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  1. That’s the normal payout for those numbers. The jackpot doesn’t roll down until the main prize has gone for four draws at maximum without being won.
  2. Euro millions must be not won for four draws at max payout before it rolls down. So not tonight’s draw. Saturdays lottery must be won though or it rolls down.
  3. We’ve just moved our sept cruise to next year. After thought we decided that if we moved it now we would have a greater choice of cruises, cabins etc. If the virus has subsided by sept then we might see if we can get a late deal! Either way the decision took a weight off.
  4. The menu definitely says Baileys. Last night Baileys was available in one bar. Brogans gives me a headache, Baileys does not. I understand that Princess can run out of a product, the annoying part is that they didn’t tell us what they were serving to us. Honesty goes a long way!
  5. They pour from a different bottle, which is a cheap version. They didn’t tell us that it was not proper Baileys until we asked. We can tell the difference! There is no Baileys onboard. now they have run out of our favourite wine as well.
  6. We are currently onboard the Ruby. We have the premium drinks package but have found that we are being served a cheap version of Baileys. The Baileys bottle is on show at the bar but they pour from a cheap version. When we questioned the taste they admitted it was not Baileys as there was none on the ship! Is this the norm? If you ask for a premium brand rum, whiskey etc is that what you get?
  7. It’s not a placebo it’s acupressure, the Chinese have used it to good effect for many many years. Its a shame you can’t try them.
  8. I don’t need scientific evidence! Before using them I got seasick looking at a cup of tea! Last year I crossed the Atlantic in a force nine gale without feeling even the slightest bit queasy. They work for me, at a low cost, no side effects ( a slight dent in my wrist, which goes) I can leave them off after a few days and am fine. Research only works when you try stuff out yourself! What works for one could well not work for another. Take the tablets as a back up and give the bands a go!
  9. I use sea bands, they work very well with no side effects. I bought a child size pair, small wrists and they need to fit snugly.
  10. Looking at your ports as long as you are flying hone via a non Chinese airport then you can travel on the 72 hour visa. the visa is given to you at the port, you don’t apply beforehand.
  11. We used the free 72 hour visa. The rule is you have to be coming from a non Chinese area ( Hong Kong counts as non Chinese) to a different country. We went from Hong Kong to Shanghai, stopped for three days then onto Kuwait. The 72-hour visa-free transit policy in China allows air passengers from 53 countries to transit and stay for up to 72 hours (3 days) in 18 China cities without a visa. In order to facilitate international visitors' short stay in China, the policy is promising to be carried out in more and more cities in the future. Many on our cruise had paid for expensi
  12. I added BSE to our booking, paid in full as we were past final payment. We are from the UK. I think Princess have changed the rules to allow UK passengers to add this to their bookings without having to cancel and rebook. I paid £35 pppn which is not bad value for Drinks, tips and internet.
  13. We have just added the deal to our already booked cruise. £35 pppd was a no brainer, we would have bought the drinks package anyway. This included tip, premium drinks and internet. We travel in Feb 2020. We worked the original cost for the drinks as being 7 drinks per day ( including coffee, water etc) which we easily reach. The first night at dinner we encourage the wine waiter to understand our needs, including a dessert wine or port. We have never found a problem in them refilling our glasses. I like the all inclusive concept.
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