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  1. My wife and I live in a small community. So "Formal Nights" are our opportunity to dress up. I wish they would get rid of the word Formal. I prefer the word dapper, hence my user name. For instance on the formal night I might wear black shoes, gray dress slacks, a black belt, black dress shirt, a gray bow tie, and a cream jacket. Not exactly black tie, but I really feel quite dapper. To those who continue insist that black tie is the only way to go, I say, stuff it. The only person that matters when deciding what to wear on Formal Nght is you. Wear what makes you feel dapper, dare I say. Ron L
  2. Dare I say, do it yourself next time. You book your cruise first then figure out how many days you want to spend pre-cruise and post-cruise, then book your flights. Then get any medical coverage you require. You will be sent all confirmations via e-mail. No third party involved and you what has been done and what has not been done. And, everything can be budgeted accordingly. Ron L
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