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  1. Yes they have lockers for your clothes. You get a band for your wrist to access it. Just don’t lose it. Heavy fine. On Regent experience, you also get a free drink in the lagoon. Enjoyed the excursion, but a little to long to stay in a pool.
  2. We were in 861 for 30 days. Yes there are vibrations and you could hear the music sometimes. But overall, it did not bother us. We would rather have the extra money to spend elsewhere. Same exact room on other floors. Just our opinion. Have fun!
  3. Was on world cruise and had color and style. My husband said I looked like a fluffy lion. But you are captive. Took my hair stylist two appointments to correct my color.
  4. THe rollaways are horrible. We had our daughter with us in our room and she had two mattresses plus an egg crate and could still feel the middle bar! Don’t know about sofa bed.
  5. See you lounge 6 pm! John said he and you must have been in the coffee connection this morning. He was there at 4 or so too. He said there was only one other person. Cheers. Diana and John
  6. Thxs! Only two weeks now! It was from TA, but had a Regent logo
  7. Sorry about your trip to Israel. But December cruise sounds wonderful. cheers! Celebrating our 60 anniversary, my 80 and John 81 birthday on our cruise. ....... Diana and John
  8. When is your next cruise. We are so excited about our Arctic cruise. Only four more weeks.
  9. We got a crystal bowl from Regent that came in infamous “blue box”!
  10. Right now a Viking ship is being evacuated off the coast of Norway. Really scary!
  11. Will have to try them. Will be on the navigator in June.
  12. We took Regent’s money for airline. Then flew emeritus airline. We flew out of Dallas. Wonderful flight.
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