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  1. Oh Walden Farms is good stuff. I use their pasta sauces too with my carba-nada pasta.
  2. Oh how wonderful and thoughtful of you to post these! Sailing on HOTS in Sept.
  3. We only go on September cruises. Been that way for 14 years. Never once have we had a problem. Well except one time on NCL, but I wont talk about that here! LOL
  4. St. Martin/St. Maarten is known for their Guava berry Rum. There's a shop within walking distance from the port where you can purchase it. All different flavors and such. Can also buy cakes soaked in it. IMO, Tortuga Rum is overplayed. You don't even have to travel to buy it. Not the case for Guava Berry rum. You can only purchase it there. I don't even know if it's available on the other islands like most of the alcohol.
  5. Aperol Spritzers are a good drink as well!
  6. Seems NCL gets all the solo male travelers...lol. Maybe I need to switch cruise lines.
  7. Sure if you want to think that. I think anyone with a brain would infer that I just don't like wasting food, but per the usual Cruise Critic, there's always a thorn amongst the roses. 🙄🙄 P.S. - It's people like you that ruin Cruise Critic.
  8. I had RNY in 2012. I only order what I will absolutely eat in that seating. I will also tell them to omit the starches. I don't like wasting food; too many starving people in the world. I've sailed multiple times on several different lines and I've never once had an issue. They just want you to be happy.
  9. I too am curious about this. I'm not a first time cruiser either, but am using a TA for the first time. I don't see where using a TA has any benefits so far. The deposit is the same price, no extra anything. I'd love to know some other people's experiences with a TA!
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