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  1. Hi bup1224 i was wondering if you could help. about 5-6 years ago we did a tour in Curacao that went around the city and to the liquor distillery then to Mambo beach i think it was through a small company. at that time was around $25 pp and they had beer and soda on the bus 🙂 we cannot remember the name 😞 Thank you for any help !!!!
  2. thank-you for replying!!! we are looking forward to trying a new line!!
  3. Thank you so much for your reply i think unless it is pouring we will try the train 🙂
  4. hi!! this thread is amazing!!!! quick question we are flying into CPH and are staying at the Andersen Hotel 1 night before our cruise. is it easy to take the train from the airport to central station ( i think that is the one near the Andersen )??? with luggage?? Thank_you!!!
  5. Hi we have only cruised carnival also (23 so far) but going on the getaway in 4 weeks quick question can you order multiple things in the main dinning room??
  6. anyone know about the getaway cabin 13704??????
  7. hi never done ncl before does bidding max mean you get it ?? im thinking not :):)
  8. thank you for replying we are taking 5 grand-kids in April and were hoping that they were open Thank-You!!!!
  9. hi all we were at amber cove in October and the water slides were closed. has anyone been there recently ? are they open again or closed for good
  10. hi do you know if carnival has a transfer from Gatwick as well as heathrow???
  11. hi all we are booked on the TA when this cruise will be our 25th cruise and 24th on carnival.......still feel like a newbie though never did a TA and dont know what to expect Warren And Connie
  12. we also booked the TA we live in CT so also no return flight 🙂
  13. Hi!!!! wondering does NCL have a check in time for embarkation that you have to sign up for???? like Carnival does????
  14. HI ALL Happy New Year!!!!!!!! are all the photos that they take included in the package???? Thanks
  15. Hi all just wondering if anyone has any info or pics of this cabin it is different from the other inside cabins thanks
  16. Hi we have never cruised NCL but are on the Getaway for 14 days in May (cant wait) a couple questions: How does the dinning package work with Ala cart restaurants? also at the main dinning rooms can you get more then one meal we have been on many cruises just not with NCL Thank you Warren
  17. Hi all we have been on 21 carnival cruises and are going to try NCL next May on the getaway to Norway and Iceland my questions are about dining and shows: do you need to book them before hand and how far?? and any other info would be GREAT!!! Thanks in advance :) :):)
  18. hi !!! when we did it we wore shorts/bathing suit and tee shirt I think they require closed toed shoes it was fun but a long walk back to the start to do it again
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