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  1. Barry's post reminded me of another adventure we had, on an earlier cruise on the Celebrity Zenith to Grand Cayman. I think we did one excursion to a butterfly house, then didn't have anything else planned. We looked for a cab at the port just to take us around the island. Cab after cab turned us down because of my wheelchair. Finally, Miss Rosa agreed to take us. Miss Rosa took us all over the island, showing us various sights. There were many lovely houses, built by Americans and others. There were also many sites built by local people. It became sort of a litany of buildings that "got blown down by Hurricane X." At some sites, "the Americans came and rebuilt it." At other sites, "No Americans came," and the site was still in ruins. It was a fascinating, unvarnished look at local culture that we probably never would have gotten on an organized your. Finally, Miss Rosa took at to the Tortuga Rum factory/store in Hell (an actual place on Grand Cayman). We bought some goodies. Miss Rosa got two rum sheet cakes from the store because she brought two tourists. Miss Rosa turned around and gave us the sheet cakes because, "I never drank da red rum, don't drink da red rum, will never drink da red rum." As I recall, we shared the sheet cakes with our table mates over dinner that night.
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