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  1. TSUmom

    Customs at FCO

    We are flying business also so that may help. I am thinking maybe scheduling pick up about 1 1/2 hours after arrival....
  2. TSUmom

    Customs at FCO

    Thank you for your quick response....our flight arrives at 7 am so hopefully we will be the crowds.....
  3. TSUmom

    Customs at FCO

    We are wanting to schedule transportation from the airport to our hotel. Can anyone give me an idea (estimate) of the time it will take from landing to get out luggage and clear customs?
  4. I opted for the Everglades tour and airport drop off....We enjoyed it more than we would have a tour around Miami.
  5. TSUmom

    Stuck in the fog..what happens

    You say never Norwegian again....I had a similar experience - the port of Galveston on Carnival so it is not only Norwegian.
  6. TSUmom

    Harvest caye changing January 1st

    I will be following to see what changes are made
  7. After reading these posts I thought I would look at my upcoming cruises. My Med cruise for next Oct does not have my cabin # which is (was) a B1....nothing listed now. My other 2 cruises for 2020 show OX instead of a cabin.
  8. TSUmom

    From port to Rome

    We have used Rome Cabs for transfer from ship to our hotel. We will be using them again next year but this time we are adding a Roman Countryside tour on our way to or hotel.
  9. TSUmom

    FCO thru LHR then to DFW???

    I can sleep on a plane in coach LOL....my DH on the other hand will not sleep so he will fully enjoy the service.
  10. TSUmom

    FCO thru LHR then to DFW???

    Thank you all for your help and advice. I did book my flights yesterday and am not too unhappy with what I paid. We are flying direct business class on AA from DFW to Rome and from Rome to LHR we are on BA. We will have just under 3 hours to find our AA connection to DFW (from terminal 5 to terminal 3) and we decided PE for that flight as it will be a daytime flight and no need to try and sleep.
  11. TSUmom

    FCO thru LHR then to DFW???

    The only CLT connection I saw today was on a flight with multiple stops and layovers. I booked the FCO-LHR-DFW with nearly 3 hours in LHR, I hope that is enough time.....
  12. TSUmom

    FCO thru LHR then to DFW???

    Correct - I have been watching for weeks. Today I can book and I am considering Business from DFW to FCO and Premium back home. The only flights showing this morning are FCO to LHR with nearly a 3 hour layover and then on to DFW. That is why I asked in my opening post about LHR. I was hoping for a direct flight to DFW or at least CLT as I have seen those flights offered in my "stalking" airfares these past few weeks.
  13. TSUmom

    FCO thru LHR then to DFW???

    Thank you!
  14. TSUmom

    FCO thru LHR then to DFW???

    Once again thank You!!! I will take your advice and wait.
  15. TSUmom

    FCO thru LHR then to DFW???

    Tomorrow will be the release date of our return flight Nov 8th, 2019. Thank you for your help and I am hoping they add a few more returning flights tomorrow..I also cant believe the prices, cheaper to fly business class then Premium economy?