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  1. In the CDC color chart for cruise lines, what do the terms "Restricted" and "Crew Only (approved under restricted)" mean under Current Voyage Type?
  2. From their live chat: "We are currently having issues logging in to My Princess Account and/or Cruise Personalizer as we are doing a maintenance on the system. Please try to access your booking/account at a later time today. Apologies for the inconvenience this matter has caused you."
  3. Just got back from a river cruise in Central Europe and our pax load was 65 out of 170 max capacity. It was great!
  4. Yeah, I had already seen those articles. I was hoping someone with more dedication than I have would have seen informal, onboard reports by pax aboard various ships re. their unofficial and informal knowledge about onboard infections. Thanks for the effort otherwise.
  5. Does anyone who tracks this info have any idea of the number of positive Covid cases known to have emerged aboard PCL ships since the AK cruises began? Also, are PCL ships sailing with reduced pax capacity?
  6. And get rid of the baseball caps worn backward at dinner in any of the dining venues.
  7. Don't know about your specific situation or where you saw the testing requirement info, but I have found that the timing of the test prior to departure (or arrival) has been changing from one based on "hours" (i.e., 48- or 72-hrs) to one based on "days" (2- or 3-days), so as to allow more flexibility and not hamstring people to a specific time of the day when everything has to jell. If a flight is delayed, any timing based on "hours" can be blown out of the water by some tight-ass border control agent who might refuse entry even by an hour's delay (49 hrs), through no fault of your own. Airlines and cruise lines have realized the "hourly" requirement, relative to one based on "days," is too stringent and even arbitrary. Double check your source and seek other sources as well to make sure the requirement is actually tied to "days" and not "hours." Just returned from 2 river cruises and a week stay in Europe and found all this out by repeated probes and searches into this matter. And don't forget, the day you take the test is day 0, so that a Saturday departure (or arrival) means a "2 day" requirement allows testing to be done the Thurs or Fri before.
  8. LOL! OK, I give up. Though I've only had about 20 cruises since 1974, I have never thought "Geez, I wish these cabins came with hooks on the walls." Therefore, I've never given the need for hooks any thought at all. So, what is the purpose for hooks on walls that would cause some people to not leave home without them or even buy them specifically for the trip? Do they even sell them aboard ships' stores (I never looked)?
  9. I still hold our 2 Baltics as "the standard" against which to compare all other cruises. But, then, I prefer "history" over other considerations.
  10. I always go thru the air carrier's website for seats. Just find their corresponding booking number listed on the PCL travel summary, pull up my reservation, then "seats" or "change seats" or whatever leads to the seat assignments screen, and either select the seats (if not selected by PCL) or change them to ones more suitable (if already selected by PCL). Just have to have the proper booking number, especially with code share and when connecting with international carriers. Never had a problem, even back in the day when this had to be done by phone.
  11. Oh boy, and here I thought the new normal was being fully vaccinated and increasingly undergoing more testing in order to safely engage in more social activities, and those that were afraid of vaccines and testing protocols would just stay home...
  12. "Unvaccinated guests will be required to wear a face mask at all times while indoors, in accordance with health authority requirements." Is this the only requirement, then, for unvaxx'd guests? No additional testing during cruise or being limited to some areas of the ship, as was the case with other cruise lines a few weeks ago?
  13. I, too, am a presbyterian and had no problems with specificity.
  14. Exactly how mine worked on the Danube, except I was the sole pax who did not get my results emailed to me (input entry error on labs' part) so CD printed out a paper copy of my results from her records for me to use at airport.
  15. I got back a week ago from an Avalon cruise. We spent 2 days pre-cruise and flew back to the US on day of disembarkation (Monday Aug 30). The tests were all administered the morning of the day before disembarkation (Sunday Aug 29) so that it covered anyone who stayed 2 days post-cruise, through end of day Wednesday (Sep 1). And yes, Avalon paid for the test.
