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  1. Yes, thanks for posting and putting things in perspective. Betsey
  2. Our schools are due to resume on September 8 and appear to be a hybrid of remote and in person learning, Burlington, where I live, is also a college town, and students are starting to flock back to campuses. In spite of stern warnings/ regulations to quarantine upon arrival, and social distance, it is pretty clear that this is not happening. Given all of this, we are anticipating an uptick in cases. I have been redeployed to the Contact Tracing “Surge Team”, so at least we will be prepared if/when it happens. And is hockey over already, @nordski? We are finding watching baseball to empty stadiums just not the same. And @Baynanno1, would love to see an Australian rules game some day. Although it would certainly have to be explained to me! 😂 Betsey
  3. Well, if we DO have relatives in San Francisco! But if we don’t make it to Australia, I hope we get to meet onboard one day! Betsey
  4. I sincerely hope so too, Trish! My husband grew up in the Niagara Falls area of NY, and we had a wonderful trip there not too many years ago. We have family in Boston and before the pandemic got to visit them frequently and Maine is a favorite vacation destination. We have never been to Australia, but never say never!
  5. Wild weather everywhere, I guess. You’re having a freakishly snowy winter and we (at least here in the Northeast) have had a record breakingly hot summer! Since our summers here in Vermont are so short though, I’m not complaining! Feeling “Fernweh” too though! Betsey
  6. Right. I saw that in the original post from CA Oceanfront. It was still being advertised in the email I got, which was obviously old news
  7. Interesting. I haven’t received the email yet, but I did receive an email from Azamara today advertising the BOGOHO sale with all of the October cruises intact as well as the Quest Nov 4 and Nov 11 cruises. That November 11 cruise is the repositioning cruise to South America from which my March 4 cruise is supposed to make the return trip to Lisbon. My final payment is due in late October. I don’t think the odds are good.
  8. That’s the problem with relaxing the guidelines. Before you know it, there is a surge of new cases. Here in the US, they still need to have way stricter guidelines in some of the states that still have high numbers of cases and deaths.
  9. Wow, Baynanno1, I had to Google Aussie football and saw a clip. No helmets or other protective gear! I’ll bet there are a lot of injuries! I must say that I’m not crazy about American football and I don’t know if they will have a season this year. My grandsons are crazy about playing basketball and don’t know if they will be able to play team sports when school resumes. Any contact sports are risky. Betsey
  10. The Boston Red Sox baseball team have a tradition of playing this song at the bottom of the 8th inning, with the crowd joining in - so good, so good, so good. Diamond wrote this song about Caroline Kennedy, so it is especially loved by Boston. No touching in baseball now though or playing to live audiences, only seats with cardboard cutouts. 😞 Betsey
  11. I’m sold! I’m sold! And I have been the HBC many times when in Montreal- lol Betsey
  12. @Bloodaxe, I’m impressed! We who work for the State get the day off (or the closest working day) and it always mystifies anyone from out of state. Betsey
  13. Thanks Nordski and Bloodaxe for your postings! I was moved to research both Simcoe Day and Yorkshire Day to learn a little more. Fascinating what we learn on these boards! Now, any guesses what holiday unique to the state of Vermont is celebrated on August 16th? Betsey
  14. Yes, this pandemic has been a blow to many in every sector of the travel industry and many have been responding in in kind and responsible ways
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