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  1. July 5, Mahogany Bay Roatan We had nothing planned for this port, which was great because we were exhausted from the previous ports and our drinking from the night before! We got up and ate breakfast at Blue Iguana and enjoyed the breakfast burrito. After breakfast we headed back to our room to change and explore the shops at the port, but as soon as we left to go it poured down rain. So we decided to head back up and read/watch Netflix that we downloaded. Our steward left us a $50 spa credit so I went up and checked that out and booked a facial (my favorite!) for 3:00. When I got back, the rain had let up so we went out and shopped and got our kids some souvenirs. I hit the gym when we got back and ran a few miles, napped, and ate lunch. So exciting right?! It was perfect! Raising little kids is tough so we thoroughly enjoyed the quiet downtime. My facial was 50 minutes and was fantastic! She did try to sell me products and what not and I listened and politely declined and tipped a little extra even though it was already added on. Great way to relax! For dinner Adam had the asparagus soup and doesn’t recommend it. We both had basic salads and enjoyed them! I had the chicken milanese and it was very good! Hubs had the penne mariscos and enjoyed it. It wasn’t what he expected. He had the cheesecake and I had the popcorn pot de creme and loved it!!! We tried to go to the game show, but the seas were rough and I was started to feel seasick in the enclosed area so went up to room and opened curtains on our balcony. I also took a bonine pill to help. We were pretty boring this day! This is a picture from pulling into the port. And this is one taken from the shopping area. I also saw lots of doors decorated which was something I never saw on my cruise 7 years ago. Here was my favorite one! Next up the final 2 sea days and disembarking. I also have all the fun times, but need to take pictures of those. I’ll post at the end! Any questions for me? I’m sure I’m forgetting things! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Thank you! It was so great traveling without the kids, we kinda felt like we were missing something! But it was a great trip and can’t wait to experience it with our kids. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Belize, continued... Our ride back to the boat was packed! But was pretty smooth. We showered and headed to dinner. Not sure if I mentioned but we did your time dining and loved it. We like to eat early so we got there as soon as the doors opened almost. I did notice later in the evening, like when we were done, there seemed to be quite a wait. We also sat by ourselves every night without a problem. For dinner my husband had the prosciutto and melon, he said that was okay, and the minestrone soup which was delicious. I had the cannelloni and loved it. Adam had the mahi mahi with bernaise sauce and said it was okay as well nothing great, and I had the beef tenderloin with polenta and wine sauce with a side of bacon Mac and cheese. This was my favorite meal all cruise! So flavorful! For dessert I had the bitter n blanc which was tasty! And Adam had the s’mores parfait which was also delicious! After dinner we went to see America Rocks in the Encore theatre and it was SO GOOD!!! Loved every second of it! Then we headed to the Alchemy bar and got our drink on! I started with another chocolate martini but this one was on the menu called the deal closer. Looks the same as the first one I had. Then my husband had something with Grey goose that included rosemary and blueberry. He loved it! He told the bar tender something refreshing. My next drink was a watermelon margarita! I love margaritas and this one hit the spot! While at the Alchemy bar we ran into someone my husband works with and his wife who actually also live in our neighborhood! So we grabbed them and headed to the piano bar! Joanna was the pianist and it was a BLAST!!! She’s a great entertainer and we loved it. More drinks were had! My husbands came to him and he called it an adult Shirley temple! I then had something called Don’t stop the music! At this point I needed no more alcohol so Adam helped me drink it! After we finished at the piano bar, in typical drunk fashion we went and had pizza!!! It was delicious and a great way to soak up the alcohol and give us heartburn! We had a blast. Next up, Roatan! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Drinks were about $8-$12. We had a mixture of frozen drinks to martinis. No wine, we brought two bottles. We did buy bottomless bubbles, and just about broke even on that, but we didn’t bring the 12 pack on. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. In port they may give back change in American money, outside it’s all pesos! This bathroom break was about 10 minutes outside of the port. Enjoy your Dream cruise in February! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. Did you book that one through carnival? I was conflicted as to which one to do. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Belize, continued... After the 50 minute bus ride (which I slept on!) we made it to Altun Ha Ruins. We only had 30 minutes here which just plain sucked. If we ever go back, we’d book a private taxi to take us there so we could spend more time. Our guide gave us a 15 minute overview of the site and then let us explore for the last 15. Any longer and we would’ve been late to get the tender back to the ship. I got some great pictures, but would’ve loved more time to read the signs and explore. Would I book this one again? Probably not, but seeing the site was definitely awesome! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Belize, July 4th, Altun Ha We didn’t have to be up nearly as early this day, so we had breakfast up on the Lido deck and then got our things and went to the Encore theater to wait for our tender. It was a smooth ride! Here is a picture I got of the Dream as we sailed away to the mainland. We got to the port, which seemed like a big party, and met our guide Amalia. The excursion was Altun Ha Mayan Ruins with a riverboat ride. In reality it was more of a boat and van ride than ruins which was disappointing. The river ride was beautiful and we saw dolphins jumping, manatees, monkeys, a crocodile, and iguanas. The boat ride was two hours and too long! It was a small boat as you can see! The views were beautiful though! After the boat ride we got off at a restaurant called the Iguana stop that had iguanas roaming around. Lunch wasn’t included, and it wasn’t great. Chicken, rice with beans, a plantain, and a salad. After lunch we got on a van and rode about 50 minutes to Altun Ha. Here are a few pictures from that stop. My next post will be the Ruins. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. Cozumel, cont. Once we got back on the boat we ran up to our room, opened a bottle of wine and watched for some pier runners on our balcony. There was one Mom and her son. In their defense, they were on time, just got in line for the Valor, not the Dream. Everyone cheered them on as they ran back to us. We showered up and headed to dinner. I had the spring roll to start, which was tasty. My husband had gazpacho (which he now says was his favorite from the whole trip), and we tried the braised rabbit appetizer. It had a nice flavor! We both had the lamb dish, which wasn’t what we expected. It had a very Indian type flavor, so if you aren’t into Indian food, I wouldn’t recommend that dish. We love Indian food so it was good! I had the chocolate tres leches cake and it was light and refreshing, and Adam had the melting cake. After dinner we split ways and he went up to watch Ready Player One, and I went to watch the Motor City show. This is where we were glad we had the Hub app. We disconnected 100% from social media and internet on this trip, with the exception of the app. We loved getting the fun times and menus on it, and we bought the messaging feature to text one another. That night the movie was having issues, so he messaged me to meet up for the show. Music in the show was great, however I can’t remember much, because I fell asleep by the end! The Cenote excursion was quite physical and I apparently was wiped out! After the show we went to bed because we had another early excursion in Belize! Adam really wanted one of these masks for our five year old, so a funny picture of that from port. Super casual for dinner after that long day! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Yes we were too scared to book independently. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Thank you! I hope they do add it, it was a blast! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Yes it was a carnival excursion and so much fun! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Thanks for reading! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. Awesome! Wish I could go back!!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. We got back with about an hour to spare to walk around the port. Boat isn’t docked far so it was a quick walk back on. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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