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  1. We received an invitation on the Solstice, our first X cruise but not on the Reflection, our second X cruise. Both times we were sailing in a 1A balcony cabin.
  2. @chemmo The notion that we might be happier on an S class ship has definitely been on my mind however for the time of year we are looking at, this itinerary fits the bill. As to whether I will be “happy” in an inside, remains to be seen!😉 like you, I thought about the price difference and how far it would go on speciality dining....if only the variety was there to spend the money on. I feel like my mind is going back and forth...
  3. @GastroGnome ...not this time I’m afraid!😂
  4. On the Reflection, our table for two was behind the wall of the entranceway and near no one else. We were in the naughty corner! 🤣We could not engage with other tables easily and our wait staff had several large tables to attend to so we did not get the chance to form any relationship with them. It was just unfortunate I guess but the next time we dined in MDR, we asked to move to a row 4 of two tops. There we found that the other diners had already become very well acquainted and only spoke amongst themselves. The whole experience was very different from our previous cruise, where we ha
  5. This is how we are feeling. Thanks for the reply @hcat
  6. Some back ground info. We have only taken couple of cruises with Celebrity, both in mid ship balcony cabins on S class ships, we are now considering an itinerary on Constellation. We did not really enjoy dining in the MDR on the past two cruises but absolutely LOVED the specialty restaurants. We are aware that Connie does not have Murano or Lawn Club . We were therefore considering booking an Aquaclass cabin on Deck 11, thinking that Blu might be better for us. There are no Sunset Balcony cabins available but plenty of the other A1 cabins are available, These come in at 170
  7. The Specialty restaurants were the highlight of our last cruise (from a dining perspective) and as others have mentioned, having booked the 4 night package online,we made our reservations immediately after boarding. My tip(s) would to consider the weather forecast if you plan on dining at the Lawn Club and to perhaps dine at the restaurant that appeals to you most, early on in your cruise, in case you want to visit there again. 🥰
  8. I loved watching the glass blowing sessions on the Solstice. We were the last cruise (June 2018) before it changed to be a paid for activity, where you could participate. Watching them create stunning pieces whilst sailing through the Inside Passage is something that I will never forget.🥰 I would definitely sign up to create something if it was available on a ship.
  9. We were in 9268 onboard the Reflection earlier this year and it was a wonderful location. Absolutely no noise from the card room as there is a door across the entrance, separating it from the hallway to the cabins. You probably know you have a lovely large balcony/verandah and the location is very convenient for the elevators. Enjoy every minute of your cruise.
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