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  1. I’ve never done EBB because IME it is often available right up until final deposit is due and often at lower $ than the 10% off quite sometime in advance. I’ve found playing on the Stockmarket to be a better option I feel it is a suck you in situation OTOH if you really want to lock in a particular suite, are happy that if prices drop it is their discretion how they recompense then it may be risk worth taking also don’t forget we in the “bubble” may not be able to access a cruise due to our governments which means it may be harder to secure a
  2. You guys are our mass testing regime. We also haven't had a lot of cases etc 1:85 000 people versus 1:50
  3. Carol Having had health issues in the family there are a few rules 1. Never, ever book anything you can't afford to let slide. insurance says ...... 2. Never book anything that you didn't have twice the excess funds to cover 3. If you get into a pickle it isn't always the company you are dealing with. Other factors come into play 4. Converse directly with the company on the phone if you have problems 5. The minute you go "it's all the companies fault" discussion breaks down
  4. Not too mention that there is a distinct possibility that future cruises will have a lower capacity to take passengers, while cost of travel will be around the same. This would mean that the fare needs to increase. I've actually been watching the fares on several journeys into next year increase in price. The one I cancelled has risen about $500, although I strongly suspect it is moot as no one will be sailing in January in Australia
  5. Have YOU spoken directly with Silversea or is all information through your TA?
  6. Yes, but the US is not the only country in the world, despite the thoughts of some. In fact, SS have already discussed their intention to potentially operate cruises within bubble zones and have done so as an example in Saudi. Australia for one is already discussing removing the quarantine requirements for those coming from New Zealand and that in itself opens up quite a few cruise options. I appreciate this is not here and now, but certainly possible. On my last 3 Silversea cruises Americans were not the most represented population and in fact on the last one they were
  7. I think we are arguing at odds.. I am referring to one poster, in the US, not the general refund situation. I suspect there may be more to the carolldoll situation than meets the eye.
  8. I totally agree the refund time frames for SS cancelled cruises has been unacceptable. However, in this case, it is the passenger who has cancelled for reasons of their own and whilst I understand their need for the cash and that the timing has not been ideal, at this point there is nothing that SS have done that is at fault.
  9. So, the refund is still within timeline..... in my calculations closer to 2 weeks is less than 20 days.. It may well be that the dispute has also called into question the $200 cancellation fee that is due to SS even if carolldoll has not intended this. So before we attack SS about their handling, let's wait until the 20 days for disputed returns hits! The 45 days from cancellation may have passed and in taking action 50 days would now be the outer limit..
  10. Ahhh, but the services can be provided.... this is not a cruise which has already been cancelled
  11. When you action a dispute via your CC it is a different process so effectively you reset the start date. There will automatically be to and fro between the 2 companies. It becomes a non standard process as legal action becomes more likely. Having spoken with a legal person, dispute CC typically takes up to 40% longer than a standard refund. You may have shot yourself in the foot time wise
  12. I quoted the SS T&C policy from the website, That's good for you but may not be the same for caroldoll
  13. >>>If your cancellation request is received more than 120 days prior to your initial sailing date, a AUD$250/USD$200 non-refundable administrative fee will be charged per booking.<< There is a penalty for cancellation, you should still get the remainder of your funds.
  14. I don't think it's a mistake on SS behalf.. I think they need to be upfront to our OS friends and say "This cruise will not go ahead" Reschedule any Aus cruises until Dec 17...
  15. At least 3 but not in Australia. I have to express my disappointment that despite our borders being closed to cruise ships until Dec 17 SS still has the October 31 cruise on their resumptions schedule.
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