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  1. On 3/7/2019 at 11:25 PM, tingalex said:

    Just posted this on the luxury cruise line forum as well... but curious of views from fellow gays as well!


    Hello all! Hoping for some insight into a topic I’ve pondered for a while...


    I am a gay partnered man in my late twenties — both of us are high income earning professionals and fortunately travel budget isn’t much of a concern for us.


    I was fortunate to grow up traveling with my parents (only child) and developed a fondness for cruises. My partner did not grow up cruising, but has enjoyed the handful of Caribbean cruises we’ve done in the winter to escape the northeastern cold. He enjoys them not only for the weather, but for the gourmet food (also my biggest priority), entertainment, and meeting other young couples—mostly gay couples in their 30s, but young straight couples as well. 


    We’ve been doing Celebrity, which we enjoy for the lack of children, emphasis on food (especially in the specialty restaurants), decent quality of entertainment, and the fact that we can find other people close enough to our age range — several couples in their 30s. Thing is, I’d really like to try a luxury line for the better service, guest-to-crew ratio, more deck space, etc. My partner is (justifiably so) concerned that luxury cruise prices make them non-conducive to most people our age, and those ships will just be filled with even more people in their 50s and 60s. Nothing against this age range to be clear!! It’s just that we enjoy the social aspect of cruising and find things in common when we meet other young professionals close to our age. 


    With that, any recommendarions in which luxury lines could be the best fit for us? We’d love to give one a try next February—I was thinking Seabourn, guessing that it’s a younger crowd that Crystal or Silversea ... but I may be wrong. I’ve enjoyed Oceania cruises with my parents but age-wise that crowd is too old for us.


    Any thoughts welcomed!!!!


    My partner and I are also in the same boat!  We have fallen in love with Oceania and they are very gay friendly.  


    Feel free to email me GHIBLI0000@gmail.com.  I can tell you more.




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