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  1. Mine never showed up! Had to call 2x and go to desk. Got them the next day. Not acceptable. Will not order again.
  2. It depends on your neighbors. Last year we had neighbors who fought A LOT! I felt like I was intruding, but wth.
  3. I have been looking at prices and there is no real difference, so I will be booking on my own.
  4. Thank you Can 1 person upgrade and the other not? I don't really drink that much but hubby will not like the beers on basic.
  5. Which drink package comes with this deal? Thanks
  6. lol oh, no! I didn't even notice that. No one even busted my chops about it! I am an awful at typing as you can tell.
  7. We aren't in the "oldens" category yet, but getting closer. My H and I love the "oldens" we met the most lovely couple last year and continue to have contact with them. I felt like I was sitting with my grandparents and it was LOVELY! The were seasoned cruisers and shared some tips with us. They have even invited us to their home in Fl. We really enjoy our time with the "oldens". We cruise X and P now because of the calmness and relaxation. I really did my homework before switching cruise lines. What we loved a few years ago, annoys us now. Different strokes for different folks. Humor is sometimes lost in print.
  8. Im a cold brew drinker and bring my own and make it.
  9. I believe you have to check off the people who are attending. But I am new to X so, maybe I'm wrong. On P you must do so.
  10. I love this! Very Awesome of you, gave me a smile.
  11. Awesome I can do it this week! Thanks all for your help.
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