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  1. Political? Mods? Not relevant. Obliviously you need to relocate if you don't believe in USA. We WILL recover with or without you, Again, you insult the intelligence of Americans. Down boy. Are you running for President to fix everything? JMO
  2. LOL! But it is the harsh reality what parents are going through... JMO
  3. Good grief. Not a South Park fan, therefore didn't even open since I despise people who have to incorporate cartoons into their posts. Use your words to convey rather copying and pasting cartoons. However, I do like puppies and would love to see those! Feel free to leave the USA at anytime. Let's get back to cruising and stop with your underlying Political views. JMO 🙂
  4. Schools/Colleges are still figuring out about classes in Fall. They can't even figure out how to have High School Graduation. Cancelled. I COULD FIGURE THAT OUT! Enormous Football field! But politics tells me I have to stay home and screw our graduates. No graduation, and LOCKDOWN prevented all of our beautiful future leaders to not have a Graduation because people smarter than me said STAY HOME without even having a plan. Cruise Lines still don't have a plan. I don't want my want my kids enclosed in Plexiglass like caged animals if/when schools open again. Education is a p
  5. You are free to leave this wonderful Country at any time. Why would you post this? So sad. Please exit our Country and find residence elsewhere. Keep us informed about your whereabouts if/when you left. Good grief...
  6. Let's relax. I wear a mask. It is the responsible thing to do. It is uncomfortable and I hate it although I wore it many hours as a Registered Dental Assistant. I wear it shopping for my family and everywhere I go outside of my home. This is not how I envisioned life for our future leaders to live in "masks". But... Calling people "disgusting pigs" is uncalled for. Maybe you should tone down your responses to an educated level rather than blurting out "disgusting pigs." Maybe you should run for President and solve all our problems with Education/food shortag
  7. Your continual degrading of society and your political views puts you in the category with Samann11. You need attention and self-absorbed along with Seamann11. You are calling me a disgusting PIG? What is wrong with you? Down boy.... PortFees45...you have serious issues and this political post should be removed...
  8. Does anyone consider how our youth will get back to school before Cruise Lines open up? What about "Kids Clubs" on Cruise Ships? Does anyone have the guidelines how they will operate? Nope. They don't even have a plan to protect adults and repatriate their workers. Not sure I will trust Cruise Lines anytime soon. JMO 🙂
  9. LOL! I will go above and beyond and develop SOP which has yet to be released by Cruise Lines. I do believe a mask with a hole for straw will be sufficient for Mojito consumption. LOL! Be safe 🙂
  10. I want a Mojito from Sugar Cane. It's still dinner time correct? 🙂
  11. Sorry. I didn't mean to offend anyone and as stated it was JUST MY OPINION. . My son is remote learning from College. He had exams this week(s). He is specializing in Bio-Tech/Bio-Chemistry. Can they cheat on exams via Remote? Yup. Can anything replace onsite Labs with "hands on"? Be a part of developing cures for this horrible virus via remote? Nope. We all have our priorities/opinions. Sure, I want to cruise again, but not at the expense of our future leaders and how their education has been impacted. POINT? NCL sends at least 2 emails a day, cou
  12. Huh? I can get answers from Municipality about drinking water on land. I am asking about NCL about Tap water from my Cabin and if it is safe to drink. That it not a huge request. I am PAYING to cruise safely and want guidelines before I do so. Your problem about my request is what?
  13. I wouldn't book anything regardless of Port. My kid still has remote learning from College until the Fall and that is still TBD. No sympathy for Cruises since there are much bigger and better things to deal with...like Education for our kids/future. Seaman...you have channeled much energy into restarting the cruise lines. What about College kids with remote learning and no Graduation? What about Seniors in High School with no Prom and no Graduation? What about food shortages? Seaman11 or whoever you are, please keep in mind the impact this virus has had o
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