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  1. Is there a list published anywhere of those lines that do not allow animals on board or do we have to work our way through the T & Cs of each line to find that out?
  2. We're doing Athens to Triste in June so if there is anything in particular that you want to know, I'll be happy to check it out for you.
  3. Thanks. We're boarding tomorrow morning so I'll report back here afterwards. This is just a one night taster for us and an opportunity to check Zenith out carefully. The sister ship Horizon, is operating the new Israel, Egypt, Greece and Turkey itinerary on 2020 and that really appeals to us.
  4. @MobyandDick Where did you board that you described as "hectic"? We're boarding in Lisbon and hoping for a smoother process there.
  5. For the benefit of anyone visiting this topic in the future, here is the answer as at April 2019. On a 7 night cruise they block 200 €/USD depending on the location of the cruise. On a one night cruise they do not block anything.
  6. Hi coachlover. I don't think you should expect too much from Pullmantur as they seem to me to be a lot more basic than the larger lines. I have friends traveling on Zenith this week and on Friday we will be taking a one night cruise on Zenith from Lisbon to Vigo in Spain. I'll have a much better idea of the Pullmantur experience after that and will come back here to update you when we return. I'll try to get photos of bar and restaurant menus along with a daily sheet if they publish one.
  7. Hi Francot. Trains are always a good option in Italy. To get to Venice Mestre Station from the airport you will need to take a bus or taxi. Fares vary according to the class of travel and type of train. On average the total journey time from the airport, via Venice to Trieste is around 2 hrs 30. There is a quicker and cheaper alternative by direct express coach from the airport to Trieste. Take a look at Flixbus here. Fares range from €5 to €23 depending on demand. The earlier you book, the cheaper the fares. There is another company with one service a day at 5.45 pm with fares starting from €9.99. Again, book early for the chest fares. You can find them here. Flixbus takes around 2 hours and Buscenter takes 2 hrs 25.
  8. When we register a credit card at checkin/onboard how much do they block. We are only doing a one night cruise, so do you think it would be any less? I've tried emailing but of course there is no answer forthcoming! TIA
  9. Yup! Been caught in that myself though only ankle deep and that was in the spring. They say it's down to rising water levels and the city is slowly sinking. As you say, technically not a monsoon which, according to the Cambridge dictionary is, "the season of heavy rain during the summer in hot Asian countries."
  10. You're clearly very experienced travellers evanbob, but are you sure you even have the right continent here? I know that climate warning is making a mess of the weather, but I'm not aware of a monsoon season anywhere in Europe let alone Venice. Better warn those pesky Venetians to get the duck boards out!
  11. Weren't they able to move the cameras too then?
  12. The time is now 7.05 yet they say it will start in 55 minutes. So 7pm where? Certainly not Southampton!
  13. Wow! And thanks for that. Who would ever think that we should notify hereditary conditions. Now I have to rethink my declarations.
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