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  1. We have been in PHA 917 with a deep balcony, which we definitely made good use of for breakfast and evening drinks. We loved everything about the suite (and the cruise).
  2. The formal nights are indicated with a bow tie in the My Silversea activity planner. Here is an example (Tue 29 Jun) from the second Moon Greece cruise. On this cruise, there is only one formal night.
  3. Yes, this 'event' was definitely very disappointing 😏
  4. Hello The modified Moon itinerary following the cancellation of Israel has created a bit of mess in the My Silversea excursion planner. On the second sea day and while in Rhodes, excursions are offered in Israel, and Agios Nikolaos shows excursions in Rhodes etc. When can we expect the excursions to be updated? Will excursions already booked automatically be transferred to the day according to the new itinerary, or do we need to rebook all excursions?
  5. I have just been informed that Israel has been removed from our cruise departing on June 28th, and the itinerary is now very different. I was looking forward to visiting Israel for the first time, but staying safe is obviously the highest priority. The excursions still haven't been updated in My Silversea. * * * * * * * * * * Dear Esteemed Guest, We are contacting you with important information regarding your upcoming voyage aboard our beloved Silver Moon. Due to the escalating unrest in Israel and the region, we have cancelle
  6. According to the web site, the timing is as follows: “Included Shore Excursion Programme” On all voyages of Silver Muse., Silver Moon, Silver Dawn, Silver Spirit, Silver Whisper and Silver Shadow, a selection of shore excursions, will be offered on a complimentary basis (within the limit of one per guest/port/day), depending on availability and starting from this sailing date: Shadow > 24-May-22 Whisper > 22-May-22 Spirit > 31-Mar-22 Muse > 19-May-22 Moon > 30-Mar-22 Dawn > 1-Apr-22
  7. In the My Silversea activity planner, formal nights are supposed to be indicated with a bow tie icon. However, I don't see a bow tie anywhere during this cruise, so I wonder if they have decided against formal nights.
  8. In this tour programme all the excursions start at 10 am (a few at 2pm) and last at least 4 hours (many up to 8 hours), so it is technically impossible to do more than one excursion per day.
  9. With regard to the upcoming Moon Greece cruises, only private car excursions come with a price tag (USD 400 -1,000). All other excursions are free. As shown below, people must pay if they want more than one excursion per day, which wouldn't even be possible on the Moon Greece cruises due to the timing/duration of the excursions. This is what is mentioned in MySilversea: SHORE EXCURSIONS PROGRAMME On all Classic Cruises of Silver Muse, Silver Moon, Silver Dawn, Silver Spirit, Silver Whisper and Silver Shadow, selected shore excursions (one per guest/port/day
  10. In totality, thanks to some early booking and rebooking discounts
  11. Just booked the 10-day Moon cruise departing on June 28. Dinners, massages and excursions are booked, so ready to go 😃 Excursions are included in the package. No excursions currently offered in Ashdod (Jerusalem), but I assume they haven't been finalised yet. Surprisingly, this 10-day cruise ended up being only marginally more expensive than our cancelled 7-day Moon cruise, which was supposed to depart on June 14.
  12. Excursions are included in the new Silver Moon Greece cruises
  13. The "rule book" is on the SS web site. On these 10-day cruises there will be 2 formal nights, 5 informal and 3 casual nights. You can escape the formal nights by dining in La Terrazza. Due to this silly dress code policy, we have so far chosen Regent over Silversea. However, we are so eager to start cruising again that we now happily will comply with SS dress code. * * * * * * * * Clothing Suggestions – Shipboard Attire Shipboard attire ranges from casual to formal. Casual wear is appropriate for daytime aboard ship or ashore and consist
  14. Do you happen to have the other dates as well? I initially thought they would repeat this itinerary continuously throughout the summer. However, that doesn't really add up. If they start this 20-day itinerary on June 18, it would end on July 8, and then there are only 10 days left until July 18.
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