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  1. Mark, Thanks for the info. Although a year away I’m always doing research. Bruce B.
  2. Hi G. Girl, Change in my plans. Doing Athens to Venice 2020. Plan to arrive early morning in Athens. Do you recall if Viking has the shuttle bus on the day of arrival? Thanks, Bruce B.
  3. Hi Robin, I’m doing the reverse trip 3/26/19 and don’t know the shuttle bus answer. You should contact VK by email and ask. You can do Athens into town, metro or bus are possible. This web site has port info. http://cruiseportwiki.com/Piraeus I will probably post a day by day review on my return. Right now dealing with the excursions. Very excited. Enjoy your trip. BRUCEB NYC
  4. As you stated I-- "Contacted tellus and told them that that tour was on their site describing the cruise but not listed on our sailing." If more of us do this maybe we can get something done before the cruise. I have a similar situation on my Dec. cruise. Been told "maybe the optional excursion will be there." Luckily the port has several Private Tours available that I can use. Not everyone uses CC and does research before. I'm always looking ahead to avoid distress. Happy Cruising!!😃
  5. Exactly why I got bumped out. As we were in the middle of excursion selection, the item in my cart vanished before I could make the payment. If there was a warning I didn’t see it. Maybe by my next VOC they will put a notice up!!
  6. Agree. The wish list plus SOLD OUT would indicate a level of demand for a particular excursion. If VOC looks at the numbers they may question- the need, cost/benefit, & logistics. On parts of my next trip, the small islands may not have more buses/tour guides for VK to add to a specific SOLD OUT excursion. I will still check daily up to departure.
  7. Glad to be of help. In addition to the email address I posted before, there is another that has gotten positive responses from Viking. Try, Tellus@vikingcruises.com
  8. As we "speak", I look at MVJ 2-3/day and share with my wife anything that has changed that would help for what we have to see. Getting ready for our 2nd VOC March 26 Venice to Athens. One more in Dec. We always anticipate not getting the earliest times we want on the included excursion being in a V2 cabin. On the optional excursions we would expect for the extra money, Viking could figure out what they need. I'm sure this is complicated for them. That's why I suggest "complaining". You may not be alone on the cruise with your situation.
  9. On the Viking Homelands OC April 2018 the included tour of Stockholm was closed at ALL time slots before I was able to sign up being in a V2 cabin. As Stockholm was the last port on the trip and a must see as early as possible, I contacted Viking and explained that for this trip it was important to get more time slots up. After checking back every day there suddenly appeared slots that were NOT CLOSED. My point is, feel free to contact them. As a customer base paying $12,000 or more, they have to be sensitive to the clients. I’ve been called back by them within hours of an email that asked about excursion information for future cruises, etc. Yes, I’ve been shut out of some slots, but overall I’m still a happy customer.
  10. Email them with your request at this address. I’ve had good responses but not every request is what I needed. Good luck. BruceB NYC —- To: Viking Social <VRCsocial@vikingcruises.com> Subject: please help
  11. Hi G. GIRL, Enjoyed the review, thanks. On past VOC dining we also tended to go to the World Cafe for meals as the choices were great. Wondering on this cruise, did they have a selection of Greek themed items?? Any info appreciated.
  12. On our 1st VOC Homeland 15 day cruise April-May 2018 there were some surprise dining treats at the World Café. One night while dining in the World Cafe at our usual spot aft near the gelato station, we discovered food being served at the back of the buffet area just in front of the Aquavit Terrace. On 3 different nights we checked and found these “Unannounced/not listed” buffet spreads- Charcuterie — smoked meats, hams, sausages, mini reindeer burgers. Different Nordic Smoked fishes. A variety of Eastern European “dumplings” - pierogi All were very enjoyable. Does this occur on other VK ocean cruise itineraries?
  13. That's good. Very helpful information for our planning. We want to pack a lot into this 9-5 day in Athens. Bruce B.
  14. Did the tour do the sights first? Were there photo ops (Hadrian’s Gate) etc. ? I’m hoping to do the sights 1st., and leave the bus tour before the museum, to do my own walking tour. Thanks, Bruce b.bosworth@icloud.com
  15. Hi Moatenote, Thanks, great information for planning. I did a similar day by day post/review for the Viking Homelands cruise we took May 2018. CC is very helpful. Bruce B.
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