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  1. What countries not infected? I can't think of any. This mess is worldwide.
  2. One of the first small ships to resume cruising from Norway has had an outbreak infecting over 30 crew members and, I believe, 1 passenger. Not good news for the industry. I hope that AIDA out of Germany is fairing better with their first cruises.
  3. I thought I would bump this old thread as 2020 is about dead, at least for residents of USA.
  4. The cruise lines are still trying to get their crews home from when the pandemic started. How on earth would they ever gather enough people to man the ships with this mess still raging out of control?
  5. Threads like this make me even more resolved in my decision to never again pay for a cruise four months from sailing date. Last minute cruises for me.
  6. Thanks for the explanation. It sounds like it's almost impossible to get a fully US-flagged cruise ship going.
  7. Don't worry, I have a beautiful large balcony cabin booked for April 2021 on the Breakaway that I haven't got around to canceling yet. Since the cruise lines don't want my 70 year old business I will be canceling before the December final payment deadline. You guys can have my cabin.
  8. We were in the Breakaway Haven on our last cruise a year and a half ago. We booked an aft penthouse suite on another ship for about $1900 early and they replaced our suite with a 1 BR aft Haven suite when they changed ships for our itinerary. I was curious about what kind of deal we got and found that the Haven Suite we were staying in was going for about $3400. We loved the Haven Suite, Restaurant etc, but never would have paid $3400 for it. For us the Suites without the Haven are about our limit. The Butler we had on an earlier cruise on the Dawn in a regular suite was actually better than the one we had in the Haven Suite on the Breakaway and the breakfast and lunch were just as good. The only difference was no dinner service.
  9. If any of these scenarios being discussed were even to be considered why would anyone even want to cruise. I love cruising and have one scheduled that I haven't canceled yet. I will not cruise until the experience is just about what my last cruise was. If the new normal is not like the old normal I may never cruise again.
  10. You are looking at this from the perspective of a cruiser that enjoys spending time on a ship. These crew members are stuck on the ship without pay while their families in some poverty stricken country try to survive on what little the spouse who is at home can make. I don't think they enjoy it a bit. It probably feels like a prison to them.
  11. We have visited Great Stirrup cay only once about three and a half ago and it was just a tiny cay, little more than a sandbar really, with a beach and very little else to do. The day we went we got off the ship early because we have a friend of my sister in laws who worked on the island. I'm glad we did because soon after our tender left the ship the water got rough and they quit tendering until early afternoon. I have seen a lot of posts on this forum saying that making a stop at Great Stirrup Cay is hit or miss. There is also, I believe, the question of whether the casino could open while the ship is ported in the Bahamas.
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