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  1. I completely agree with you. As of now Shanghai seems to be safer than Civi, even though the former is cancelled but not the latter. Soon, Civi may be safer than Seattle or New York. With only limited testing going on in some countries (e.g., the U.S.), we may see different pictures every week.
  2. This person may have contracted the disease AFTER the cruise, right?
  3. Unfortunately I read this after purchasing the Full Experience + Arena tickets. (The others are sold out. ) On the details of the official website, it says ACCESS MODE The “Colosseum Arena” ticket let the visitors to directly access to the arena. This ticket is reserved for groups with authorized tour guides and tour leaders and individual visitors, up to 13 people, without guide or tour leader. But then below there everything is about the tour guide. It's so confusing. Can I use the ticket without a tour guide or not? Also, can I go to Palatine Hill and Roman
  4. If you want a kid's perspective, here's a review written on Serenade by my son, who was 9 turning 10 at that time: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=611557 Of course we went to the Caribbean instead of Alaska.
  5. In this case it's not even about screening, which was the old policy. In the new policy, they banned Chinese passport holders, no matter where they live.
  6. I had the same question. Is it even legal? Why would passport matter?
  7. depending whether other ships will also arrive at 7am.
  8. Wonderful information! Thanks again. Yes we'll be there in the summer...
  9. Would you suggest a DIY tour to a family of 5? I assume the regular taxi's will not take us, and two taxi's double the cost. Are buses each enough to navigate? I am currently booked with PK Travels, but am wondering if we should do it on our own pace.
  10. Thanks! They are not open for summer months yet. Will check regularly.
  11. Which company? Or through the official website?
  12. How do you know more opt out? Seems that most people (including me) prefer to prepay.
  13. Unlimited = 20? That's inviting a consumer welfare lawsuit.
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