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  1. Jim if you get down to the Casino can you check if any of the tables at the bar allow smoking or do they all got no smoking stickers on them. Thanks Gary
  2. glcoop

    Clamshells Location on Labadee

    Thanks for that info it will be worth it for $35 I will check onboard if I could get one for Nellies beach I hope they dont limit them only on the ocean side like on the picture. Gary
  3. glcoop

    Clamshells Location on Labadee

    I always go to Nellies beach and get a clamshell will they still give you one their or do you have to pay the $72.00 in the special area will be their in two weeks if anyone has info that has been their the last few months would like to know. Thanks Gary
  4. glcoop

    St Maarten - Beaches

    The Holland House Beach Resort take the water taxi over $20.00 for two people a bucket of 5 drinks 2 chairs and umbrella and not as crowded as the other beaches check out their web site and beach cam. Gary
  5. glcoop

    Secret sands in St. Thomas who has been?

    Oh No you are letting the secret out was just their in Nov. on Allure and loved it, soda and rum-punch was included will be going back next year. I too hope they change the open air bus the fumes were bad with all the stop and go traffic. Gary
  6. Recurrence WOW Sail of the Seas
  7. Trainman-2 if the wind and cold get to be to much on the pool deck try the casino bar area on deck 4 I spent allot of time their and it is close to the coffee on deck 5. Gary
  8. Maybe its time that the guy from Hotel Impossible takes a cruise.
  9. glcoop

    Rita's Catina for lunch on Allure?

    I ate their for dinner quite a few times on my B2B in November did not need reservation just walked right in. Gary
  10. glcoop

    Cigars on Allure

    Deck 15 port side across from the pool bar.
  11. I heard their was one passenger that they could not find. Gary
  12. Another good one RSLeesburg this is starting to be funny.
  13. Good one HiCSailor I was fighting that all last week. Gary
  14. Emmy got to talk to Edna last year on Oasis I told her she was the star of the show now if I could run into Samantha Brown on a cruise my list would be complete of three favorite people I want to meet on a cruise. #1 Emmy #2 Edna #3 Samantha Brown Gary