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  1. Not to meaning to hijack the thread but, @Marie51 he’s a cutie, looks a lot like my spotted couch potato. DPR
  2. Hi Bonnie on a similar but different line do you have any idea when the Journey will be supported by the app? thanks. DPR
  3. A great one we learned on our trip was a “City girl on vacation” Basically a vodka and tonic, but substitute coconut water for the tonic. Very nice by the pool in the afternoon. DPR
  4. To bad i was on the quantum inaugural and thought Mama Mia was the best music on royal to date. The cast was spectacular. DPR
  5. Something to remember with the new cabanas on coco Cay. I just booked one for a cruise on the Mariner in September. There are 3 categories of cabanas the original beach front ones no longer say anything about an upgraded buffet or float mats included. Instead they say that food is available from one of the new to go stands a short walk away.
  6. I was On this cruise and had a great time also. But I have a few notes. Hooked, had a horrible meal, it was bad to the point that I talked to Dudley about it in the diamond lounge and with in 5 minutes he had the manager down to talk to me about my experience. Jamies was every bit as good as yours. The new menu is a winner I can’t wait for it to be rolled out fleet wide. Water slides, my kids loved them but the riptide is VERY fast if you touch the tube during the slide you will get burned, wear a rash guard. DPR
  7. Dover has a city bus that runs from the port with on stop in downtown and the next at Dover castle. We did that in the afternoon and it was great the castle is excellent and downtown was very walkable and nice.
  8. You pick your cabana once you are onboard the ship. After you get onboard head to the shore excursions desk and pick the one you want. To answer your question about drinks, yes an attendant does occasionally come around to take drink orders but a much better way is use your 2 bottles of wine per cabin to bring some bottles of good rose with you. they have an ice chest in your cabana to stash them in and it will be much more convenient, cheaper, better wine than relying on the attendant.
  9. Try Jetblue nonstop from buffalo to Mco/Fll. Will probably be much cheaper than air Canada from Toronto. The drive is not bad.
  10. A charter to provide housing for people affected by the nat gas explosions. DPR
  11. Just got off on Friday, I don’t have exact dimensions of the tubs but they are larger then the ones the TSA uses at airports, I would say about 50% larger. They should handle any normal size carry on luggage.
  12. The new biometric customs process is awesome. You don’t have to pull out your passport, you walk up is scans your picture and you are cleared, as fast as you read this sentence. I just got off the Mariner yesterday, no line, the fastest I have ever got off a ship.
  13. Hi all Going on the Mariner on Mon, and have not been out of MIA in a decade. Does anyone know for sure if the new terminal has a Global Entry line for customs? I call CBP for the port and the very nice officer I talked to said he thinks they do but was not sure. Has anyone used it or seen a line for it at the new terminal? TO BE CLEAR THIS IS NOT A DEBATE ABOUT HOW GOOD OR BAD, THE LOCATION OF THE NEW TERMINAL IS, but can include a discussion on the genius of Redd Foxx in his portrayal of Fred Sanford. Thanks, DPR
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