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  1. Hi Guys, Does anyone know who the current GM and CD are on the Riveria?
  2. Hi! My partner and I are also in the same boat! We have fallen in love with Oceania and they are very gay friendly. Feel free to email me GHIBLI0000@gmail.com. I can tell you more.
  3. Hi Express Pack... Sadly I never made it to Cuba on Oceania!. Did you meet anyone other LGBT on board? They have a new group .
  4. Hi Diamond Guy.... That sounded like an amazing cruise! I wanted to go to Cuba SO BAD!
  5. Jim and Terry - Keith M.... DId you hear about the new group for LGBT Oceania Travelers?
  6. Hi LHT28, Yes... I have asked in my roll call. Thanks so much ;)
  7. Hi Guys - I didnt know if we had any fellow LGBT couples that like Oceania Cruises? My partner and I have been 5 times and we love them. It would be good to meet some other people who also like to cruise.
  8. We love Oceania!! It is our favorite line!
  9. We love Oceania! We are going on March 21st though sadly.
  10. Hey Guys - Anyone going on the March 21st Oceania Cruise on Riveria?
  11. Hi Guys - What is the best way to get to London from Southampton... Do Taxis have flat fees? Thanks, Ryan
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