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  1. When doing the tour on the Regal we also got really cute aprons as well as the other things. Definitely a worthwhile tour. It’s amazing to see what goes on to make these “cities on the sea” work so beautifully.
  2. My husband is not able to go on our cruise on the Crown Princess on Oct 8th. I had also booked EZair for us. Since the cruise is only a bit over a week out do I cancel the flight directly with Delta or Princess? On the Princess site the penalty appears to be the total flight charge. So. (Okay, admittedly this sounds stupid), is that an additional charge or just the monetary loss of the ticket cost? I also need to let Princess know I'll be sailing solo. (His idea. I lost a parent, a sibling and my job of 25 years to a sell out, oh and we moved - please no judgement on that..I'd love to have him with me. His anxiety makes travel very difficult for him).... Thanks so much.
  3. Hi. I booked a 10 day Panama Canal cruise when the Sip and Sale was offered for 2021. Personally I love having a. cruise booked out a bit, (even better when you have another one coming up before that). It gives you something extra wonderful to think about when you need a bit of a lift. If you find an itinerary that you really want. with a time you can be available I say go for it. (And I have). Bottom line, you do you.
  4. Thank you very much. Haven’t done a transfer since I started cruising 25 or so years ago. Think I’m going to stick to that tradition. I appreciate your thoughts. 😊
  5. My flight is nonstop Detroit to Fort Lauderdale same day as the cruise departs. Boarding is delayed until 2 due to Coast Guard inspection/drills ect, per Princess email. Sail away is at 5. ggprincess2004 thanks so much!
  6. Hello there! Since you have been generous with your cruise insights and information I was hoping to ask your help once again. I am cruising October 8th on Crown Princess. My flight arrives at 10:11 and boarding is delayed until 2. Normally I prefer Lyft or Uber to get vacation started easily and early, but in this case not an option. Would Princess transfers make sense in this situation? The website really doesn't specify what is included. Is it just a ride? Do they deal with your luggage or do you keep it in your care once you've claimed it from the carousel? Multiple Princess ships passengers in one vehicle? Much chance of MIA luggage? Four hours on a bus waiting? Any idea how this works? Thanks for any responses.
  7. I appreciate all your helpful replies. Driving to Newark, cruising and then flying home from Fort Lauderdale sounds like a great idea. Most of you are so supportive and I truly appreciate that. Sverigecruiser. Well, two things come to mind that make taking that extra day one that deserves some contemplation. First of all, I’m a nurse and staffing safely requires that I can’t (none of us can) take time where there won’t be adequate coverage, and secondly, I used up the majority of my vacation time while I was nursing my mother before she passed away. Still, I would like to enjoy my time off and me and my family need some healing time...so that day in the big scheme of things isn’t going to make or break me. I just want to do what makes the most sense and keeps the stress level as low as possible. Ahhh....the beauty of a vacation. Take care all.
  8. Hi. As far as the driving goes, I had looked up a one-way rental from Detroit Metro to LGA. So no parking fees or worrying about getting my car, but then we’d need a place to stay for the night. I only bought transfers from the airport to ship one other time and hated it (although I did get them for this trip because I have absolutely no idea where anything is), I guess partly because they consider embarkation day the first day, and well, I want my first day to last as long as possible. Plus I get motion sick and buses are the worst..except for the occasional rough tender. I guess truthfully, I want it all. I want the no-hassle arrival, I want to be on the ship earlier rather than later....and I definitely don’t want to miss the ship or be so stressed the Hubs wants to kill me.
  9. Hi there! So I, like many others am doing the 10/31 10 day Regal Princess cruise leaving from New York. I booked EZAir. It was a good price and I thought I had everything taken care of. Initially the flight was supposed to be in early morning on the 31st. (Yeah, I know...go in a day early which I normally do, but work and finances make that a little dicey this time). There have been three time changes so far with the most recent arrival time being around 10:30. Now, 1030 is fine, but I had figured that if there was a delay I had a decent 6ish hour window without being stressed, with the change if there is a delay well... So, what should I do? Hope for the best? Drive the day before? I don’t have any east coast experience. Sorry to bother you all, but there are a lot of experienced travelers and good ideas. Thanks for reading. 🐵
  10. Thanks everyone for the help, advice and the pics. Regal it is. She really is such a fabulous ship. A special thanks to you Colo Cruiser, you helped me relax about my choice. It should/will be wonderful.
  11. Yes. Once with my sister, and once alone. With two of us it was okay, I just don't know about three and I'm hoping someone who has tried it might chime in or maybe suggest something else. Unfortunately, I don't have the means to provide a suite.
  12. So, within just a few days of arriving back home from a lovely five day cruise on Ruby in February, I put a deposit down on a ten day cruise at the end of October on Regal. I got a deluxe balcony as I am planning on myself, my husband, and my brother going. Okay, I admit I should tell the hubs I did it. (Hey, before you judge me I am paying for it, and I am the only one working. 🐵 and he can be a bit of a pooper). You know how that cruising bug really gets you? Especially at the end of a cruise? Future cruise deposits purchased and just waiting to be used??? The thing is....three of us in the stateroom, little balconies...is there anyway we can all be out on the balcony at the same time without holding our breaths and standing sideways? (Truthfully with all that great food around standing sideways might even take up more room). This will sound awful, but my brother and myself really could use a nice, relaxing time as we lost both our mother and a sister last year and some happy time together would be wonderful (and I'm trying to encourage my DH to love cruising as much I do). Should I maybe try for a different ship? I love Regal, and I was on her twice last year, (once with the sister I lost). Sorry this is all over the place... Bottom line, will there be enough space? Thanks. Kelly
  13. Thank you so much for everyone that took the time to read and respond. I hate second guessing myself so it's nice to have that feedback. Aft, here I come. 🐵 Kelly
  14. Hello, I just received an upsell offer for the February 9th sailing on Ruby Princess. I currently have an B4 aft Stateroom B756, and the upsell is to a Club Class mini for $199 per person. Truthfully I expect this is a non-issue, because they probably have been taken already. Honestly if I didn't have a true aft stateroom which I always wanted to try, I would've probably snatched it up in an instant as I am very much looking forward to the wake view every day, (5 days), but am sort of thinking maybe I should've jumped on that offer. I am also concerned I could become such a spoiled beast I'll always want Club Class and not be satisfied with anything less. Thoughts?? Thanks!
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