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  1. I agree! I was actually pretty happy to see this poll as it was my first time to bid and I was wondering just how many poor offers were accepted! :D:D
  2. I have only sailed on Norwegian once with another one scheduled in October. We did not like the free food on Norwegian. We were grateful that we had chosen the specialty food package. We really enjoyed Modernos and Teppanyaki. Cagneys was good too.
  3. THIS! We did not care for the food on NCL in the main dining room or the buffet either! And I also do not like making reservations and paying extra for the specialty dining but its the only good food there IMO. That being said I am still booked on NCL in October. LOL
  4. On Elegant night there will be photo sessions set up throughout the ship with many different backdrops. My one souvenir that I bring back every cruise is a family picture of us on Elegant night. Just something to think about in case your interested. :DYou are going to have a great time! The one in my avatar was our very first cruise. The little boy in this picture is 23 now and still loves to cruise!
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