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  1. And I thought you were going to make a funny joke about the way Florida looks on this map!
  2. So just dismiss what the people who have sailed that ship before have to say. As far as running to the local news...yeah... OK then. That pretty much said all I need to hear.
  3. Throw all my daily med pills in a baggie with one extra dose and that's that.
  4. Enjoy early boarding and getting into our room asap when onboard. Also like the priority debarkation and I put the pin on my backpack. Really enjoy the P/D party. Free beer!!! The plat gift is a nice gesture from CCL. We have appreciated all of the little trinkets we've received to date. Even the Croc visors went to a good home. 😉 No use for any of the other perks, especially the laundry service (yuck!).
  5. Our first two cruises were on Celebration in 05 & 06. Really enjoyed that ship. The only thing I didn't care for was the lack of an atrium lobby. Cruised on Holiday in 2009 and she was just fine, especially for all of the heat that the snobs gave her. We had a good time and would have sailed her again if they put her in a decent port (yes I have NO love for the port of Mobile). Now we enjoy our 4/5 day jaunts on the Fantasy class ships. The larger ships are fun on our 7 day cruises, but I do enjoy the smaller ships more.
  6. Print them at work, in color, with spare copies!
  7. We leave NC at midnight (or so, depending on which FLA port we sail from) the night before and get to the port by 9 -10 AM. This includes stopping for a good breakfast at sunrise. If anything happens, we have a good 4 - 5 hours to McGyver an alternate plan. Major perks are no traffic, family sleeps as I drive, and I also sleep like a baby onboard the ship that first night as I've usually been awake for awhile that day.
  8. Great review so far! We were on the same cruise. In fact, we were two doors from you in the Aft Ext'd Balcony 6454. On Princess Cay day, we were delayed leaving the port due to another medical emergency. We've been told it was an 8 year old boy that had suffered an appendix issue. Hopefully he and his family fared well. This was the first time we've witnessed a helo evacuation, for the other medical issue on the cruise. I can't commend the skills of these Coast Guard folks enough. Great job! The only trouble we had with the room was that we were located right above the comedy club. While the sounds (voices and music) were clearly noticeable, it didn't prevent us from sleeping. (We tend to sleep early and rise early these days.) Didn't notice any kind of smoke issue on the Promenade nor in the casino. Different strokes, I guess. We had great weather (lower 80's each day) and just the little bit of rain on the sea day. All in all, it was a great cruise. My only wish to improve it would be to have a P/D party on the 4 day cruises.
  9. We usually wait it out and have a leisurely breakfast before heading over for a few ours. Then we come back early and relax / shower before dinner.
  10. I never trust my checked bags to arrive on time and safely. I plan for the worst case. For that reason my CPAP is carried on, along with the wine, rx, etc.
  11. Go to a deck plan site and there will be icons for what type of beds are in the rooms.
  12. So what's your thoughts on Falcon Lake? Do you think the wife is telling ALL that she knows? I think there's something not being told.
  13. Blah, blah, blah... Another toothless rule to appease the high maintenance complainers. CCL issued a big bark. Now are they really going to "bite" the customer? I doubt it. Maybe only in an extreme case, that's about it.
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