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  1. I don't do embroidery but this revived thread caught my eye (probably because I'm reading anything cruise related out of desperation and not much is being posted). Anyway, after reading all 7 pages I can't believe nobody ever set up a file sharing site. And really surprised that with the one exception towards the end, no one else who received the file before offered to send it to the new people requesting. Wow! It would be courteous that if you receive it, forward it to the next request...get an assembly line going. Or anyone who has received it in the past can send it to a new request. I
  2. When I read the letter/email, it seems as if you don't get the onboard credit until they officially cancel the cruise. So when you moved your cruise from May to September, did that just transfer your funds without the additional $300 or $600 OBC?
  3. I thought there was a consensus that people got credited back what they bought the next day ... like it basically was moved over to their unlimited package ??? Then again maybe that was Royal Caribbean or possibly from a different state that also has restrictions ?
  4. I also wonder if someone who hasn't paid in full will get the FCC and $600 OBC offer. Hopefully someone who has been in that position will chime in.
  5. It might not be an upfront option but I'd doubt very seriously if a passenger walked up to the service desk or tried adding it on the app mid-cruise they'd be denied. And if you let them know later it's not working for you/your needs then you can cancel. But in direct response to your statement, I don't know for sure if it is a per day option anymore. However, those are ways not to pay for it the entire cruise.
  6. Definitely not anyone. I'd get full before I can do that. And it's not the liquor, it's the lack of. If it were strong drinks, I might have more...but weak ones are just filling and I don't want to feel full from sugary drinks. And I don't drink coffee or soft drinks, and I don't care for the bottled water when filtered water is available. Especially when it's Nestle! Nestle is local tap water (not exaggerating). I drink water or liquor with the occasional 100% juice. Even the daily juice at breakfast is something I'd only do on vacation.
  7. That's on the website also. Will show up at the top in a red banner when/if you're logged in.
  8. I know this thread is several months old but just in case anyone else was looking for information I thought I'd post. You can also skip the package and just add days when you need. So maybe do the value every 2-4 days or so to get caught up?? Just a thought/alternative. I'm guessing the mid-price is about $12 a day, so days 2, 5, 8, 11 and maybe 14, only about $60...so still not much more than the daily social media package, but a decent speed. And if it's true what others are saying about not much difference from premium, then it should work. I had the premium on Breeze in 2018 and
  9. For anyone who does want smaller ones to give as prizes, you can always buy the $100 and apply part of it to your own booking, then give the card (or just the number & pin) to someone else.
  10. It only increases if you want it to since it is a suggestion, not a mandatory charge.
  11. One lawmaker just proposed they lax the liquor laws a bit by making it legal to sale alcohol on Sundays (right now liquor stores are all closed on Sunday). The big chains want it, but some of the smaller stores like having 1 day a week off.
  12. It's funny this pointed out the reuse of the ship name, because I ignored looking at the Celebration ship cruise sailings thinking it was an older ship LOL! Wasn't 'til I did ship comparisons and noticed it at the top that I realized it was a new ship. Thought it was brain fog for a minute.
  13. I just wanna know if Allure will finally be in Galveston in 2023.
  14. Hopefully passengers will be better about than the passengers on Royal. There were hand sanitizer machines and the crew would stand outside the buffet with a pump bottle to give everyone. A LOT of people ignored them, even when the line was at a stand still they just wouldn't take it. Not only were the rude to the employees, but it was baffling why they were so set on not using it. But even if they do, I'm like the previous poster who said they wash/sanitize even after getting their food. I notice not only are people handling the spoons that refused the hand sanitizer, some think they hav
  15. Oh it enticed me alright, but I was hoping we'd be able to cruise with others and none of them are interested in an early 2022 cruise. I can't blame them, I was thinking further out as well, but Carnival's trick worked and I was willing (possibly) to book. I even put it on the free 4 day hold while I wold others to check their offers and let's possibly do the 2022. And my wi-fi package offer is about 1.5x more than the drinks package lol! No thanks! Like you, I like the unplugged feeling. So, unless I need to work, I bypass the internet package.
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