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  1. Are you assuming that the CC will refund after a company has filed for bankruptcy Or do you know for a fact they will? If a company files for bankruptcy the chances of the CC recovering the payments on behalf of their customer is slim and if the amount is large are they legally obligated to still credit your account? Just curious.
  2. I am in the US and we just saved over $6000 on our 11/12 and 11/21 B2B that we originally booked last January. It is a B1 cabin and Now less than $700 per day.
  3. I disagree that “positive nellys” are not pragmatic or that things most likely will not improve by October. It is all just speculation. Whether you are an optimist or pessimist or pragmatic there is nothing wrong with being enthusiastic And positive about future plans as long as you fully understand the risks involved and recognize that not everything goes the way you planned or hoped but that you have contingent plans.
  4. Recent posts have gotten off topic. I was hoping to learn more about captain Johannes and not more gripes about Azamara. I can tell you from first hand experience that Azamara refunded me in less than 30 days for a cruise I cancelled so no complaints with AZ. Crystal and Seabourn are going on 90 plus days with no refund or communication. When you are in survival mode With your nose just above water, you do what you have to do to survive even if you recognize you will loose customers because of it. The execs are well aware of the dissatisfaction but are in a catch 22 and are having to make very difficult decisions in a no win situation that nobody could have predicted.
  5. My final payment date was extended to mid September so if I receive refund due mid July (90 days) and they are still in business by mid September, odds have improved that they will Survive, assuming they really start sailing in November. I know it is only Speculation but it is a risk I am willing to take. IMHO.
  6. IMHO Crystal execs clearly understand the frustration that their customers are experiencing and the harm it is doing to their reputation, so my take is that they have no choice when you are drowning and trying to keep your nose above water, you will do what you have to do to survive. They are in survival mode and I hope they do Survive but the odds are not in our favor. I am due a large refund prior to final payment on a Nov. cruise so if I receive it I will make final payment. If not I have no choice but to cancel and hope for the best.
  7. I agree. We are booked on B2B on Nov. 12th but if wearing a mask and social distancing is still in effect it will be a deal breaker. We have until mid Sept. before final payment so hopefully it will become clearer on what life on board will be like.
  8. Azamara refunded our deposits For a cruise we cancelled in less than 30 days. Granted it was only $2200 but it was 30 days sooner than originally Promised.
  9. I will hold onto the stock even though I think the stock market is in a bubble with irrational exuberance. Trying to time the market is a losing game. The stock is still 50 % below its 52 week high so long term, still has upside potential and a fun stock to hold for a few hundred shares.
  10. Interesting comments on this thread. For what it is worth, We will cruise Again when the following conditions are met: 1. A highly reliable test is available that returns results within a couple of hours or less and passengers and crew are required to wear masks and social distance until results are negative before being allowed to board. 2. The on board experience on Crystal is as it was before the pandemic. Otherwise the expense and effort is just not worth it. 3. Although it would be nice to be able to disembark and tour new places, not necessary short term due to the risk, unless again testing is conducted before allowing Passengers and crew to re-board. 4. A reasonable medical insurance policy is available that would cover the Covid-19 while cruising. Although it would be nice to have a vaccine, not convinced how fool proof it would be and I would cruise without it if the above conditions were met. Unfortunately we will probably have to cancel our November cruise since I doubt our requirements will be met IMHO.
  11. Just received refund for the September cruise we cancelled on 4/15. Just under 30 days. As previously posted we received refund for August cruise we cancelled on 4/15 after only 8 days. We deal with a large TA so not sure if that makes a difference? Refund was from Azamara credited to our credit card used at booking.
  12. As I indicated in my post, I do not know why they did not charge the cancellation fee. I am only guessing that since they were allowing all cruises departing prior to 9/1/20 to be able to move the final payment date out 30 days, which we did before deciding to cancel it, so it must have qualified under their new temporary cancellation policy. Does not apply to cruises departing on or after 9/1/20.
  13. We buy trip medical coverage only from Allianz and they are allowing us to use the cost we paid for two cancelled policies with them on future travel up to 770 days from date of purchasing the policies. Not as good as a cash refund but hopefully will be converted next year or I may convert it to an annual policy. I do not believe in buying trip cancellation insurance because it is highly profitable for the insurance companies. You should only buy insurance to cover unknowable or catastrophic events that could devastate your savings or retirement. The money I have saved over the last many years has more than paid for the occasional out of pocket expense. As I have said before, but many disagree, is that once you have paid for the cruise and you cancel after final payment you really did not lose any money, you only lost what it should have provided you which is an enjoyable cruise. IMHO.
  14. Because the first leg of our B2B was 8/29 and second leg started 9/10. AZ are allowing an additional 30 days for final payment for cruises that start before 9/1 so I am assuming it also qualified for the no fee cancellation. Not expecting it for the 9/10 cancelled cruise.
  15. The deposit was for $550 pp for total of $1100 which we received without the normal $75 pp cancellation fee being subtracted which was a nice surprise 8 days after cancelling. We also cancelled on the same day the connected cruise departing Sept. 10 but still waiting on that refund.
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