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  1. I hope this is a sign of of things to come fleet wide. What a waste of a great open air space.
  2. Having done the Haven once, a non haven suite once and a balcony a couple of times I would say that the quality of service in the Haven is much higher but not worth the price. Kind of sad that the suites are going away as at about half the price of the Haven and great quality of service they are a bargain for me.
  3. I would say that a true foodie is out of luck on any NCL cruise ship. I am glad that I enjoy more simple fare and can find things I like on any cruise. I have done the Haven once and include their food in my opinion.
  4. Maybe when they moved to New Orleans from New York for the season last fall they should have traded in the NYC style cart for a Lucky Dog cart to drum up business.
  5. Same here. The poor guy manning the cart was just standing there with no takers in the half hour or so I sat a few feet away at the bar listening to the reggae band.
  6. I just tip on ships the way I tip at bars anywhere else, by laying the dollar on the bar in front of the drink. I hand the tip to table servers. I don't tip extra to get better service though I do appreciate it. I tip because the extra dollar here and there means a lot more to the bartender/servers than it means to me. They are all working hard to support families back home.
  7. Thats weird. Last December while sitting at Maltings on the Breakaway I would notice that if the place was busy that I and a few others would leave a buck or two per round. One bartender would ring a bell when he got a tip. Before the Drink package thing we would not leave cash but add to the tip on the bill we signed.
  8. My wife and I do the same thing and are remembered by the bartenders and get great service.
  9. It includes an appetizer, a main course and a dessert. On the Breakaway in December the place was only open as a free limited breakfast option in the morning and until late afternoon serving food off menu. Walked by it every day at least twice and never saw more than 4 or 5 people, usually none at all there except for breakfast. A complete waste of space.
  10. No problem for me I will just drink bottled beer.
  11. That makes sense as our cruise is in 2021 on the Breakaway. It looks great and I like that it is in the center of town. Thanks for the info. Just sad that we had to cancel our Panama Canal cruise due to my wife's job.
  12. We have just booked a cruise with a stop in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic and have only found Amber Cove owned by Carnival as a port there. Where will we dock? This seems strange to me.
  13. We have signed up for the NCL airfare promotion paying $124 pp with a departure the day before. We can cancel this offer at any time before the final payment. Just wondering how others feel about this promotion after using it. Was it a good experience? A bad one? Just hoping for some input. BTW the flight would cost us around $400 pp.
  14. Is it ever possible to change the second leg through the airline if the layover is too short?
  15. Wow. that's the sort of thing I was hoping not to hear. 55 minutes is tight especially if there is a flight delay on the first flight.
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