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  1. I've been amused reading all the comments here about boarding. Let me first say I am elite on Princess and elite on Celebrity. I was on the 17th of July Celebrity Edge out of FLL It was a total disaster. They also attempted to assign particular check in times. (In all fairness cruise lines are looking on ways to lessen the crowds in the terminals on embarkation day.) There was no longer any preferred check in times for any higher tiered passengers although suite guests did have a separate line and were taken in between other passengers. They tried their best to divide the boarding times into separate lines but as we all know some people believe rules are not meant for them. It was a mess. Now once you got into the actual terminal (after showing passport, vaccination papers, etc., it was a breeze). It was not an ideal way to start a cruise. We are all in a learning mode regarding this virus so I guess the best thing we can do is realize that all this will soon pass. Just think how much fun we can all have when they open up the window for the booster shots in September. How many do you think will follow the guidelines of waiting the 8 months. My next three cruises are again with Princess in 2022 and hopefully all will be smooth sailing by then. In the meantime, just breath and be thankful to be on a ship again.
  2. As I have an August cruise booked with her, I also would like to know if any interior updating is being planned.
  3. When I renewed my passport in 2015 I updated my GE on line. There was a spot to do this on my account.
  4. When I checked yesterday Celebrity had removed Falkland. Today it is back. I have no idea what is going on. If you are not Elite (they'll have the ability to be in the first group off) be sure to get downstairs early. It will be an extremely popular port and the line will be long to get off the ship.
  5. Talk about a nail in the coffin. The Falkland Islands have announced effective 10/1/2021 all ships carry over 530 passengers will not be allowed to dock. No ending date announced. If you check Celebrity's web site, they have taken this port off the itinerary. It now has three straight sea days to Antarctica. Do I cancel now or wait to see what happens. Air and cruise have been paid in full. This is my third try for this cruise. Decisions, decisions.
  6. Was there a special sticker on your sea pass. How do you get the $50 casino credit.
  7. I am on the 17th sailing. I've had this reservation for over a year so nothing appears on any of my papers about vaccinations. However this afternoon I received a phone call from Celebrity asking me if I would mind telling them if I was vaccinated. I said yes and I was bring my card. He thanked me and wished me a good trip and said goodbye. If I hadn't said I was brining my card I assume he would have told me to bring it.
  8. I'm sorry I used this thread to ask my question but at the time it was the only thread I saw asking about eating venues. I later found a thread on an earlier post that answered my question. Again sorry.
  9. I had to laugh at you citing San Juan. In over 70 cruises, my worst experience in disembarking a ship was in San Juan. To be short, it was a total disaster.
  10. I've been told of the 4 included restaurants 2 are smaller and are quieter and the service is a tad better. I can't tell by the schematics which ones are which. Any help?
  11. I'd be laughing out loud now but I think I will probably here one of these remarks while standing in line.
  12. I'm on the 17th cruise so should be okay as nothing will have been changed by then. Then it's off to Africa and then none of my next 6 cruises originate or end in Florida. It will be February 2023 before my next Florida cruise. Hopefully this insanity will be resolved by then.
  13. My cruise is on the Edge 7/I7. I am elite. My charge for the 7 night upgrade to drinks and more was $52.50. I travel solo. For this I receive $50 in casino play, 2 bottles of wine, mini bar replenished daily and wine tasting. It is a no brainer for me. Someone may have to carry me off the ship or maybe I can just host a party.
  14. Unless Holland America has changed it's system since my last cruise on them, they give additional points for money spent on the ship and pre cruise including excursions.
  15. Has anyone tried this. What was your opinion. It was great on Royal but have never tried it on a Celebrity ship.
  16. Yes, I agree with you. Actually I think it even narrows down to the law of the state they are docked in. Although I live in Texas, it has been several years since I have sailed from here. But it used to be that as Texas has some weird liquor laws (actually several other weird laws) cruise ships could not sell any liquor that was not bought in this state. Consequently in Galveston they could only sell liquor that was bought here until they reached international waters which was several hours away. Drove everyone mad.
  17. Global Entry has always been open the times I have been thru FLL which greatly reduces your wait time at the port.
  18. As I am sure you are aware, Holland America gives you points for ship purchases above cabin cost.
  19. My May TA was cancelled so I used my FCC to book a July Alaskan cruise which was then cancelled. I then moved the FCC over to this cruise. I also paid the remaining cost over last weekend. I will just again book an Alaskan cruise for next year using the original FCC and the 125% from my additional payment. I was more interested in the Edge itself then the islands which I have already been to numerous times. I kind of feel sorry for the Celebrity staff who have to follow this. I think that Celebrity is waiting to the last possible moment to cancel the July sailings in hope the CDC relaxes their requirements. It's also possible they may be looking at another island to home port the ship. We're in a catch twenty two situation with the CDC saying they want cruising to be safe but they cannot know this without letting some ships sail.
  20. I don't think you want to say that to a Regent Seven Seas or Oceania Cruises passenger. They have a very loyal following.
  21. Does anyone know when boarding will start. Cruise will not sail until 10 pm. I will arrive on island at 1:22 pm. I think I need to plan my day. I've been to St Maarten on several different occasions so have seen the usual tourist attractions already.
  22. Is there any place that lists the liquors in the classic and premium packages? I'm debating.
  23. Actually, it says that day not 24 hours. I would anticipate a charge if you come in the day before regardless of the hour. I had an Edge cruise booked the 17th of July with air already paid with a credit on AA from Austin to FLL. As the CDC is lucky I don't have a vote on their board, I have switched to the cruise on the Connie on the 17th. I left my air reservations in tact and just added FLL to Maarten in addition. It's going to cost me more but I will be able to get out of the house and onto a ship eventually! I was wishing to see the Edge but there's always 2023 (as I now have 5 cruises booked in 2022). I did get the cabin and location I wanted. My suggestion to all, book now as these cruises will book fast at an increasing price.
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