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  1. You understood correctly. Our career was in selling insurance. We know nothing terrible about the industry. Our personal feeling was if you cannot afford to lose the cost of the trip, you probably should not be taking the trip. Once you take the trip, that money is gone anyway. This refers to cancellation insurance. We do buy international medical insurance and medevac. And, yes, I do know someone who was able to do a name change on a reservation for a fee less than a full cancellation and rebook. I believe cruise lines, tour operators, etc. will work with you if you have a valid reason to cancel other than you just decided not to go. To clarify - Facts - We made our living selling insurance and we do know somebody who did a name change on a World Cruise. Opinion - Don't go if you can't afford to lose the money and tour companies will work with you. Don't make any decisions based on my opinion.
  2. I am not looking up the Regent policy but we do know people who have done a name change on a paid cruise.
  3. Our point of view for the 2019 World Cruise - We did not buy trip cancellation insurance. I even cancelled my health insurance in the US. We did buy medical "stabilization and medevac" insurance. Had we needed more care than the ship could provide, the insurance would have paid the medical bills until me/he could safely be returned to the US and would pay for the transport. I would have been in trouble when I hit US soil because all coverage would end. My husband still had his Medicare so he would have been OK. We made this choice because I am healthy. I have only been in the hospital for child birth. I visit the doctor once a year and take no medicine. My husband has never been in the hospital, visits the doctor once a year, and has a couple of prescriptions. While onboard he made one visit to the doctor for some antibiotics for a rash that would not go away. The office visit and pills were free. It worked for us. I am not making any recommendations for anybody else. As for trip cancellation/interruption - We never buy it. We travel a lot. Had we not been able to go, we would have sold the trip or given it away. You can make name changes (I believe there is a fee). Had we had a medical emergency and had to return home, the cost of the cruise would be the least of our worries. Over the last 40 years we have saved more money not buying insurance than the cost of the cruise. So we would have broke even. That is/was our personal feeling. Again, not making any recommendations. We have had to cancel a couple of cruises with other cruise lines. They gave us a credit for a future cruise since we had no insurance. Once we had to change an airline flight due to a family death. We paid the fee but followed the instructions to send a copy of the obituary with our names included. Upon receipt, they refunded the fee we had paid. They actually refunded more than we paid since the fee was made in a foreign currency and the dollar had gone up. We did paid for all of our travels by selling insurance for 40 plus years..
  4. We were in Israel for three nights/two days on the World Cruise. We booked a private car and guide for all three days. We went to the places you want to go to. We were picked up at the port on Day 1. Toured Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Driver dropped us at our hotel (we booked on our own). He suggested an early start the next morning for Masada and Dead Sea. We agreed. Masada was empty. We were on the first cable car. Coming back down, all cable cars were packed with a long line to get on. We met the Regent buses arriving as we were leaving. After Dead Sea, we were dropped back at our hotel. Pick up the next morning with visits to Galilee, Capernaum,, Jordan River. We were dropped back at the port. We missed the crowds and did not have that long transfer time. Car and driver were right at $500 a person. We felt it was money well spent. Tour guide was Rhud. Forget the name of the tour company. I found them on cruise critic ports boards. Very easy to use. We booked onboard the ship two weeks prior to arrival. Went to their website, filled out a form, heard back from them in less than 24 hours. You can cancel 24 hours before arrival for a full refund. If ship does not dock, you do not pay.
  5. In February we docked where I would call downtown. The bus ride was less than 5 minutes.
  6. We flew out of LGA on Thursday. No traffic getting there. Flight actually left the gate 5 minutes early and we landed 22 minutes early. Maybe everybody is avoiding LGA which made everything go smoothly for us.
  7. How long ago was that? We were on deck 6 and never heard our neighbors.
  8. After spending 131 nights on Regent on the World Cruise, I completely disagree with TravelCat. I celebrated my birthday aboard ship. It was a 3 day celebration. Started with dinner in Prime 7 with another couple because Prime 7 was closed on my actual birthday. I requested a quiet meal so no singing Happy Birthday by a bunch of crew. I only had two crew members sing. The Dom was the highlight. The next day I had a birthday doughnut with candle and the "bunch" singing Happy Birthday as well as all of the tables around us. Dinner that night was at a table for 8 in Compass Rose with my guest list. We told them to not bother the crew and my guests took care of the song along with our waiter and asst. waiter. The next day many passengers commented about the great time we had and they wanted the same thing for their birthday. Just because we could, we had another party the next night at the Pool Grill. Cakes for all three parties. You can laugh and have a good time at any time at anyplace on the ship. Maybe not the library but I only went in there to pick up Menza and drop off paperback books I did not want. We did not have a butler but our cabin was decorated for my birthday. My only complaint was they took the decorations down after a week. There was not one stuffy passenger on our cruise. Throughout the cruise we learned we were traveling with some very wealthy people. You would not know that by the way they acted. Of course, maybe their jewels would tell you that. But, I am not a jewelry person so it told me nothing. Nothing stuffy and pretentious about the passengers on Regent. Laugh and have fun all you want.
  9. Stand by my comment. He was invisible. Did not attend the Captain's reception, block parties, Krew Kapers. Had the previous Captain not been so visible, we probably would not have known the difference.
  10. Social Hostess, Executive Concierge, Head Bartender
  11. Passengers had guests onboard the day the World Cruise left Los Angeles. They had to be off before the muster drill.
  12. I celebrated my birthday in Compass Rose at a table for 10 with the guests of my choice. It was fantastic. For days after people I did not know commented on how much fun we were having. We had lobster tempura as an appetizer and then everybody ordered off the menu. Three of my guests were crew.
  13. Recently spent 131 days on Regent. As for the comment about friendly officers - The first Captain was the friendliest Captain we have ever had. He called passengers by their names. The Captain who replaced him was invisible. He did not attend the Captain's Welcome Aboard Party. I am sure all cruise lines have friendly and invisible staff. We just booked our third SilverSeas cruise. We are itinerary driven. We enjoyed the dress code, included excursions, friendly crew, silly games, and production staff on Regent.
  14. Is 633 the last cabin on that side of the hall? If so, there are World Cruisers who book that cabin every year so it can't be bad. Our only negative with Deck 6 is when you tender. People are lined up to get off the ship and will not break the line so you can get to your cabin or to go to the lounge to pick up your tickets. They think you want to cut in line for the tender.
  15. Our friends stayed in this cabin. We spent a lot of time there. The balcony is good when you are moving because it has a metal part of the ship which blocks the wind. They heard the anchor and used it as a wake up call. The cabin was twice the size of our cabin. The cabin next door can adjoin it. They put a chest from the closet in front of the door. No window in the bedroom area. Bathroom identical to ours. A pole in the middle of the living area. They liked it so much they booked it for a 89 day cruise. Floor plan - Walk in the door to a hall. Then living area. Closet and bathroom were both off the bedroom area. Our cabin - walk in the first door to bathroom; next to closet. Their bathroom and closet were in the same area but the doors were off the bedroom which is why it is like a hall when you walk in.
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