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  1. Nice Videos, I also sailed on the Fascination on October but my experience was pretty bad overall. Glad to see you enjoyed it though.
  2. I didnt buy one just thought it looked cool. I did do a tour in barbados where a couple had purchased it from the pixel store
  3. I wanted to post i got a 50 dollar Spa card and a 12 dollar card for the photos for my birth day. Did not use the Spa card due to employees telling me there werent apointments available i did use the phot card
  4. ' Yes. US dollar is accepted in all of the ports. Two of them Puerto Rico and St Thomas are actual US Territory so technically you arent even leaving the United States till the third day.
  5. they also sell a cool 360 type mask as well
  6. I signed up for the Carnival Fascination meet and mingle for Oct 7 and never got any info or invite or anything
  7. Does anybody know if theres non dairy options for cofee?
  8. I definetly plan on going to the MDR at least for dinner and maybe even lunch but i admit in previous cruises i like the buffet during AM at times...
  9. I had a couple more questions. Does the Lido for breakfast have eggs to order, and if the dining room is open for breakfast.
  10. At least for your regular luggage you can leave those at the port and then spend time on old San Juan. Carry ons are another thing entirely.
  11. I last traveled on the Fascination on 1996. So it will be an interesting trip for me.
  12. Oh, On my cruise it will be my birthday maybe i get one :)
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