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  1. THank you for all the responses guys. Sounds like RC is finally getting more consistent in their policy so at least it is easier to figure out. 🙂 I don't want to carry it on with me so since we have so many stops on our itinerary (10 nts new england/canada), we will just buy bottles as we need them in port. That's what we wanted them for really. On board, we are fine with the water they give you.
  2. We've never had to carry on our water. Maybe because it was a case in a sealed plastic covering? Not separate bottles, I mean. Anyway, that's why I asked the question to anyone who has sailed recently out of Bayonne. It seems different ports have different ways of doing things. Ok by me. I just would like to know the way they want me to do it. 🙂
  3. The two sailings we've done out of Cape Liberty we taped luggage tags to our case of water and it was delivered with our luggage. Last year when we sailed out of Port Canaveral they wanted it in the luggage so we put a case in a small suitcase. We will be sailing out of Bayonne again this month, just wondered which it was currently for that port. Anyone know? Same as before or like Port Canaveral? TIA
  4. So none of the Canadian ports that have the lobster shacks near the port for a lobster roll require cash? I was thinking maybe they didn't take cards.
  5. I'm on the Sept 27th new england/canada cruise on Adventure so I am VERY happy to hear this and will be reading all your updates. Thanks!
  6. THank you both! We have booked Oli's for the 29th. I'm getting excited! 🙂
  7. We are on Adventure, sept 29. Was wondering since Adventure of the Seas and Zaandam are in port together (read someone on here talk about the crowds on Sept 29,2019) and this is a tendering port, would there be an advantage to booking the cruise excursion over Oli's? I was thinking the ship gives priority to their people first? And if we pick Oli's, we were thinking of the 2.5 hour tour. I've read this is a school bus. What tours do they use the trolleys for? I would rather have those, I think. Is it a big deal or not? TIA
  8. Oh, I see. I have an "s" at the end of saint John and I think that is what is messing some up. Sorry about that guys. 🙂
  9. Sorry all. I thought I was on the Canada/New England board. Am I in the wrong place? Yes, I am talking about New Brunswick
  10. There are 4 of us, all adults, and the price difference between the two is about $5 pp (maybe a little more if the tax isn't included on rC) with Dave's being the cheapest. Pros I see are: Dave's would just be the four of us in a minivan, more personalized, maybe quicker? and a little cheaper Pros for RC: no worries about being late to the ship, there are 3 ships in port that day and I read it can get crazy. Also, at the restaurant that I think both stop at, they give preference to the cruise ship tours so that could be an advantage. Anyone do one or both of these before? I'm leaning toward Dave's but wanted to ask you experts before I book. I want to book today or tomorrow. Thank you all. also, Dave's is asking me which cruise terminal at the port. How do I find out the name of it?
  11. Me too!! That's why I couldn't get a mojito the two times I asked on Oasis?! Kind of crazy. lol
  12. I just saw this reported a couple days ago. Wow! And we all know Disney would never do anything to harm their money making abilities. lol I have sensitive lungs due to growing up with second hand smoke but now, because it's been so long since I've been around it (I live in NY and no family/friends around who smoke) it gets me instantly sick. I wish it didn't, truly. And because I saw the struggle with my dad I really am sympathetic to smokers, especially ones who want to quit but just can't. I think a good compromise would be a closed off smoking room that had good ventilation. I wonder about smoking places like a section on an outside deck.....wouldn't that be a problem for the balcony rooms? I had a balcony hotel room at Disney once, sat outside and was enjoying the fireworks, balcony below me started smoking. Had to go back inside. And that was a concierge level room. Not a cheap hotel room. lol Cruising on Adventure in the fall. I'll be interested to see how the smoke is in the schooner bar (one of our fav places on Oasis. I think we were there every night) which is right next to the casino. 😕
  13. Well, we would pick traditional if it weren't so early (many times we wouldn't have been able to make it back from excursions and be ready for dinner for 5:30) or so late (we would have missed nearly every show on Oasis) so that's why we pick MTD for 6:30 every night. Or somewhere around that time. I want the freedom to be able to keep touring if I want to until it's time to head back to the ship. If we want to head back early, fine. I just don't want to HAVE to head back because of a dinner reservation. Over 3 cruises, we've been able to have the same table, servers, everything you would if you chose traditional dining. And the last one was last summer on Oasis and they said 6800 passengers were on board! wow. So our good fortune wasn't because we didn't have a full ship. What I don't understand, is how my family has been able to do this with no waiting in line. ?? Because we are doing the same thing this fall on Adventure. We've made ressies for 6:30 again, this time only 4 of us instead of 6 or 8 like we have had in the past. Here's hoping we don't have issues once again.
  14. Finding it hard to believe I was on the same ship last July. We had music all over the place it seemed. Loved it in central park, Dazzles was our favorite and had music by the piano guy after dinner, I guess about 8:30 in Schooner bar. huh.
  15. I'm wondering if we just lucked out but then we've sailed 3 different times, 2 different ships (Oasis and Explorer) with different party sizes and we've never had an issue with MTD. That's 25 nights, no problems. But, we make our reservations months before sailing, make them for around 6:30 every night. We have the same waiters every night also. (we've always liked who we have gotten and requested to stay with them) We even get the same table. Most of the time we don't even have a wait. We sail on Adventure in sept for new England/Canada. I hope we have the same experience as before with MTD. Fingers crossed.
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