  16. Changes regarding countries outside the EU As of 4 September 0:01 am the United States, Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia will be designated **very high-risk areas.** This means the EU entry ban will apply to these countries. People travelling from these countries will only be able enter the Netherlands if they are fully vaccinated or fall under one of the exemption categories for the EU entry ban. They are also required to quarantine for 10 days on arrival as of 4 september 9:00 am. As of 6 September, they must also show a negative test result. Proof of recovery or vaccination will no longer be sufficient.
  17. Right now, anyone flying internationally from the US cannot do an online check in and retrieve their boarding pass from home. You can get a "confirmation" of having checked in but not a digital or printed boarding pass. You'll need to go to the airline counter at the originating airport and present the documents necessary to enter your first international destination, which is most likely your vax certificate, health questionnaires that may be required, and proof of negative PCR test (if needed). Only then will you get the airline counter's card paper boarding pass that will note "all documents shown" or some other such wording.
  18. I would wait onsite. Personal experience: Just returned on 8/30 from a river cruise in Central Europe and had a Rapid PCR test (not Antigen) done onboard at about 9:30AM on the morning before disembarkation. Test paid for and administered by the cruise line. By 12PM my wife had received her results via email. I didn't. I waited further and decided to check with the cruise director later in the afternoon if every pax had received their results. She told me all 65 pax had received theirs. When I told her I had not, she verified my email (it was correct) and surmised the lab made an entry error with my email address. So, she pulled out and gave me a paper copy of my results she had from all the pax records, which fortunately she kept as a backup and record for the cruise line. Had I not checked on the delay and disembarked the next day, I would have been stuck without a test to come home with. So, if you can wait, then wait to make sure.
  19. Also, the EU just relabeled the US from a low-risk to high-risk nation, so some of these changes in Covid requirements is probably having a trickle effect on other cruises that cater to US citizens,
  20. I kind of look at cruise lines as I do airlines: Book whichever offers a reasonably priced cabin class or suite, on whatever itinerary, or time of the year, amenities, schedule, etc. While I am a member of varying levels with many loyalty or reward programs, I don't let that get in the way of choosing a cruise line. I guess I don't have any "real" loyalty to any ocean or air carrier, which is OK for me.
  21. Yes, because if the CDC ends guidance on 10/31, and cruise lines follow suit on same date, they can thereafter act on their own and set their own minimum standards.
  22. The reason for changing the wording from 72 hrs to 3 days (since both reflect the same time period) is because "3 days" is more flexible for the person being tested than trying to stick within the "72 hrs" time frame. If the cruise departs at 4pm on a Sat, "3 days" before means you can test anytime on Wed (3 days before) and not worry about what time the test is administered. If embarking at 4pm on a Sat, then testing at 10am on Wed is OK under the "3 day" rule but would be 78 hrs before embarkation, thus violating the "72 hr" rule.
  23. Yeah, as I recall the NH is just about across the street from Liszt. It's a chain of Spanish hotels. The Moxy (Marriott) is 2 blocks further down along the same street. Lots of office buildings and parking lots in that area, as I recall. Thanks!
  24. Thanks for all the information and helpful tips! Glad you enjoyed your cruise. Always nice to have someone go out ahead on the field and "test for mines."
  25. There are changes galore coming out of Hungary. Reading the 8/8/2021 update by the Hungarian Police Border Control Section, it now appears that, yes, non-Hungarian citizens are allowed to 'transit' thru Hungary if they "get on that stage and leave town" within 24 hours. But, there's a stated requirement, somewhat vague, that says: << "A non-Hungarian citizen arriving from abroad may enter the territory of Hungary for the purpose of transit, if he/she is subjected to a medical examination at the time of entry and the medical examination does not establish the suspicion of infection." >> Leaving the "medical examination" undefined may be sufficient so that a temperature check and filling out a health declaration from on arrival at Liszt may be all one needs to satisfy that requirement. Since I'm on a 2-day pre-cruise in Budapest, we've been re-routed to arrive in Vienna, instead of flying direct to BUD, and then transferring to BUD on a bus, a 2 and 1/2 hour ride. When entering Hungary by land, there are no border checks, nor any Covid restrictions, or any prohibitions to entering the country for any nationality.
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