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  1. Something is changing on the RCI web site. only 180 departures worldwide listed now. My Anthem long Caribbean's are missing. The only 9+ day sailings are two trans Atlantic's . Wonder what they're springing on us now.
  2. I would guess that a 100% solo supplement is being added to the price, even though RCI advertises these cabins as single traveler only and no supplement. Price should probably be: Cruise fare $3,345.00 Discounts (2) 60% Off Second Guest $-1,216.17 Balc Suite NRD $-82.19 Subtotal $2,046.64 Taxes & fees $170.51
  3. The long Caribbean itineraries were released this week in the Northeast tranche. Looks like the Solo Balconies were mispriced again.
  4. I've driven in the Nullarbor -- The name means no trees, but there's also no people, no electricity, no gas stations, but it's an absolute bucket-list item of a desert. Without having a charging station, how would a committed environmentalist get to enjoy this natural wonderland. BTW, there's also no pipelines, so the diesel fuel for this generator gets hauled in on a road train -- An oversized, overgrown semi truck pulling 3 or more full sized semi trailers and getting less than two miles per gallon. The Nullarbor plain is on the south shore of Western Australia, you'd drive through it on
  5. Prime consideration should be personal safety, not comfort or style. My first consideration is why I am wearing a mask. That determines what kind of mask I wear. -- Casual shopping trips to "safe" stores that are not crowded, and employee / customer mask compliance is incorrect wear (under the nose), loose fitting (gaps on the cheeks). --- here I wear a simple bandanna tied from an oversized farmer handkerchief. -- Public gatherings that can't be attended online (voting, government boards, corporate meetings, -- here I wear a vertical fold well sealing KN95 mask witho
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm1vyMH1xNQ
  7. Not sure I'd want a date with crew, especially restaurant staff -- it could get me kicked off the first cruise I'll be on in over a year.
  8. There's a mighty big hole in the middle of that boat. They could lower that crate all the way back down to Starbucks without opening a hatch. From there, it's just a skylight away from the ice rink. Open a hatch in the rink, and you're below the waterline. Maybe they're replacing engine parts.
  9. 25 Jan 2021 cruise cancelled by RCI on 6 Dec 2020. I canceled all my cruise planner items on 06 Dec, and had refunds within 10 days. I also canceled by Air2Sea reservation, and had that refund at 6 weeks. Received my 125% FCC on 19 Jan 2021, along with taxes and tips. Still waiting on VPP. Patience is a virtue.
  10. Fast route to Diamond -- Solo passenger book a suite on 12 Dec 21 Anthem. 72 points in one cruise. Or better yet - the Barbados 14 nighter on 20 Feb -- 96 points. I'll bet i could do Platinum for under $25K with a good travel agent.
  11. Track suit in case it's chilly (esp on the airplane), 2 swimsuits (doubles as underwear) 2 t-shirts, sneakers. Ask for a hospitality kit on board -- they hand em out to folks who lost their bags. That covers the morning SSS. If I need anything else, buy it from a street vendor in port. What's a Tux? and who nowdays wears heavy wool? OK, I travel solo, and don't have to keep a wife happy. But I have fun!!
  12. Just booked 25 Oct 2021 Brilliance to Grand Cayman and Coz. also have Anthem on the books for 31 Jan 22. Have a nice sized FCC that will pay both, so my loan to RCI stays the same as it was. If either / both don't go we'll see what options open up.
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