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  1. Do you folks think my May 3 Med Cruise will be cancelled soon? Either way I’m not going but hoping for the option of a refund vs. FCC Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. This is what o'Hare looks like right now. I'd wait a bit. This looks like a good place to catch the virus: https://twitter.com/BrookeGMcDonald/status/1238986272137502720
  3. I'm sure you're good. Shouldn't have to fight with the cc company 🙂
  4. I just got an email from our airline Norwegian Airlines which is a low budget airline to say our April 29 flight is cancelled and to submit for a refund. When are you due to fly?
  5. LOL! Ridiculous. If you expanded your news sources instead of reading ones put out by companies owned by the likes of Tim Cook and Al Gore you might find some truth. The UK was excluded because they were the only country in Europe who were taking precautions ahead of time and until a day or two ago had very few cases which is why Trump said yesterday that he will likely be including them in the ban as well. Who is traveling to stay in resorts now anyway?
  6. Still haven't cancelled our May 3 Med cruise either. Holding out for them to cancel so I can get a cash refund.
  7. Have you checked the insurance through your credit card company. I'm in the same boat with my flights to Barcelona but the World Mastercard I used didn't have a pandemic exclusion in their policy so they will pay if I can get a note from my Dr. saying I'm not recommended to travel
  8. We have a flight to Spain on April 29 and Med cruise beginning May3. If they extend the ban we can't get back and I don't want to be on vacation stressing every time someone clears their throat. The fact I'm in the medical field and most of my patients are seniors, it would be irresponsible of me to go. Going to cancel my long awaited much deserved Euro trip.
  9. Brexit favoritism? But the UK only has 460 confirmed cases and both Spain and France approaching 2300 Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Our company just cancelled a 12 person training for tomorrow to stream online instead.
  11. We're booked for an NCL cruise out of Barcelona with 3 Italian ports, 2 French and 1 other Spanish. Due to fly into Barcelona on April 29. At the rate Spain is blowing up with new cases, it's not looking good for us. This whole situation is so disappointing for all of us looking forward to a vacation.
  12. Wait until 3/11 or 3/12 when the cancellation policy comes into effect.
  13. Are you on the Epic out of Barcelona? What are you planning to do? Since we have up until 48 hours to cancel I think I'm going to wait it out and see what happens. Was most looking forward to the Italian ports and from what I read earlier a passenger on Regent scheduled to embark on May 9 has already had her itinerary changed. No longer going to Italy. Wonder if NCL will follow suit. Since Barcelona is currently not high risk, I doubt we will get a refund on airfare so if they cancel the cruise maybe we will still go to Barcelona and some other places. What a bummer this all is.
  14. I have to say I'm thrilled with the outcome. We are due to sail on May 3 so given I can cancel up to 48 hours before embarkation I'm in no hurry to cancel anymore. For all I know this could be resolved by then. I still have the issue of non-refundable airline tickets and 3 nights prepaid hotel in Barcelona, and the fact that we are so looking forward to this I hope I don't need to cancel.
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