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  1. How do you know more opt out? Seems that most people (including me) prefer to prepay.
  2. Unlimited = 20? That's inviting a consumer welfare lawsuit.
  3. There's another factor you may want to consider: Boats to Oia usually starts at 9am (let me know if that's incorrect). So if you get off the cruise ship earlier, you may lose the advantage over the next ship by waiting for the boat. Again, my information may be wrong, but timing is important there.
  4. That's what travel is for, right? Good or bad, there are stories to tell.
  5. But we still have to line up for the queue to come down from Fira via cable car. All the boat trips I know of only offer one way trip, and then they send you off to Fira.
  6. Thanks. It seems that the availability of taxis can be a problem. Still thinking about renting a car, but I have not seem many examples.
  7. Where did you see the information? I am thinking of renting a car to minimize the risk of not being able to find a taxi in the peak season, but water taxi sounds interesting!
  8. That looks great! Thank you! Can we order the night before? If not and I call at 6am for hot breakfast, how soon will they be delivered?
  9. Great. Thank you! I have not thought of Cafe Promenade. Windjammer is on the opposite side of our cabin so it will be quite a run. 😄
  10. We will sail on the Explorer in the Mediterranean this summer and it's very port intensive. We'd like to get off the ship as early as possible, but would like to have breakfast first. If the ship docks at 7am, what's the best way to have breakfast taken care of? When will Windjammer open? And how early can we order room service? Thanks!
  11. We are also going with kids. My thought is to go up the cable car and rent a car in Fira. Then we'll drive to Oia and maybe the black beach. Is it realistic? Thoughts?
  12. Early June. 7am-7pm docking time.
  13. Would you recommend renting a car and drive to different beaches. I heard about the pink beaches on the other side...
  14. We did the tour two years ago. You should have plenty of time if you check in online, but you should double check with RCCL to see if they are firm on their policies.
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