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  1. Our land casinos have opened and everybody is required to wear a mask. There is very little drinking going on as it is difficult to drink while wearing a mask.
  2. Update - The next day I received an email from accounting advising me my refund had been processed. I have been checking my credit card several times a day. This morning I had my credit.
  3. Thank you! I just emailed and immediately had a response. She said 90 days was unacceptable and she will see the refund is processed. I will let you know when it hits my credit card. Thank you, again!
  4. Tomorrow is day 90 for us waiting for our SS refund. Are people actually getting refunds in less than 90 days? Are people actually getting refunds?
  5. There is a long roll call for this cruise with numerous input from people who have previously sailed on a World Cruise. You might want to check there.
  6. Update from another thread. Passengers from California, Arizona, and Nevada have been driven home. Others are still onboard waiting for charter flights home.
  7. They offloaded most of the passengers in Fremantle/Perth. I do not know if this was before or after the stop in Melbourne.
  8. Carnival Corp (Princess, HAL, etc) chartered a flight from FLL to LAX for all Australians (and I assume New Zealanders) on the two HAL ships. Then, the Australian government provided a charter flight from LAX to Sydney. I would assume the same thing will happen with the passengers on the Coral. They are not going to leave people on the ship forever. In the case of the Coral, it appears the Canadians were off before the US citizens. There is no favoritism. It all depends on how and when they can arrange the flights. You could arrange for a charter flight for your parents from MIA to their home. Just provide Carnival with the flight departure time from MIA and they will arrange a private transport from the ship to the plane.
  9. The Port of Gulfport, MS, has allowed three ships in to off load crew. They are bused to the New Orleans airport and sent home. Gulfport is not a cruise port. It is a commercial port. All three ships arrived with no passengers, only crew. I have no idea where they unloaded the passengers. So, the US has taken in some ships that are occupied by crew only.
  10. That article is from 2011. About 5 years ago they decided yellow fever vaccine is good for life.
  11. Just an fyi, Seaborn is competing with SilverSea and Regent, not Azamara and Oceania.
  12. Don't panic. You are safer on that ship than we are in the US. You have someone serving you food and drink and making your bed. We have to be careful going to the grocery store. Shelves are bare. We are eating things we have never eaten before. Restaurants are closed. Enjoy your cruise to Fort Lauderdale. We have two Carnival and one Royal cruise ship docked in Gulfport. They are working on offloading the crew. The US will let you in. Just maybe not where you want to be. You have complete run of the ship. We are confined to our 1200 square foot condo except for trips to the grocery store. I am not complaining. Just trying to let you know what life is like "back home". To me, you have it pretty good. When you get home, you will be quarantined. Not because you might have the virus but because somebody else might.
  13. We cancelled a SS cruise to Japan five weeks ago. Two weeks ago our TA inquired about our refund (14K). They showed he had called to cancel but nobody "processed" the cancellation. Said they would do it that day. We still do not have a credit. They might talk the talk but they do not walk the walk.
  14. You understood correctly. Our career was in selling insurance. We know nothing terrible about the industry. Our personal feeling was if you cannot afford to lose the cost of the trip, you probably should not be taking the trip. Once you take the trip, that money is gone anyway. This refers to cancellation insurance. We do buy international medical insurance and medevac. And, yes, I do know someone who was able to do a name change on a reservation for a fee less than a full cancellation and rebook. I believe cruise lines, tour operators, etc. will work with you if you have a valid reason to cancel other than you just decided not to go. To clarify - Facts - We made our living selling insurance and we do know somebody who did a name change on a World Cruise. Opinion - Don't go if you can't afford to lose the money and tour companies will work with you. Don't make any decisions based on my opinion.
  15. I am not looking up the Regent policy but we do know people who have done a name change on a paid cruise.
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