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  1. Hi All Does anyone know if you can get gluten free pizza on msc? Mrs DPR has been fighting lime disease and can’t have gluten, lactose, sugar. So her diet is limited. Thanks. DPR
  2. Is it possible to add pictures of the food so we can add a face to the name, so to speak? DPR
  3. My family is still planning on going we will be leaving on the Mer in Sunday. Minus my mother and DW’s dad. DPR
  4. YES, it is now live on MSC’s web site ban takes effect Saturday 14th. UPDATE: MARCH 12, 2020 - 9:00 AM EST URGENT – NEW RESTRICTIONS FOR EMBARKATION IN MIAMI ADDED BELOW AND MORE We want to reassure you that everyone’s health and safety on our ships is our top priority and we can confirm there have been no cases of coronavirus on board any of our ships. Guests embarking on a cruise are requested to take the following into account: We are denying boarding to anyone from high-risk areas: Anyone who has travelled t
  5. Is that like Bigfoot? I didn’t know such a thing existed, Nassau fans that is. DPR
  6. your kts to mph conversion is incorrect. 1 kt = 1.15 miles. So 20 kts = 23 mph
  7. We are diamond soon to be plus (next cruise), I can’t find anything about this. Where is this listed as a benefit? DPR
  8. I am 2 months out from our sailing and I got the email containing our tickets and luggage tags with in minutes of completing our online check in. So maybe when you get a little closer you will get the email. DPR
  9. Thanks for the reply. of coarse they would if he had a glass of culligan 😉 DPR
  10. Hi all for the Miami debarkation process does MSC have a biometric system like Royal Carribean does with customs? Royals new system eliminated any wait times and is really great. If not does the yacht club have a separate line for customs clearance? thanks, DPR
  11. I have a question for anybody who has taken the bright line on one of the train to port packages. When checking the prices from the FLL station to port of Miami if you choose MSC the price is $35 but if you select another cruise line like Royal Carribean the price drops to $20. I know the MSC price includes checking bags at the origin train station and it is delivered directly to your cabin, but a $15 difference seems like a lot for a one way service. My question is has anyone done the package and selected another cruise line and then just told the lift driver to drop you off at MSC? If
  12. The fire danger from vaping is even more than smoking. Heating element plus battery can make a bad combination. There’s a reason it is not allowed on airplanes.
  13. Wondering what is the orientation of the map? Is it north up?
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