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  1. Oh, that is very good news! I may now look into that option.
  2. I don’t remember this, but good news. I looked into flights through them for my November cruise, but although a bit cheaper than other flights I had found, the itinerary they came up with had us flying from the east coast west to Toronto before heading east again to Europe. Ugh. And right now the Canadian border is closed, so really complicated and convoluted.
  3. If this cruise goes, I’ll send a full report! 😊
  4. Hoping my 11/2 cruise out of Athens happens too. Watching Greece’s travel guideline. Right now, would not be possible to travel from the US
  5. That would be great!
  6. I agree 100%. Really enjoyed the den a lot. My next cruise 🤞is on the Journey and I doubt they will renovate by November ’21.
  7. Mine would be higher too. Not much of a “sale.”
  8. The article says “large ships”, but doesn’t define what that is. Does it mean that small ships can dock in city center? Aren’t Azamara ships small? I wish this was clearer!
  9. My November 2021 cruise actually went up a bit. Since I got a fair amount of OBC from my TA, which I would lose if I rebooked. the additional $500 does not make it worth rebooking
  10. I had an issue with the pre dinner music in the Living Room too. So loud it was impossible to chat.
  11. I agree with most of your suggestions, except about the quality of the food in the MDR, which we have found very good. We usually don’t attend evening stuff, so no comment on that.
  12. I can understand that. But this is a new part of the world for us, so would be important for us to actually see it. I will have to keep an eye on various local regulations. And hope that if the cruise is canceled, it is before my final payment in June!
  13. I read that too, GlobalMethod, but won’t feel confident until it happens. I am booked on that cruise and also concerned about all of the other ports. Betsey
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