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  1. Two reported cases in Florida. Florida has declared a state of emergency?!
  2. Now two cases in Florida! Ugh! Thought sailing out of Florida was still a safe bet, but as this saga continues, it keeps popping up. We still haven’t canceled our upcoming Panama Canal cruise March 18th. I feel as if we should cancel and go another time, but my husband seems to be leaning towards going. We’re sailing with two other family members and I think he feels they would be upset if we cancel. My thought is, we have to make a choice based on our health and peace of mind.
  3. We’re considering canceling our upcoming cruise also. We do have the Cancel for Any Reason through the ship. My concern is one, it’s spreading quickly and two, the ports currently turning cruise ships away. The MSC Meraviglia was not able to dock in Jamaica, Grand Cayman or Cozumel this week due to a crew member being sick and quarantined because of flu symptoms. These ports are taking extra precautions to not risk bringing this virus to their small countries which certainly would be overwhelming to their not very advanced health care. The ship is due back in Miami this Sunday. Wondering if that will be a problem. If Caribbean ports start turning ships away, that’s another thing to consider.
  4. MSC ship has docked in Cozumel but cannot disembark until passengers and crew are all tested and cleared for Corona virus! My thought is how long will that take with 6,000 people to test!! Due back in Miami on Sunday. How will that play out?
  5. Now reading the MSC cruise ship may not be allowed to dock in Cozumel!? Every place it seems, is becoming very cautious about allowing cruise ships to dock.
  6. so we’re two older adults that are scheduled to leave in a couple of weeks for an 11 day Panama Canal cruise. Stops in various ports, which none of those ports so far, have any known outbreaks of this virus. However, my concern, as with many others, is where everyone is traveling from and if they could have been exposed or be a symptomatic. We did take the ships insurance which includes cancel for any reason up to sail date. We’re so undecided. Just wondering what other opinions might be?!! My Physician said, in his opinion, he would not take the risk.
  7. We’re sailing 3/18/20 so soon!! Are there other perks for Signature Suite passengers?
  8. We booked a sunset cruise with Octopus. They have good reviews. Supposed to be a smaller cruise without the really loud blaring music. 😆 We were looking for one that was a bit quieter!
  9. We were offered an upgrade from balcony to signature suite for $349 per person for our 11 day upcoming cruise. Is this a good offer and is it worth the extra money for a signature suite? We haven’t ever upgraded before. Any thoughts or information is appreciated!! Thanks!
  10. Just reading the first case of Coronavirus involving a Westerdam passenger was confirmed by Malaysia today. An 83 year old US citizen. Her and her husband found to have symptoms as soon as they landed at Kuala Lumpur airport. The women tested positive and the man negative. They are under observation in a hospital.
  11. Now that the Westerdam has disembarked it’s passengers, one U.S. citizen is testing positive for the Coronavirus. Thats a little concerning being that no one was sick all the time they were out there floating around and now after they’ve off the ship and gone their ways, someone comes down with this virus! I don’t know but this is making me apprehensive about cruising! Anyone??
  12. I’m not sure how much a taxi is, or how far it is to the Palm Beach area. I don’t think it’s more than 20 minutes? Maybe someone else has better information. Its supposed to be an area of many big hotels/resorts, restaurants and shopping. Assume there would be easy access to taxis.
  13. Just wondering if anyone can tell me if you arrive back in Colon from an early tour, what is the waiting area there like? I understand you can’t go outside the secure area but is there a lot of seating, food, drinks, air conditioning? Shopping? Looks like some shorter excursions can have a long wait for the ship to return. Thanks for any information!
  14. We enjoyed the silent disco on another line. It was so much fun and funny!! Everyone wears headphones and dances and sings to 3 or 4 different DJ’s playing songs. You can switch on the headset to whichever type of music they’re playing. Remove the headphones and its quiet except for people singing. Just fun! Quiet fun!
  15. Does anyone know how much the upgraded drink package is? whats the dollar limit on costs of drinks on the upgraded package? Thank you!!
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