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  1. We had it in Galveston, didn't check our passports and didn't need to speak to anyone in customs.
  2. What is anyone's experience booking a cruise while on board?
  3. Yes, same thing with me. I received a 2nd email an hour ago with the correction.
  4. Thanks, I was sad because I leave on the Dream on Saturday, so I thought it was in ref to that cruise!
  5. Just received an email that My Dream Cruise In January is canceled for schedule maintenance, which is whatever, but I'm on the Glory our of Nola...Do you think they meant Glory or was the Dream moving to Nola in January? It's already been removed from my booking.
  6. I board her next Saturday, so would love your thoughts!
  7. I thought that was a silly question but wanted to check! Thanks
  8. Can it be smaller than a 12 pack and less than 12 ounce cans?
  9. Just booked mine for the Dream 9/25 cruise.
  10. I like red, friend likes white, would they let us each buy a bottle at 50% off the first night?
  11. Dream 2019 Chef's table started with a glass of champagne and then red/white wine throughout the meal. My glass was never empty.
  12. Cruising in 15 days, called on Wednesday, they couldn't do anything with our changing my promotion, which I would have lost a chunk of the OBC. =/
  13. I've had Shwartz a couple times, I liked him! Great energy
  14. Have they announced who will be the CD on the Dream next month?
  15. Sailing to Bahamas on the Dream at the end of September, already have 4 sea days with the removal of Key West, so who knows what will happen?
  16. see if CVS is doing rapid tests. I had one done recently, they called me in 2 hours with the results.
  17. So...back on topic. This CASINO! WOW!
  18. I agree!! Just booked her for Sept 2022! JH convinced me with all his videos!
  19. Fingers crossed they work with you! Please let us know what they say! What's the hold time?
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