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  1. Celebrity will not redeem any casino chips by mail. Sorry! Call the Blue Chip Club and ask about redemption on the Edge, but don’t be surprised if they say no. You can always save them as an excuse to book another cruise on the Equinox. It’ll be like a $50 discount!
  2. You can also be waitlisted for the same room in case it becomes available due to cancellation. Ask whoever did your booking to get you on the list. I’ve done B2Bs where I received notice very close to the sailings that I could stay in the first cabin. But changing rooms has never been a problem. On change day, you can get off pretty early and do some sightseeing and get back in time for your 2nd muster drill. Very easy to get back on with no hassles.
  3. Yes there is a daily. But you might also check the Events board posted. If anything gets added, it would be hand written there. Every ship sets it up in a different area. Check at GR.
  4. Would going to the Events Coordinator help get some activities for singles?
  5. I’d love to try the E class but only if it was “free”. I know I’d miss a true balcony. The Ms are great for itineraries and the Ss are my preference for the Caribbean. As much as I loved the Mercury and the Century, their level of service at Xs price is long gone. Time marches on!
  6. I just got bumped off of a cruise on the Equinox within 8 months. X offered 3 other cruises to keep the price and the already booked perks. They gave me 10 days to decide if I wanted to rebook. I did and got extra OBC because of the current sale. Not a bad deal. Where I lost was on my airfare. X will cover the change fees but not the increased actual cost of the ticket. I’ll just end up eating that. This is the first time this has happened to me with X. I wish they would limit their charters to at least a year out. But I agree it’s better to do a whole ship charter than extra large charter groups mixed with regular passengers.
  7. Just a reminder that you will have to attend the second muster drill, so if you leave the ship, you should get back in time for that. Do not forget to use up any OBC from the first leg as you cannot use it on the second leg. Love B2Bs.
  8. Loved our stay at the Jazz. Top of the Ramblas, walking distance to lots of restaurants and the HOHO bus stop. Good shopping at the H & M down the street. It has a nice restaurant, but we never used it. Check it out!
  9. I’ve never had a problem getting a special item when the breakfast was plated. I like the almond croissants and the servers would just bring them whenever we sat down. The last day they would get a nice tip for the extra attention. Agree this was a great relaxing way to start the day. Just remember there’s no food served that is served warm. Our big choice in the morning was “hot or cold”. If we wanted hot, we went to the MDR.
  10. This is something you should discuss with BCC, both on discount and how their point systems work.
  11. I am also Amethyst and you are not understanding the difference between tier points and free play points. At this level you do not qualify for a free cruise yearly, just a percentage off of the price of a cruise. It says “annual cruise benefit “, not free cruise. You might be offered a free room on an individual cruise, but that is not necessarily yearly. Very random. I suggest you call BCC directly to get a better understanding of your perks.
  12. Came off Infinity on February 14, made a 9:45am flight with plenty of time, but we did not check any bags, just used carry on for the 5 night cruise. Also we did not have to go thru Immigration having done that the day before in Key West. Those two factors really helped our timing. Keep that in mind. Happy sailing!
  13. Thanks Philamyc for the postings. Getting on the Infinity this Saturday. Interesting that Select dining is on Deck 4-I guess the amount of guests now require the larger space. I’m wondering if the MDR is open for breakfast. Breakfast is not listed on the daily listing. Hope our cabins are in good shape! Haven’t been on the Infinity in 2 years and it’s been a lot longer since I’ve taken this short of a cruise. Just getting really excited to cruise again.
  14. We’ve done two but not in Mexico. One in Puerto Rico (before hurricane) was not good. It turned into a rum factory tour, special dinner was so so and everyone got a 50% refund. Our St. Maarten one was fabulous with great stops and a wonderful French lunch as well as a perfect custom dinner on board ship. Also pre hurricane. Im not sure I’d do one in Mexico, based on Mayan foods?? Or is it also a Mayan ruins tour? That might be interesting if you’ve never been. Be prepared for cancellations because they are so expensive and sometimes they do not get enough interest. Good luck and happy eating!
  15. The OV rooms forward are our favorite OV cabins! We’ve been in all 4 of them on various trips. None of them have beds blocking the view. The two at the center, 7000 & 7001 are very large and rectangular, while the next ones are very long with lots of space. The biggest draw back to them is you cannot go from one side of the ship to the other through that hallway; only for crew. And being so far forward you do walk a long way to get to anything on the ship. FYI you do have to keep your curtains closed at night to help the bridge, just above, keep their night vision. We never had a problem with this. I would book book these OV again in a minute.
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