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  1. wrist mount could work but only in case your hand is stable. e.g. when we were diving, my husband had it on his wrist, he was swimming and moving his hands, so as a result, we go chaotic videos :/. before we used gopro mounts for the arm and for the head, it worked well
  2. first, it felt unusual, but then liked it I've tried such mask of my friend recently and in some time after I got used to it, I enjoyed using it. also it looks stylish as for me.
  3. 6rugrats, thanks for your note and being suspicious. This is not the case though, as I am trying to get an advice about the cruise from those who had such experience. My life motto, passion, and activities have nothing to do with my question (there is nothing wrong with sharing what I enjoy doing; if adding signature violates any forum rules, please make me aware, there is no problem with removing it). thanks
  4. Hi folks, my hubby and I are planning our honeymoon somewhere exotic and one of the options is going on a cruise. I found Cruisecritic pretty helpful for first-time cruisers but still I feel I need an advice. Ideally, we would like to visit Maldives or some other islands, but I can't find good cruises that would go there from Europe. Are there any? Share your experience please if you've been on any. Thanks in advance Olga
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