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  1. Today, if not for covid, would be our first sea day on a 9 day cruise on the Breakaway. We will not be able to cruise until 2023 due to limited vacation time. The one bright spot is that, I assume, cruising will have resumed and we will have some idea of how cruising and covid are shaking out
  2. All this talk about natural immunity vs vaccinated immunity doesn't concern me at all. I had covid in November and the vaccine in March. I also see no problem with getting vaccinated every year. I have been getting the flu vaccine annually for years. The only thing I'm worried about is coming up positive on a required covid test and maybe being denied boarding on a cruise or international flight.
  3. I had my second shot 10 days ago and I should have paid attention to the tiny spec in the syringe. Since that day I have been hearing Bill Gates voice in my head telling me to dump my mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod etc and get back to windows stuff.
  4. I know of two platinum level cruisers that will cruise again because of vaccine requirements. Myself and my wife.
  5. I will not cruise until I can cruise out of south Florida, New Orleans or maybe Texas. I enjoy cruising but will not go through hoops to get to a beach. I just booked airfare to Puerto Vallarta for October so will fly to the beach. Hope to cruise as we're used to in 2023.
  6. In the next few years I will only cruise with a line that requires vaccinations and not having kids around would be a plus.
  7. How is not taking a vaccine a noble gesture? Are Donald and Melania sheeple? They both got the vaccine two months before I did.
  8. My wife and I are getting our second shots this afternoon and we both had covid in November so should not have to worry about getting sick on a cruise. Our only concern is the testing that will probably still be required along with vaccine to get on the ship. I have already had a friend that was fully vaccinated and is a healthcare provider working in a hospital contract covid with no symptoms at all. This could happen to us also especially if herd immunity is not reached.
  9. We recently booked 2 weeks in October at our timeshare in Puerto Vallarta for the first time. We normally go for a week but want to spending more time there after spending more than a year not traveling more than 100 miles from our home. I can say from experience that, at least in PV, having a one or two cruise ship in port is hardly noticeable. Of course Cozumel is far more dependent on cruising. I hope cruising in the Caribbean resumes long before 2023.
  10. Since NCL cancelled our April cruise they have been sending more glossy brochures than I have ever seen before. I have only opened a couple of the early ones and the rest have gone straight into the mailroom trashcan downstairs. Has anyone else had this problem? It's annoying and a waste of paper.
  11. Would the cruise lines have to follow US regulations if the foreign flagged ships were not stopping at any American ports?
  12. Just got an email that credits expiring December 2021 are being extended until December 2022. Hope someone with more computer skills than me can share the link.
  13. We always book far out and has worked out well for us. On our last cruise before covid we booked a rear penthouse suite on a jewel class ship. The ships were shifted around and we ended up on the Breakaway in a rear Haven one bedroom suite at no extra cost.
  14. The spirit with its promenade and Casino tucked away so I don't have to walk through it and all the smoke.
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