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  1. You need to call to dispute charges more than 60 days past due. I paid a large deposit last Jan. On Visa then cruise was cancelled in Aug. then I waited 90 days to dispute in Nov. and was given provisional credit within 48 hours and received notification that provisional credit was made permanent last week. I also had a deposit denied by Chase Saphire Visa but when I called and supplied proof it was reversed within days so you need to elevate any denied charges when services you paid for were not provided.
  2. Why would I not cruise again with Crystal if They are Actually still in business and cruising next year AND they receive very favorable reviews as to the quality of the experience. I do not expect that to happen until very late next year or 2022 but if it does we will be booking. The refund issue will be a distant inconvenience if they survive and you did not lose any money only waited a Frustratingly long time.
  3. I apologize for offending anyone and I did not mean to start a firestorm. I prefaced comments with IMHO. You can agree or not agree with my comments but to be highly offended by my comments was very surprising. Enough said. I stand by my previous post.
  4. I fully agree with Keith’s assessment on cruising again with Crustal. So far no one has actually lost their money only experiencing lengthy delays. I am not excusing Crystal For the poor refund situation but to say you will never cruise on Crystal because of the delay in refunds is Certainly your right but in MHO very premature and short sighted. Those that are stressed because of not receiving their refunds in a timely manor should probably not have booked a luxury cruise In the first place if they cannot afford to wait to eventually get their money back. Money already paid is a sunk
  5. I paid with Visa and filed a dispute 90 days after cancelling and Visa accepted my dispute Without question and the next day gave me a provisional credit while they investigated. Finally received credit from Crystal at day 125 and provisional credit was reversed with a nice letter received from Visa explaining the resolution. Visa explaining the resolution.
  6. Interesting. I checked this Morning and no mention of 90 day window or I missed it. Thanks. It is not that I did not believe you, I just found it hard to believe but I now see Crystal is offering a 90 day window for deposit. Unfortunately that means deposit due in Nov. or Dec. before they start cruising if still in business but at least it removes any risk for 90 days although for us we will not give them any more money until they actually start sailing and have positive reviews. I really hope they do survive but not willing to bet any money on it especially since insurance comp
  7. Do you know for a fact you can book, select your stateroom but not pay anything? Does not make sense. Why would you not book and take up a spot for free and cancel before money is due when they already offer a generous cancellation policy. Nothing on their website indicates this and in fact they still say they reduced deposit to 15% from their normal 25% for future cruises. I understand Crystal not accepting any prepayments or final payments but still makes no sense to me why they would not take deposits but still let you book.
  8. I am confused with your post. Crystal is currently allowing you to book future cruises and select stateroom and accepting down payments. They have had a policy of allowing you to delay final payment until 60 days prior to departure due to the virus uncertainties and since no cruises are departing until January at the earliest, no final payments would be due until at least Nov. anyway. Not allowing final payment before it is due and not offering a discount to do so makes sense so not much of a change in policy as far as I can see.
  9. Crystal is in deep financial trouble and not sure it will survive much longer. Most refunds are taking between 135 and 150 days! Love Crystal but would not give them any money until after they start cruising If they ever do.
  10. Not aware That the admin fee was ever 25%. The cancellation fee may have been 25% plus admin. Did you request a full refund or FCC? When was your cruise to sail that you cancelled that Crystal did not? We can agree to disagree with who is confusing who. I am well aware of their current policies. All I know is that we cancelled a cruise still scheduled to sail in late 2021 that we booked in January and decided to cancel in April and was made aware of the cancellation policy and fees at time of cancellatIon so for our situation the admin fee policy had not changed.
  11. Yes it was a 24 day B2B and admin charge did not change From when we booked. What was the admin charge when you booked? Did it really change? Why does it matter? We are not contesting the charge which we accepted when we booked.
  12. It is an ocean cruise. Unless Crystal cancels the cruise the admin fee is what was on your contract on the date you booked it. We booked in January but T&C changed for new bookings starting in March or April.
  13. Yes. We cancelled it and we originally booked it in January so the admin fee was made clear to us at time of booking. They waive it if they cancel the cruise and the $100 pp admin fee was for recently booked cruises not cancelled by Crystal.
  14. Refund update. Cancelled 2021 cruise on 4/14 with down payment of $8000. After 93 days I filed dispute with credit card. On day 125 received $7000 credit and $1000 FCC From Crystal which I understood the $500 pp admin charge would be given as a FCC. Since they paid 32 days after filing dispute, I assume they were motivated to pay sooner than if I had not filed a dispute. If they are still in business next year ( less than 50% probability ) and after they complete several sailings with good reviews ( assumption being they did not reduce level and quality of service ) we will book with
  15. He said he has no idea how effective a New vaccine will be but felt 70% would be a good outcome but even 50 to 60% would Be acceptable and receive FDA approval.
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