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  1. Except, that’s not true. There are many cases of reinfection. Some cases are worse the second time around. You’re also more likely to transmit it. Now, since you’ve had it, if you were to GET the vaccine, indications are you have a greater immunity than just those vaccinated.
  2. And they could video it like they do the first day activities. Then show it on an endless loop on cabin TVs so everyone knows who had to be tested and to avoid them....like the plague (sorry had to do that).
  3. So far, all we hear about are the Florida cruises and the DeSantis ruling. Will states that don’t have similar laws still require Royal to have vaccinated cruisers? I’ve been unable to find anything online as I think everyone’s focus is the restart in July.
  4. What about the rights of private businesses? Or is government over reach only bad when it is convenient? Safety regulations are in effect all over. That’s all this is...a means of ensuring a person’s safety. BTW, I don’t recall seeing a “right to cruise” anywhere.
  5. Absolutely. The thought of cramming 2000 people together without a means of ensuring some semblance of protection is ludicrous. What’s more ludicrous is a Governor telling a private business they can’t institute this policy. I was sad to see RCCL cave to him yesterday.
  6. Thanks everyone! I usually like to have some cash on hand. Just wasn’t sure what the norm was for the Med. it’s been a long time since I’ve visited (Pre EU, I used to fly thru with the AF). Plenty of good tips (pardon the pun). I like the idea of tipping ship’s crew with local currency. We’ve only ever sailed from U.S. ports. We also found out the hard way about WCs on a trip to London!
  7. I know ATMs are available etc etc. But, on average, how many Euros do people take with them in cash when they leave home (assuming the Euro is not your regular currency). Thanks
  8. What airlines do they typically book with (Newark to Barcelona)? Do you have any say in seat assignments ( My wife is not a good flyer and would want me beside her) Can you pay extra to have them bump you to main cabin rather than base economy? Does the fare include baggage fees? thanks
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