan or there is more than one now. Where we got off the ship looked nothing like you pictures. Very nice!!!
  2. Thanks for the review. We sait her in Jan. I can't wait. Can someone tell me more about Fish and chip place this will be a new feature for us. I am excited about the burrito bar as well.
  3. I hate to ask here seeing there are the ports of call boards but I can't get any help. Maybe someone here will be nice enough to assist...... We are traveling thus far 8 in our group for adults and 4 kids ranging from 2 through 14. We are traveling on Liberty porting in HMC, Grand Turk, St Thomas and San Juan. Any suggesting on what to do in San Juan and St Thomas? My two kids are the oldest of the group. We are willing to split the families up if need be. I was also wondering if anyone knows what the Flowrider costs in GT. I think we just plan to chill near the cruise port. Thanks in advance
  4. I'm trying to find something to do w/ my family while in port. I am not having too much luck. There are 8 of us traveling together 4 adults 4 little men 2,5,9 and 14 yrs. Are there any suggestion on what we can do that will entertain all of us. Or even just my family with the bigger kids? I will be greatful for any help. We are in port during the way and I like to book privately if at all possible.
  5. hlb76

    Flow rider

    Anyone have any experience on using this? I tried searching but it did not get my anywhere. I was wondering cost and if it would be fun for my boys 9 and 14. I think we plan to spend the day at the cruise port on the beach so I thought this might give them a WOW factor.
  6. This will be our second time in GT. Think we where there last 2 years ago. We found a spot right in front of Marageritaville with no issues. Back then it was not all the open either. No flow rider either. This time we may choose to be a little more relaxed and away from the hussle and bussle so head off the ship towrds the Grand Turks side of the beach correct. This left and right is confusing me.
  7. We cant seem to find cheap airfare...... go figure! Anyone have any tips or tricks? We are finding flights from RST to MIA for about 1600 for 4 and up. I just cant believe how much it all costs!! I ahve never spent this much on airfare. Even out of MSP its not much cheaper:mad:
  8. I should of clarifeid I only get chilled at night. Sea days are warm and toasty for the most part. At night it cools off and gets windy.
  9. Thanks for the site. I dont think its been updated lately though the hsip we are on changed its intineriary and its not reflected. At least it gives me a estimate.
  10. we always travel in Jan. I find the ports to be great weather. shorts and t shirt or swim wear. I do get cold on deck to the point of wearing my hoodies and jeans. It can be chilly indoors as well. Warm weather clothes are bulky in the suitcase. I try to make sure what i wear down from MN is warm enough for nights on deck. I might grab a extra pair os pants this year.
  11. YEAH we finally booked. Thanks to Glen my favorite PVP we are all set to spend 7 lovely days onboard Liberty starting 1/23/10! I'm so excited! This will be our first 7 day! I cant seem to find many threads on Liberty but those I find ppl like so thats good! Anyone having any feed back I would love to hear it. Also if Carnival has any changes in the last year I would be happy to hear that. I feel so out of the loop! Thanks!
  12. I know there was a web site that showed you this but I cant find it. I tried schearching for it but cant find a thread on here. Maybe it no longer is around??
  13. We are booking today I hope. We have been saying that for a week now. We where thinking Glory or Valor same cruise different ships. We decided on Valor. Now we have some friends with young childern joining us so we are now thinking Liberty seeing HMC is a port. We think a day there will be prefect for them. We will like it as well a little less hussle and bussle for them. We cruise once a year? Its ben since last Jan we went. Have there been any changes? We also have never been on this class of ship. We are very excited to try any one of them out! Any new input will greatly help!!
  14. Anyone have any ideas on what excursions My family and I could do in Nassau? We wanted to do Stewarts Cove for the snorkeling, but they can't because we get in too late, 8am. Any ideas or suggestion?? We would love to do the snorkeling of the reefs but i can't find anything that we can make for us getting in at 8am Thank you!
  15. Thanks!! that was it I was using firefox.
  16. HELP!!!! Thi sis my first time not getting the big blue envolope. but thouight i would try the new E-doc stuff. I had no issue printing my Fun passes. But can't find luggage tags. Can anyone help me? Also is there anything else i need to print before I head south
  17. I always forget but I need to pack my underwater cameras for out trip should i pack them in checked luggage or carry on. If i remember right one way says it will expose your film. I hope some one remembers for me
  18. We leave for FLA on Jan 2. I have some clothes picked out and other stuff put together but not officially packing yet. Maybe will get started on it this weekend. I do like to get it done a bit early. Even though I unpack it all a few times. But this year for some reason I can't get it together. I feel like this is my first cruise I dont have a clue what I need to bring. Maybe my mind will be cleared more by tomorrow night when the x-mas rush is done.
  19. My hubby set it all up. We normally do get them sent but for whatever reason they have not shown up. So either he forgot to ask for them or they did just did not send them.
  20. I know we leave in 11 days. but it does not feel real yet. I miss geting the old paper docs. It was always fun going through them all. Well either way we are going so now to get ready!!!
  21. yes ocho rios. anyone have experience???/
  22. I know this should be on the Ports board but I never get a quick or any response. so please no flaming:o We booked the falls/rafting tour with Phil. I have done the falls part but have never tubed there. What can I expect with our day? Is there a place to change after tubing? Think we go to the falls first. Is there anyway to bring a bag along and keep it dry? I have seen movies on You tube so there must be or someone has taken the chance of things getting wet. Any info on this tour would be great. We leave Jan 2 for Miami and sail on the 3rd so it is coming fast. With x-mas and all I just feel I have not been able to research and pack for my trip.
  23. We booked this with Phil. I was wondering what that day all has in store for us. What I am really wondering is how to pack for the day. I am thinking we will get off the ship with our swim wear on so we will be ready once we hit the falls and such. After we are all done with the falls and tubing I dont want to be stuck in a wet suit all day. Is there a place to change? I know DRF does but have never done the tubing part. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks
  24. We are flying in a day early for our cruise and we are staying at a Extended Stay (Homestead Studio Suites Miami-Airport-Miami Springs). What is the best way to get to the port in the AM? There will be 6 of us with plenty of luggage. I am just wondering what a cab will cost from there. Or if we are better off taking the free hotel shuttle to the airport then grabbing the 24 dollar cab ride? Any help would be great!! Thanks
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